My Legacy Challenge Mods

                The last time I played Sims 3, it took forever to load and save the game.  I’m not sure how many mods I had installed, but I want to make it run as quickly as possible.  So I’m trying to keep the mods and custom content to a minimum, just the bare necesseties, to keep the game from going crazy.  Here are my mods:

Base Game Mods:

These mods address issues in the Base Game:

Rick’s No Intro: To stop that darned video!

Ella Charmed’s No Maxis Logo: Again, to make that logo go-go.

Velocitygrass’s No or Fewer Memories: I do not need to remember every dish my Sims clean!

NRaas Mods

These mods released by Twallan are like AwesomeMod, only customizable:

Animator: Helps me set the Sims in curious poses.

Dreamer: Makes sure unlocked Wishes get rewarded.

ErrorTrap: Helps prevent save file corruption.

GoHere: Lets Sims queue up multiple actions after a “Go Here” command.

HomeOpener: Lets me see inside a house to figure out if Sims are home.

MasterController: Does a lot of things that I don’t understand.  I might remove it later.

NoCD: Lets me run a game without the disc in the drive.

OnceRead: Sims will try and read new books instead of rereading old ones.

OverWatch: General maintenance tasks, removes cars or unsticks stuck Sims.

PortraitPanel: Allows for 24 portraits.  (Does this mean 24 Sims to control!??)

Register: Sims can be Tattoo Artists and still have a job.

Saver: Reminds me to save the game every now and then.

Story Progression: Fixes EAxis coding to make more sense.  I had to disable some pieces because it kept telling me every single time a Sim gained a skill or got a promotion.

Tempest: Alters weather systems. (Seasons only)

WrittenWord: Any books my Sims write are available in the bookstore.


About misterwolfe86

Hello! I'm 30, Canadian, proud recipient of two College diplomas and 1 certificate. I'm working as a PSW by night, writing a Sims 3 Legacy Challenge blog by day. View all posts by misterwolfe86

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