My Legacy Challenge Rules

I’m playing this Legacy Challenge with an altered version of PinStar’s rules.  Most of the rules are the same, but I’ve had to adapt parts so that I can have a 12-generation legacy instead of a 10-generation legacy.  So here’s the rules:

Starting Out

This is how I am setting up the Legacy Challenge:

-I’m using one of the EAxis neighbourhoods, called Sunlit Tides Lucky Palms.  It’s a fresh, brand new neighbourhood.

-I’m removing empty lots from the area so that I can place Community Lots for expansions.

-I’m turning Aging onto normal setting and Story Progression onto normal setting.

-I’m creating a brand new Young Adult in CAS to be the Founder.

-I’m allowed to customize my Founder’s appearance using any custom content (but probably won’t).

-I’m allowed to choose my Founder’s Traits, favourite food, music, and Life-Time Wish.

-I’m not allowed to create any other Sims for the neighbourhood or the Founder’s family.

-I’m to buy the biggest lot at the price of $14,700, so my Founder is left with $1,300 to spend.

-The Founder is not allowed to marry a rich Sim.  Any future generations can.

-I’ve got these Mods Installed, mostly for sanity reasons or to prevent EAxis from discombobulating the neighbourhood.

Rules of the Challenge

These are the basic rules of the challenge:

-No using cheat codes to give money or other advantages.  Moving stuck objects or Sims is okay.

-No using mods or EAxis objects that feel “cheaty”.  An example of this is the fountain of youth from Hidden Springs or a dragon from Dragon Valley.

-No cooking ambrosia, eating ambrosia, eating life fruit, or anything that extends a Sim’s life.

-The Legacy Family must always be the active household.

-I am not allowed to merge any household with my Legacy Family.

-No resurrecting the Founder, Heir, or Spouse as a Ghost.

-Sims are not allowed to hold death flowers to ward off death.

-Sims are allowed to have the Kleptomania trait and sell at the black market.

-Any Sim in the neighbourhood is allowed to move onto the Legacy Lot, except the ones that have already moved out.

-Sims can use birthday cake to age up only on the same day they do it automatically.

-Except for the Family Trait, the Expansion Trait, and the Expansion Lifetime Wish, newborn Sims will take random traits.

Changes to the Rules

These are the changes I am making to Pinstar’s rules:

-I will install a new expansion pack for each new Generation.  So the Founder will use the Base Game expansion, the following Generation uses World Adventures, the one after that uses Ambitions, etc.

-To ensure the next generation is given a fair shot at the traits and Lifetime Wishes, I will install it after the Spouse is pregnant but before she gives birth.

-Each new generation will use one of the expansion’s Lifetime Wishes.  (I may have to reroll a few times to get it.)

-Each new generation will have at least one of the expansion’s Traits.  (Again, I may have to reroll to get it.)

-Each new generation will use one of the expansion’s Careers (where possible).

-I want to explore the different life-stages of Sims (Ghosts, Servo, Aliens, etc), but many of them are considered “cheaty” because they live longer and have advantages over regular Sims.  So I am thinking I will allow each generation to have one supernatural creature.  For example, a Ghost in the Base Game generation and a Mummy in the World Adventures generation.

-However, the supernatural creature may not be the Founder, an Heir, or a Spouse.  It can be a Spare or a Roommate.

Optional Rules

These are the optional rules I am following:

-Family Trait: The Founder and anyone born into the family choose the Evil trait.

-Patriarchy: The Founder and all of his Heirs are male.

-Eyeocracy: The Founder and all of his Heirs will have red eyes.  (Or not, we’ll see.)


-Generation: A way to measure how far I am into the challenge.  The Founder is generation 1, his children are generation 2, the last playable generation will be generation 12, the challenge ends when generation 13 is born.

-Founder: The Sim created in CAS.  Is also the Heir until the next generation is born.

-Mate: The current wife/girlfriend of the current Heir.  She can collect Legacy Points after giving birth.

-Heir: There can be only one!  The current generation’s Sim who will continue the challenge.  He will be able to trace his lineage back to the Founder.  No adoptions.

-Spare: Any sibling of the Heir who is not expected to continue the Legacy.  If the Heir dies, a Spare can take their place.

-Roommates: Any other Sims living on the Legacy Lot.  May or may not be relatives.

-Townies: Anyone who lives outside of the Legacy Lot.

-Legacy House: Where the Legacy Family live.

-Legacy Points: A way to score how well the challenge is going.


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