Chapter 1: Happy Landings!

Lucky Palms.

Lucky Palms.

I had to do a bit of prep work before moving Alexander into Lucky Palms.

  • As I mentioned before, I’m going to install a new expansion for every generation.  Some (if not all) of the expansions come with new Community Lots, so I had to free up some space.   In Edit Town I designated all of the empty Residential lots as Small Parks, to prevent Sims from moving into them.
  • As well, I placed the Lucky Simoleon Casino on one of the empty 60×60 lots.  I didn’t even know Sims could gamble, so I’m excited to try it out!
  • I found the NRaas was giving me new messages about Townies every few seconds, so I tweaked these settings.
  • Lastly, Alex bought his 50×50 lot.  For some reason he had a crapload of cash leftover, so I had to use the cheat menu to reduce it to $1,300.

Alexander arrives! The Legacy Lot.

Week 1 – Day 1:

Alexander has 21 days before he ages up to an Adult.  He is exhausted from his flight, but eager to meet his new neighbours and get some roommates.  He meets Naomi Nita on a cool-looking houseboat, and uses her computer to apply for a job in the Criminal career.  She is his bestest friend!  The two have a sleepover and spend all night talking.

The colour red! Veggie burgers!

Day 2:

The Abandoned Warehouse.

The Abandoned Warehouse.

Alex gets wind of a police threat and is promoted to Cutpurse!  Naomi moves into the Legacy lot, bringing with her $5,000.  She’s a Fertilizer Analyst, which will help bring in money.  Unfortunately, neither of them have a house to sleep in, so they spend the night at the Gym.

Day 3:

Naomi remembers that she is good friends with Pansy Northrop, so Alex and Naomi sleep at their place.  They’ve got two beds and a fridge, there’s plenty to spare.  Too bad I didn’t choose the Mooch trait, because Alex is living on a dime!  Alex tries to get to know Pansy, but she’s not having any of it!

Alexander being a polite guest.

Alexander being a polite guest.

Day 4:

Alex and Naomi both have the day off.  Alex tries to get his Athletic skill up at the gym while Naomi is at the library studying Gardening.  I haven’t found any seeds or plants in the neighbourhood.

Day 5:

Alex met the charming Lola Lancaster.   I’m guessing she doesn’t own a crib for that baby!  Alex slept at her place but the baby kept waking him up.

Your baby is on the floor.

Your baby is on the floor.

Day 6:

Alex got to know Pansy’s roommate,  Ezekiel Reid.  He’s a wicked cool frood!

Day 7:

Last day of the week, Alex got another job promotion to Thug.  After reaching the $10,000 goal, I buy the bare necessities for the Legacy House.  (But I forgot to put in a solid foundation..)

Legacy lot, walls up. Legacy lot, walls down.

Theme song of the week:

“Life on the Nickel” by Foster The People

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6 responses to “Chapter 1: Happy Landings!

  • Heather

    Lola was a co-founder in my legacy that crashed and burned. It was fun to see her again!

    Liked by 1 person

  • somebodysangel13

    Cool idea, no need to live on the lawn when we have friends and community lots to serve our needs! Can’t wait to see how Alex and Naomi breed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • misterwolfe86

      In my first Legacy Challenge I basically had the first generation live in the Sunset Valley gymnasium, eating snacks from the fridge and breaking all the equipment. Oh, I guess I was kindof misleading about Noami and Alex, they were just friendlies.


  • Kate Loewe


    And so I’m finally here! I’m very excited to finally catch up with your story 🙂

    I like Alex already, he seems nice. It’s a shame you didn’t give him the Mooch trait, it could have been fun seeing him mooch for food around town… but he’s a criminal, not a hobo, haha!

    I love the beginning of every legacy challenge. It’s fun to see how other players cope with the initial lack of money and how inventive they become when it comes to finding a roof over their founder’s head. Alex solved the dilemma quite effectively! Nice idea to crash at his new friend’s friend’s house 🙂


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