Chapter 3 – The Fairy Godmother

Well, today’s the last day of my Spring Break and I’m going back to school tomorrow.  There’s only a few weeks left and lots of assignments, so please don’t expect too many updates for a while.  Anyways, here’s what’s been happening in Lucky Palms:

Week 3 – Day 15:

Alexander has 7 days left until he ages up.  People keep mailing the Legacy House random gifts like posters and plants.  I bought the household a treadmill but there’s no room for it so I put it in the yard.  I’m terrible at house design, I should fix it when I get the chance.  I want to build either a man-cave or a secret treasure room.

It's the next best thing to running outdoors.

It’s the next best thing to running outdoors.

Day 16:

Alex got promoted to Con Artist.  I guess he’s gonna have to learn how to swindle the neighbours out of their hard-earned Simoleons.  There are too many Sims on the Legacy Lot so they get a second bed.

Day 17:

Ezekiel’s Lifetime Wish is to be a Hit Movie Composer, so he chose the Orchestra path of the Music career.  I got a notification about my neighbourhood’s first death, Palmer Hayes.  After 10 generations I’ll probably get a lot of these!

I had to install a mod at this point to disable the constant Memory spew.  It was getting a bit too much!

Day 18:

Alex “The Wolf” Wolfe got arrested again!  I’m gonna get him one of those cool-looking prison tattoos once I figure out how.  More importantly, he went down on one-knee and asked Roxanne to be his wife.  And she said “Wetash!”

Ezekiel's setting the mood. And she said "Wetash!"

It was very romantic, except for this creepy kid levitating around the park.  Where are his arms?

Creepy floating child.

Creepy floating child.

Naomi’s been running around the neighbourhood collecting seeds and gems.  Hey, free money, right?  As well, Ezekiel and Yolanda had a little “accident” in the bedroom, so now they’re having a child.

Ezekiel is very excited!

Ezekiel is very excited!

Day 19:

Alex was getting tired of taking a taxi everywhere, so he bought a Sloppy Jalopy.

Custom paint job.

Custom paint job.

Ezekiel is afraid of swimming, but he tried it anyways.  And hated it.  Ezekiel’s old roommate Pansy got engaged to Cricket Irwin.  It seems the StoryProgression created my neighbourhood’s first lesbian couple.  Naomi started working on my first Legacy painting, the one of Alex.

Day 20:

Last time I referred to Alex’s boss as a Godfather, but it turns out she’s a woman named Evangeline Finch.  The Godmother, if you will.  Anyways, she asked him to become friends with Clark Bellamore, but he is never at home and never wants to visit.  Where is this guy?

Ezekiel bought a book on pregnancy, so he can learn all about it.  Except..

Day 21:

..Yolanda went into labour before he could finish the book.  The baby is called Ginny.  Ezekiel is a proud papa!

Yolanda going into labour.  Ezekiel and his daughter Ginny Shaw.

Alex is given the option of joining the Thief stream or the  Evil stream.  His Lifetime Wish is to become the Emperor of Evil, so the choice was obvious and he was promoted to Henchman.  Now he’s gotta learn how to hench.

The path of robbery or the path of misery.

Evangeline must have rubbed some people the wrong way, because she got whacked.  Alex’s new Godmother is the newly eldered Lola Lancaster.  She still wants Alex to meet that Clark fellow, and it turns out he’s glitched and needed a good resetSim.  He looks pretty young, but he’s married to an elder called Isadora Bard.

Yea, Crime is pretty cool, we dress up like raccoons.

“Yea, Crime is pretty cool, we dress up like raccoons.”

Ezekiel gets promoted to Orchestra Manager.  Naomi was going stir-crazy so she goes out for a night on the town with the newlyweds Pansy and Cricket. (How come my Sims weren’t invited to the wedding?)

They were having fun at the Sunshine Art Gallery until they ran into Donnovan Steel, the Police-Cop.  She doesn’t like how he keeps picking on Alex and arresting him for petty crimes like breaking the law, so she gave him a piece of her mind.  Also it turns out his mother is a llama!

You stop arresting Alex Wolfe, you hear!  You just got slapped, be-yotch!

Theme song of the week:

“What Your Soul Sings” by Massive Attack

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