Chapter 4: The one with a Wedding

I’ve been very busy these last few weeks, finishing off my 2-year College program and have a million things due.  But I want to relax a bit so I’m taking tonight off.  Recently in Lucky Palms:

Week 4 – Day 22:

Alexander has 0 days until he ages up, so he threw a birthday party.

He is now a fully-grown adult. (Most of the time.)

He is now a fully-grown adult. (Most of the time.)

Day 23:

Alexander has 20 days left until he ages up again.  Ezekiel’s fiancé Yolanda is also an elder.  Ezekiel himself plays for tips in the library and the park, but never gets very many.

Day 24:

In the wee hours of night Alexander earned his promotion to Evil Sidekick.

I'm so clever!

I’m so clever!

I (me) just realized that my Legacy family doesn’t have any children yet!  I gotta get him (Alex) married to Roxanne Tang quickly before something tragic or terrible happens to him.  So the wedding happens as they do:

Trading wedding rings.  Kiss the bride, you fool!

Roxanne moved in and brought a whopping $0 with her.  I know the Founder isn’t allowed to marry a Rich sim, but could she at least have a little bit of money?  The wedding gifts and taxs brought in $2,800, so that’s cool.

Alex also cashed in his v-card ... if you know what I mean.

Alex also cashed in his v-card … if you know what I mean.

I purchased the first of many extravagances … extravaganzas… uh, expensive thingies, by investing in the Desert Diner.  It takes a while for invesestments to pay itself off, so I have to start buying things AQAP.

Day 25:

Alexander found a Mysterious Mr. Gnome at work.  These things are pretty cool.  I think Roxanne is pregnant because she threw up, but the option to “Try for Baby” is still available so I’m not quite sure.  Alex earned his level  10 in Athletic, I’m hoping this will increase his life a bit.

Ezekiel took Yolanda to see “Throbbing Hearts”.  It sounds extremely violent!

Installed some new mods here: One tweaks the lighting, the other increases chance of Burglary.  Because that never happens often enough.

Day 26:

Roxanne is definitely pregnant.

Roxanne is definitely pregnant.

I stopped here to install World Adventures.

What is baby?

What is baby?

Baby's come out of tummy?

Baby’s come out of tummy?

Bought the family a telescope.  I’m very concerned my lot is turning into a giant junkpile because I’m terrible at designing houses.  I’m going to fix it later when I save up enough money to make mistakes.

Naomi was at the cemetery with her friend Eli Vokaban when he passed away.

Naomi was at the cemetery with her friend Eli Vokaban when he passed away.

Day 27:

Alex promoted to Super Villain.  Just one more to go!

Naomi is still very upset about Eli and got her level 10 in Gardening.

Naomi found a random tourist hanging out in the desert.

Naomi found a random tourist hanging out in the desert.

Roxanne went into labour!  Wait, why was Death there? (I literally can’t remember..)

Why is Death there?  Why is Death there?

Roxanne gave birth to twins, Tristan Wolfe and Virgil Wolfe.  Each more identical than the last.  Which child will grow up to take on the mantle of Generation 2 Heir?  Who knows!?

Burrito babies.

Burrito babies.

(They had different Zodiac signs so I used the MasterController to change one.  I think there’s a mod to fix this.)

Day 28:

Apparently I made a mistake when I created the neighbourhood.  I set all the empty lots to Small Parks, so every NPC looking for a place to hang out would stand alone in an empty lot instead of congregating in one or two lots.

Roxanne grew into an Adult.  After a second investment, Alex now owns the Desert Diner 100%.

And that is that for the First Generation.  Next step, Generation #2!

Community death count: 7

Theme song of the week:

“Roxanne” by the Police

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