Generation 1: Meet the Spouse!

Now that Roxanne Wolfe nee Tang is part of the Legacy family, I should probably give her a formal introduction:

Roxanne Tang

Roxanne Tang, the first Generation.

Born to Logan and Brooke, Roxanne has just become an Adult and is ready to contribute to the Wolfe legacy as Alexander’s spouse.  Roxanne grew up in the outskirts of Austin in the southern states of Sim-Nation.  Growing up in the arid desert, she doesn’t mind the heat of Lucky Palms.

Highschool sweethearts, Logan and Brooke got married shortly after graduation and never left their hometown.  Her father Logan was a grease-monkey in a mechanic’s garage while her mother Brooke found employment in the local bookstore.  Roxanne inherited her father’s ability to work with his hands, and her mother’s modest sensibilities, but her love of dangerous and exciting situations did not come from them.

After rescuing several classmates from a Science-room explosion, Roxanne found she possessed the unusual talent to survive fires.  Wishing to explore this further, she took up a career as Firefighter and was eventually transferred to Lucky Palms.  After meeting Alexander Wolfe during a routine kitchen-fire, they began to date and fell in love.  Shortly after their marriage, she gave birth to a pair of healthy twin boys.  She is currently pursuing her lifetime goal of becoming a Rock God.


Brave trait Unflirty trait Handy trait Clumsy trait Lucky trait Immune to Fire trait Rocker trait

Brave: Situations that are scary, tense, or dangerous are of no concern to courageous Sims.

Unflirty: Cold feet, wet blanket, frigid, these are some of the attributes of meeker Sims.  They can still find love, but it’s harder to do so.

Handy: Give her a wrench and she can fix anything!  Nuts and bolts are no match for her tinkering.

Clumsy: Oh, Roxanne!  Dropping this, spilling that, you have such butter-fingers!

Lucky: But with the luck of the Texans she won’t muck things up too badly.

Immune to Fire: Fire cannot kill a dragon, neither can it harm Roxanne.  She’s basically a superhero. She earned this trait from the Fireman career.

Rocker: Hey hey, my, my; rock n’ roll can never die! Sims with this trait are more likely to rock!  She earned this trait from the Music – Rock career.

Lifetime Wish:

Rock Star lifetime wish

Rock Star: Roxanne wants to be a rock super star, to live large.  With a big house, five cars, and be in charge.  Her lifetime goal is to reach Level 10 in the Music – Rock career.


Autumn Salad Classical Music The colour Aqua Leo zodiac sign

Favourites: Roxanne’s favourite dish is Autumn Salad, she loves Classical music, she enjoys the colour Aqua, and she is a Leo.  There will be a test later on these!

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One response to “Generation 1: Meet the Spouse!

  • Kate Loewe

    Neat! I’m obsessed with bios and backstories! This is very nice introduction. I had no idea Sims could earn hidden traits from their careers! I’m happy to have discovered something new about the game today! 🙂


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