Chapter 5: The Dark Lord Rises..

Here’s how I’m measuring generations: The first Generation is still alive, but now so is the second Generation.  I can’t wait for the first generation to pass away because that might be a while.  So basically it starts when the next generation is born.  Good?  Good.

Week 5 – Day 29:

Alexander has 14 days left until he ages up, the twins have 1 day left.  Alex earned his Comedian status!  No more terrible jokes about the colour Red!  Roxanne’s been losing sleep trying to keep the babies fed and singing them Southern lullabies.

Taco babies are hard work!

Taco babies are hard work!

Alexander got his first arch-nemesis, Chess-Ranked player Steve Yu!

Take that, Yu!  Take that, Yu!

Day 30:

It’s the twins birthday.  It seems like they were just born yesterday.  Party time!  (I throw a party for everything.)

Nice contrast!

Nice contrast!

Generation 2 Heir: Do you have a preference who should lead?  When I was naming them I thought Tristan would be the heir, but now I realize Virgil looks a lot more like his father.  They’ve both got red eyes, but Virgil has red hair.  Could the heir be blonde?

Pizza isn’t Vegetarian?

Wait, isn’t pizza Vegetarian?

Day 31:

After many days of hard, back-breaking maleficence, Alexander has earned his Lifetime Wish: He is the Emperor of Evil!  The world trembles at his unrepentant desire for death, mayhem, and bloodlust.



I’ve got too many Sims to control now.  Naomi’s the gardener, cook, painter, pseudo-grandmother, and occasional fisher.  Alexander, Roxanne, and Ezekiel are bringing home the bacon-cash.  Not to mention Alex and Roxanne get Challenge points.  I guess I could leave the twins alone with toys, see what happens.

Day 32:

The young ones are learning all the basics of life; walk on your leg-hands, make mouth-noises.  They’re also studying Logic, Creativity, and Handiness.

Pee in the plastic bowl, you fool!

Pee in the plastic bowl, you fool!

Naomi is kindof like a babysitter, but cheaper.

Naomi is kindof like a babysitter, but cheaper.

Day 33:

The kids keep growing, learning, smirking.  Roxanne got promoted to Roadie.

Naomi’s bringing home the fish-bacon!

Naomi’s bringing home the fish-bacon!

Beware the Squids!  They eat little boys!!

Beware the Squids! They eat little boys!!

Day 34:

For some reason Alexander’s relationship to Ezekiel has gone really badly.  I can’t figure it out.  Every single action makes them hate eachother more.  They haven’t cheated on eachother’s spouse or had any bad memories together, so I think it’s because Alex is the Sim version of evil incarnate.  Naomi also earned her Master Farmer status.

Ezekiel’s now an elder.

Ezekiel’s now an elder.

Day 35:

Ezekiel was promoted to Hit Movie Composer.

Ezekiel was promoted to Hit Movie Composer.

Ezekiel earned his lifetime wish, Hit Movie Composer.  That’s cool, great income!  He also got a free 85G Audio Explosion stereo.

Down with the Squids!

Down with the Squids!

Now Ezekiel is able to host Autograph sessions and earned $3,700.  With all this cash coming in, I invested in The Solitary Novel Bookstore.  Roxanne was promoted to Stagehand, she’s got a long way to go!

Community death count: 18 or 19.  (I lost count.)

Theme song of the week:

“The Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden

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