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Chapter 8: The Old Run-Around

So this is the first vacation for the legacy family.  I’ve updated the rules I’m playing by in order to keep things fair, and in the same spirit as the original challenge.  I might need to change them later, but right now here they are:

-To prevent super-extended lives, Sims are only able to go on vacation once a week.

-All vacations are 3 days long.  Sims are not allowed to extend vacations using lifetime rewards, Visa Perks, or the Certificate of Partnership.

-Sims are allowed to grind World Adventure skills (Martial Arts, Nectar-making, and Photography).

-However, Sims are not allowed grind their Base Game skills, unless it’s part of the adventuring.  (ie: Jogging around the map, repairing broken objects, and talking to locals is fine.  Jogging on a treadmill, giving object upgrades, or practising speeches in the mirror is not.)  The extra time gained from vacations should only be used for vacation-related things.

Feel free to leave feedback if you want!


Day 1:

And he was all like "Whoa!"

And he was all like “Whoa!”

For the first world adventure, the Wolfe family went to Shang Simla, China.  I’m hoping to find Pangu’s Axe to make adventuring easier.  I was getting tired of controlling 6 Sims at once, so only Alexander, Roxanne, Virgil, and Tristan are going on vacation.  Ezekiel (who still hates Alex for no apparent reason) is left at home to babysit Cascadia (whose name I keep spelling wrong).

"Where are your dragons!?"

“Where are your dragons!?”

Before any adventuring, Alex hits up the shops to buy some stuff:  a book on Martial Arts, some Dojo-equipment, some tents, some canned-showers, and some tasty lumps of brown stuff.  He’s given the task of finding some gems to fix up a Vision Statue.  Naturally, the gems aren’t spawning.

Roxanne needs to find an ancient relic in the Halls of the Lost Army and spends the whole day futzing around in the tomb.

Tristan is helping a local rebuild a telescope so he needs to find some metals.

Virgil’s first quest is to catch some fish, which he is good at, and then explore the Dragon Cave.  The fish seem to spawn right away, but the insects and the required gems aren’t.

You got a Piece of Heart!

You got a Piece of Heart!

Day 2:

Wow, it’s really hard to describe vacations.   Most of the adventures are basically fetch-quests, where you have to find this, that, or the other, and deliver it to some guy.  Or more accurately, collect 20 bear asses.  Not that it’s bad, but in reflection it’s not always interesting to write about.  But I’ll do my best to make it interesting!

It's never the quest the Sim wants, but it's always the quest the Sim deserves.

It’s never the quest the Sim wants, but it’s always the quest the Sim deserves.

After running around the map all day, Alex was asked to rebuild a thermometer, then find some rare insects.  They haven’t started spawning yet either, what a pain.

After finding some relics and delivering the telescope parts, Tristan gets his level 1 Visa.  Hooray!

Roxanne is also jogging around looking for metals, gems, insects, and plants.  Similarly, Virgil is tasked to find some rare metal and gems.

Truthishly, this is like some Final Fantasy game where you have to keep wandering around the wilderness hoping for that very specific creature to appear.

Where is that Tonberry?

Where is that Tonberry?

Day 3:

Tristan needs to ask some Sims to turn out their lights so the telescope works better.  Wait, isn’t that an episode of The Simpsons?

You stole my stars, Shang Simla!

You stole my stars, Shang Simla!

Virgil gets his level 1 Visa, which is neat.  He finally gets around to the Phoenix Academy to start learning Martial Arts.  I’m thinking he’s going to have the Martial Artist lifetime wish.


Take that!

Roxanne also finished that riddle quest somebody in Lucky Palms gave her.  The answer was bacon.  And that’s a wrap!

Theme song of the week:

“Smoke and Clouds” by Jeff Ball

Chapter 7: The Thermidor Crisis

Is this my first post since I finished school?  I guess so.  Exams are pretty brutal, but done is done.  I’ve got pretty good grades.  But enough of that, this is what happened this week:

Day 43:

Alexander has only 1 day left before he becomes an elder, the twins have 1 day left before they become teens.

Roxanne got one of those fancy Steel Bladders installed that prevent her from ever needing the toilet.  So where does it all go now?  Who knows!  She also got promoted and is continuing her lifetime goal of Rock Star.  Naturally she performs 3 concerts in her third trimester.  It works well because Ezekiel was hosting an autograph session out front.

Roxanne's tour bus.

Roxanne’s tour bus.

Alex invested in Goody’s Groceries.  Tristan started his next book “The Dog Who Was a Tank”.  I wonder if he should go into the Journalism career?

Day 44:

Whoops, Roxanne pushed herself too hard and went into labour after her fourth concert!  Alex freaked out as usual.

Rock star Roxanne gives birth before theatre!  Husband shows great concern for wife's well-being!

The next member of the legacy family is a bouncing baby girl Cascadia Wolfe.  Oh, so cute!

Are babies are born without hair?

Are babies are born without hair?

Also our long-dead friend Naomi took this moment to rise from the grave and wake the twins.

Ghost grandmother.

Ghost grandmother.

Alexander took his last birthday and lost the lovely copper streaks in his hair.

Oh Alex!  No more beautiful red hair!

Oh Alex! No more beautiful red hair!

Also the twins aged up so now they’re ready to get in on the fun and hijinks.  I had to clean out their fridge because there were 3 entire cakes in the fridge, as well as 17 random pieces.  Can you imagine, so much fatty sugary goodness!

Day 45:

First day of highschool for the boys.  Tristan had to do some sort of school-to-work program at the Sahara Corporate Headquarters.  I don’t think he’d be a good businessman; the pay isn’t great, and that career reward is pretty lame.  (Hold business meetings.  WTH?)

There wasn’t enough room for Cascida Cascadia so I had to build her a separate room.  I’m still going to try and fix up the house later on.

Also from the Roaring Heights neighbourhood, I got the Fixer-Upper Car.

Holy smokes!  What a hunk of junk!

I’m still deliberating whether this is a cheaty item or not.  What do you think?  Other ppl I asked weren’t really sure one way or another.

Day 46:

In an ironic twist of fate, an insane highschool principal armed with several nutcrackers and nothing to lose takes all of the lobsters in the grocery store hostage.  Alex is tasked with bringing this mentally ill madman to justice for a whopping §2,000.

Alex slaps the lobster-wielding maniac with a rainbow trout.

Alex slaps the lobster-wielding maniac with a rainbow trout.

Day 47:

Cascada’s Cascadia’s first birthday party!  She aged up well but she has brown hair.  Seriously, where did that come from?

Red + Yellow = Brown?

Red + Yellow = Brown?

Day 48:

Random Sims keep trying to fix Alex’s car, it’s like the Sprinklers all over again!  Virgil broke curfew to stay out late fishing, drinking milkshakes, and buying tomatoes.  What a delinquent!

Virgil is fishing.  Tristan is bathing.

Whoops, Virgil was working on his late homework and got a detention!  Tristan’s latest literary caper is worth §264.  Why is that guy watching him have a bath..?

Day 49:

I’ve had World Adventures installed for a while, so time for a family vacation!  When Sims go on vacation they enter this vortex in time and space where time stands still and nobody ages until they get home.  So they’re leaving on Day 49 and will return on a Saturday.  But that’s the next post!

Community death count: 26 or so

Theme song of the week:

Rock Lobster by B-52’s

Chapter 6: First Blood

Sadly, we lost our first member of the Legacy Lot this week.  It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I assumed it would never happen!

Week 6 – Day 36:

Alexander has 7 days left, the twins have 1 day left.

The babies are still learning to walk, talk, do other things. Alexander bought the Dirt Defiant and Steel Bladder rewards.  He also bought out the Solitary Novel bookstore.

Can you spot the baby? Alexander, great father.

 Day 37:

It’s the twins’ Birthday.  Party time!  They both grew up happy and got the Adventurous and Clumsy traits respectively.

Tristan is Adventurous. Virgil is Clumsy.

Thanx to all that training they did as Toddlers, Virgil has Level 4 of Logic and Tristan has Level 1 of Writing.  Tristan started writing his first novel “Cheetor Zoom Zoom Zoom”.

Day 38:

Roxanne asked for a Raise and Promotion and actually got them.  This never works for me!  Now she’s a Music Talent Scout.

Can I get more money now please?

Can I get more money now please?

Also it’s Naomi’s 100th birthday.  Can you imagine?

Alex got the Personable Skill challenge.  He also got an interesting proposition: World Domination.  He must go to the Desert Arms Military Base and hold the world ransom by taking control of their satellites, space stations, and Air-Force.

Who’s in the yard? Does she know about the plutonium?

Who’s in the yard? Does she know about the plutonium?

Day 39:

Oh, sad news: Naomi died at the ripe age of 101.  Ironically, she was at the Graveyard to pick up her friend’s ashes because he died there the last time.

Naomi Nita, a great roommate.

Naomi Nita, a great roommate.

Alex is so distraught he can’t even hold the world hostage.  (I just realized I could have thrown a funeral.. oh well, next time.)

Day 40:

Ezekiel Reid and Yolanda Shaw.

Ezekiel Reid and Yolanda Shaw.

Most of the legacy lot is upset that Naomi passed away.  Sadly, Ezekiel’s long-time fiancée Yolanda also passed away, so he’s really depressed.  (They could never get married because she’s a Rich Sim.)

Poor Ezekiel; always a groomsman, never a groom.

Poor Ezekiel; always a groomsman, never a groom.

Day 41:

Alexander finally got around to Executing his Evil Plan.  The world trembled, one of the nation’s capitals was destroyed by atomic death rays, and the world held it’s collective breath.  But he’s a nice guy, so returned control for a paltry sum of §4,000.  Not bad for a random challenge!

After the successful raid, man and wife became intimate and explored the world of sensual delights.   Now Alexander and Roxanne are expecting another little miracle in the future.



Virgil is on the Honour Roll but Tristan isn’t.

Side-bar: Don’t save the game when children are on the bus heading to school.  It resets them, their homework blanks, they’re late for school, and no bus home.  Terrible!

Oh, and then this happens!

Oh, and then this happens!

Day 42:

Tristan’s first novel was a flop.  Hmm, so if it takes a Baby 3 days to age up and a Toddler 7 days to age up, add an extra 5 days, that means Tristan is only 15.  I think anybody who publishes at 15 should be rewarded no matter how terrible it is!  But he’s not giving up, and started his next book “Only Pirates Wear Bandanas”.

Virgil out fishing in the cemetery. Tristan writing his latest novel.

Alexander got the Super Friendly skill perk.  He’s getting really sociable!

Community death count: 25 or so

Theme song of the week:

“Naomi” by Neutral Milk

Tune in next time!

Tune in next time!

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