Chapter 10: Statue Repairs

The second World Adventure takes the Wolfe family back to China.  Like last time, only Alexander, Roxanne, Virgil, and Tristan are going.  Even though Joe Maltapin-Hudson is technically a complete stranger forced to live on the legacy lot, they left Cascadia alone with him as a babysitter.  What?  I’m sure it’s fine..

Day 1:

That's not Roxanne btw.

That’s not Roxanne btw.

Still no sign of that Confounded Boulder quest.  How flustrating!  I myself am starting to feel very confounded!  I guess Roxanne is picking up rocks and seeds until the quests respawn.

Hey. I just met you, and this is crazy; but I know karate, so hit me maybe?

Hey. I just met you, and this is crazy; but I know karate, so hit me maybe?

Virgil is asked to find the incredibly pretty Jiannan Lu and then fight her with martial arts.  As you do.  Then he goes to the Scholar’s Garden for meditation where he learns how to Zeneport.  And can I just say how beautiful this lot is!  I mean, look at it!

Serenity now.. Serenity now..

Serenity now.. Serenity now..

Tristan’s been exploring the Market Caverns tomb.  I decided Tristan’s lifetime goal is World Explorer.  I hope this doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass.

"Let's see what they have to eat!"

“Let’s see what they have to eat!”

"Look at me, I'm Miner Forty-Niner!

“Look at me, I’m Miner Forty-Niner!

After maintaining a miniature statue, Alex gets his Level 1 Visa.  Then he’s gotta find some rocks for Lee Yao.  Why are NPCs in video games so lazy?

Day 2:

Roxanne has to maintain that miniature statue again, but at least she gets Visa 1.  She’s also jogged enough to get that achievement, so we can expect a longer life from her, yes?


“Hi everyone!”


“Oh s***!”

Tristan needs to give Zhan Su one of the books he’s written.  Yea, this writer isn’t lobbing around his own books on vacation just to give away free copies to rabid fans!  After visiting the bookstore, he delivers his book to Zhan and gets exactly §100.  Then he gives another book to Deng Wang and gets §7000.  Something is rotten in the state of China!

Alex gets the exact same quest as yesterday, finding more jade for Lee, only this time he gets paid §0.  How rude!

Day 3:

Roxanne doesn’t care about boundaries, so she breaks into Lee’s house in the middle of the night to deliver his jade.  And the next quest he asks for more jade!  What is he doing, eating it?

Oo rocks, om nom nom!

Oo rocks, om nom nom!

Tristan completes the Resolute Fist Retreat tomb and also manages to find the writings of Qin Shan Hu that Virgil was looking for.

"Oooh, mysterious treasure!"

“Oooh, mysterious treasure!”

"Rubies, that's what I'm after!"

“Rubies, that’s what I’m after!”

Alex is asked to repair that miniature statue again.  Still no sign of any quest that helps me find Pangu’s Axe.  I’m beginning to see a pattern here..

Virgil beating up an elderly woman.

Virgil beating up an elderly woman.

Virgil has been doing ranked-sparring with some of the locals, and has managed to win twice.  Only 48 more to go!  And that’s that for the vacation, time to go back home.

Tristan is on fire!

Tristan is on fire!

Theme song of the week:

“Ruby” by the Kaiser Chiefs


I don’t think the legacy family will be coming back to China next week.  I haven’t even seen the first link in the Pangu’s Axe adventure-chain.  Plus if they go to France or Egypt, they’ll get some new plants for the garden, meet some new peeps, and maybe even buy a Nectar-machine.  How cool would that be!

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