Chapter 11: Long Live the King!

If you look up, you’ll notice the banner has been updated to include Generation 1 and 2.  Wait, is it showing up?  Hit refresh.  Still nothing?  Hit Shift + F5 maybe, it should be different now.

Anywho, I choose Virgil for the Torch-Wielder, which means it’s his job to continue the Wolfe Legacy.  So:

Week 9 – Day 57:

Alexander is 86, the twins have 1 day left before they age up.  Did you know that Tiberium is poisonous if you leave it in a Sim’s inventory?

Cascadia’s taken up painting.  How cute!

Cascadia’s taken up painting.  How cute!

Virgil bought stock in The Blooming Cactus Bistro.  Tristan started his next literary success, “The Scary Resident” hypen based on a true roommate.

I didn’t really talk about Joe too much when he moved in.  He has been branded as a cheater by the neighbourhood, so I assume he got caught cheating on his ex-wife (Stephanie) with his current romance (Addison Ross).  Ironically, this rep makes it impossible for him to be romantic with Addison.  Oh, and he’s Good which means it’s IMPOSSIBLE for him to be friends with Alex, Tristan, Virgil, and Cascadia.  He’s a pariah everywhere!

Speaking of Joe, I totally forgot to throw him a birthday party.  But he taught a course on Tough Negotiating and was promoted to Trauma Surgeon.

Day 58:

It’s the twins birthday.  Virgil ages up and gets the Bookworm trait, and I decide he’s going into the Thief career.  Tristan also ages up to Young Adult and gets the Schmoozer trait, and I decide he’s going into the Journalism career.

Virgil is going to be a Master Thief.  Tristan is going to be an Anchorman.

Day 59:

Virgil needed to stay late to help his cronies count out copper coins, but it means he’s promoted to Cutpurse.

Tristan and Tanner get a little bit closer.

Tristan and Tanner get a little bit closer.

Tristan gets around to making his move on Tanner, but what’s this?  He’s already partner with somebody named Terry.  Who is this Terry, a man or woman?  Does Tristan dare to slip the surly bonds of marriage and dip deep into the sweet temptation that dare not speak its name?

Joe fell asleep from working too hard.

Joe fell asleep from working too hard.

Day 60:

Virgil and Alex practice their kickboxing.

Virgil and Alex practice their kickboxing.

Virgil was asked to go to city hall and help get a stuck fish out of the pipes.  Eww, I hope he didn’t bring it home with him.

"I'm not eating sewer-trout."

“I’m not eating sewer-trout.”

Tristan was promoted to Automated Spell-Checker and his next book is called “Sweaty Hands”.

Roxanne was promoted to Pop Icon.  They had a 50% off sale at the Bookstore so I bought every Skill book and Bait book for almost §7,000.  Hey, who knows when it’ll be on sale again?

Stranger Danger!

Stranger Danger!

Day 61:

*sigh* … The day started out so well.  First Alex’s arch Nemesis Darleen died.

This was probably just a coincidence.

This was probably just a coincidence.

Alex was lucky and got to become friends with the Grim Reaper.  Did you know he’s a Bookworm?

Don't fear the reaper.

Don’t fear the reaper.

To save time on transit, Alex cashed in (some) of his Lifetime Reward Points and bought a new-fangled Teleporter.

Then it was Cascadia’s birthday to teenager.  She got the Easily Impressed trait and the No Bills Ever reward.  It was all going so well, until..

"So I'm a teen now. Great. Awesome."

“So I’m a teen now. Great. Awesome.”

.. Alex died!  And he was only 90.  Too soon, EAxis, too soon!

  Once he's gone the empire will be mine for the taking! Alexander Wolfe: Ghost dad.

Joe has two separate cases at the hospital: first he had to convince a psychotic that he was King of the Llamas, which got him promoted to Gene Therapist.  Then he saved another client who was about to die from Subpaleolithitis, which I assume has to do with dinosaurs?

Like a crocodile with a human face, right?

Like a crocodile with a human face, right?

Day 62:

It turns out that Virgil’s boss is the infamous Terry Diwan-Gilbert!  And Terry is a woman!  So, Tanner and Terry actually have 2 children together, but he’s still flirting with Tristan.  Also Virgil is attracted to Terry.  (If I really wanted to mess things up then Virgil would marry Terry and Tristan would move in with Tanner to raise the kids.)

What twisted lives you live, Sims.

What twisted lives you live, Sims.

Speaking of Tristan, he was promoted to Freelance Writer.  Now he gets to interview Sims and write stories about them, so he wrote a positive story on Tanner.  I can’t even imagine..

Day 63:

Virgil had an all-nighter friend-a-thon with Terry before he convinced her to give him a promotion to Thug.

Ghost Alex found inner peace.

Ghost Alex found inner peace.

Tristan bought stock in the Silver Swallow Day Spa.  This is the 4th or 5th property now.

Joe starts attending a Medical Conference while the Wolfe family pack up and go on vacation.  Where is the latest destination?  Tune in next time to find out after I figure it out!

Goodbye Alexander Wolfe!

Goodbye Alexander Wolfe!

Legacy Score: 10.  (Gen: 2 + LTW: 1 + Portraits: 2 + House: 2 + LTR: 3)

Community death count: 36 or so

Theme song of the week: “Our Farewell” by BrunuhVille

As a Vegetarian and Cross-Country runner, I feel that Alexander should have lived a lot longer.  In my last legacy challenge I had a roommate with these qualifications and he lived to be 130 or 140.  He was the Emperor of Evil too.  (I believe it was VJ Alvi, but I’m not sure..)

Oh well, what can you do?

I love the look on Roxanne’s face!

I love the look on Roxanne’s face!

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7 responses to “Chapter 11: Long Live the King!

  • gryffindork7

    Finally caught up! First of all, I like how organized the story is, divided into weeks and everything — it makes me realize how all-over-the-place my own legacy is. I was sad to see Alex go so soon, but I’m excited to see where Virgil takes things as heir.

    Oh, and with the adventure board, I’ve dealt with the same issue and I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. Check out the 7th post on this board: (it works for me about 50% of the time).

    Liked by 1 person

  • Heather

    Aw, by Alex 😦 I wasn’t ready to lose him!

    Liked by 1 person

  • somebodysangel13

    I organise my notes into days, too! Though I don’t often post that way, so much pressure to have something happening every single day!

    Did both the boys get WA LTWs? I recall one of them was to be a traveller and the other in martial arts, but now they have careers as well?

    Wow, Alex died very quickly, especially considering the athleticism and vegetarianism. I don’t think I’ve ever had a sim die right on 90 days, mine usually last a while longer. And I have most of nraas mods, so it’s definitely not that that is causing your sims to die sooner…

    Liked by 1 person

    • misterwolfe86

      Yep, Tristan had the Traveller LTW and Virgil had the Martial Arts LTW. I figured if they were going on vacation on the weekends they could work on careers during the week. Maxing out the Martial Arts skill didn’t take long, and the Traveller LTW doesn’t have any required skill (but Athletic and Handiness are helpful).

      I left the Aging levels on default, which is Baby 3 days, Toddler 7 days, Child 7 days, Teen 14 days, Young Adult 21 days, Adult 21 days, and Elder 17 days. In hindsight, maybe eating Snacks from the fridge count as fast-food? I think I read somewhere that eating at the cheap diner lowers life expectancy, but don’t quote me on that..


  • Kate Loewe

    That’s what you get for laughing at a dying Sim, Alex! Was Virgil actually happy that his father passed away?!?! Look at the evil laugh! Also Cascadia was laughing like an evil maniac after she finished that picture of… a devil? This family is wicked! 😀

    I had no idea Tiberium was poisonous. What exactly does it do to the Sim who carries it in the inventory?


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