Chapter 13: The One With a French Maid

Hey everybody.  Happy Long Weekend, to those who are celebrating!  I think they call this The May 2-4, but if my calendar is right the 24th is actually next weekend.  Anyways, on with the show!

Week 10 – Day 64:

Virgil has 15 days left until he ages up.  And I totally forgot to throw a funeral for Alexander!  Fortunately while most of the Wolfes (Wolfs? Wolves?) got over their grief on vacation, Joe was at home with the moping moodlet and he was able to host one.

Everybody laughs at Joe.

Everybody laughs at Joe.

What else: Oh, they bought stock in the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital.  It’s quite expensive at §30,000 for an initial investment!

Tristan’s job performance gets a boost whenever he interviews somebody and then writes a terrible story about them.  For this reason he writes negative stories on Joe’s ex-brother-in-law Clinton Matlapin-Dreamer and Oscar Arrelano.

Day 65:

Roxanne is getting concerned that her middle-son will never find a girlfriend, so she hires a French maid.  That’s something rich Rock Stars do, right?  Her name is Keri Rocha and they do seem to hit it off.

"Keri is a pretty name! How much does your hat cost?"

“Keri is a pretty name! How much does your hat cost?”

"How do you feel about tidying up the house?"

“How do you feel about tidying up the house?”


Tristan gets promoted to a Professional Blogger, and he gets to watch “Balloonists I Have Loved” for free.

Joe was at work when he helped one of the Hospital’s benefactors win a chess game.  (Are you supposed to capitalize hospital if it’s not a proper noun?)  Anyways he gets promoted to Infectious Disease Researcher and starts investigating the highly contagious condition known as the Strangetown Syndrome.  Apparently it has something to do with the discolouration of the skin, an unusually small nose, and eyes turning “blacker than an empty void”.

Ah! A monster!

Ah! A monster!

Day 66:

After helping the gang to extricate something from the Area-52 Labs, Virgil is promoted to Getaway Driver.  He also gets his first kiss with Keri.

"Your lips taste like grape soda!"

“Your lips taste like grape soda!”

Tristan wrote a best-seller called “Flying Demon Monkeys Attack School Play!” and started another called “Neighbours are Stealing Your Water!”.

Joe’s mother Kinslee Hudson died, but he didn’t seem to care.  Which is weird, because he hated Alex and he mourned for 2 – 5 days (depending on your perspective in the timeline).

Day 67:

In a rush, Virgil asked Keri Rocha to be his girlfriend.  And then his wife!

She said yes!  I mean, who would turn this guy down?

She said yes! I mean, who would turn this guy down?

I forgot there was an Eating Contest at the Desert Diner, but I managed to get Roxanne, Joe, Virgil, and Cascadia over to participate in time.  Both Roxanne and Joe each won §1000.  (See, I feel like Eating Contest should be capitilized but IDK.)

Tristan misquoted a Sim he interviewed and chose not to apologize, so now Christian Tanner-Steel is pissed at him.  But who cares what that guy thinks!

Roxanne (finally!) got promoted to Rock Star and completed her lifetime wish.  Chalk one more point up for me!  She also earned §5000 from an autograph session after the Eating Contest.

Being recognized as a celebrity is cool.

Being recognized as a celebrity is cool.

Day 68:

Roxanne just didn’t want the party to stop, so she stayed up all night playing guitar for her rabid fans in the parking lot of the restaurant.

"Tips are always appreciated, folks!"

“Tips are always appreciated, folks!”

Wedding bells ring as Virgil marries Keri Rocha, who becomes Keri Wolfe.  I’ll give her a cool backstory in the next post.

Tristan loves weddings, apparently.

Tristan loves weddings, apparently.

"With this ring, to have and to hold, until death tears us apart."

“With this ring, to have and to hold, until death tears us apart.”

Unfortunately she had §0 to her name but they earned §1,625 in gifts.  I kindof want to own a Police Cruiser, so she joined the Law Enforcement career.  I’m sure being married to a wanted hooligan felon supervillain larcenist won’t cause strife between them.

Tristan started his next article “The Scary Truth Behind PlumbBobs!”  Somebody has to warn them!

Day 69:

Such a tranquil fishing spot.

Such a tranquil fishing spot.

Virgil earned his Amateur Ichthyologist award for fishing.  I don’t like fishing myself, but I really like sending my Sims fishing!  Terry the boss gets a hair-brained scheme but Virgil talks him out of it, which makes him angry at Virgil.

For his many days of great reporting, Tristan earned the Simitzer Prize and was promoted to Investigative Reporter.

Joe’s girlfriend mistress booty-call Addison Ross is pregnant, but I have no way of knowing who the father is.  Dr. Joe is able to tell by rubbing her belly that she’s having a girl, as you do.  Roxanne witnesses the affair and is quite upset with them.  Also Joe got promoted to Neurosurgeon.

"I don't like how her hair changes when she puts on a hat."

“I don’t like how her hair changes when she puts on a hat.”

Day 70:

Addison wakes up Cascadia, (who hasn’t been mentioned in this chapter yet) and now dislikes Addison.

"You dance like a yellow person!"

“You dance like a yellow person!”

And apparently she has it out for her mother as well.

And apparently she has it out for her mother as well.

Virgil got his promotion to Bagman.  Tristan has his first kiss with Tanner, and then he loses his v-card.

"Kiss me, Police-Cop!"

“Kiss me, Police-Cop!”

Oh great, now Virgil is upset about this affair.  Honestly, why do you care?



Another special event, the Amateur Olympics at the Lucky Llamas Stadium (where the clock is always flashing 12:00).  Roxanne and Keri each win §1000, but the other 4 only get a certificate of participation.

Hey, it’s Saturday, time for another vacation!  Oh wait, no, I gotta give Keri a backstory, then vacation.

Legacy Score: 12. (Gen: 2 + LTW: 2 + Portraits: 2 + House: 2 + LTR: 4)

Community death count: 40 or so

Theme song of the week: “Sweet Talkin’ Candyman” by the Carrie Nations

*This joke would make more sense if it was the Keri Nations.

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5 responses to “Chapter 13: The One With a French Maid

  • misterwolfe86

    I’m very sorry if you got like 15 emails saying I posted this chapter; the WordPress software was doing something weird and it get posting an old revision instead of the latest one.


  • gryffindork7

    Great update! Keri seems cool and I’m looking forward to her backstory. 🙂

    And capitalization is complicated… haha. I personally wouldn’t capitalize “the eating contest” or “the hospital,” but then there’s stuff like “so-and-so wants to be a Rock Star,” which I would capitalize because it’s a named LTW within the game and that makes it all official-like. (I’m not trying to give you a grammar lesson – just trying to make sense of it myself. Interesting stuff, right? :P)

    Liked by 1 person

    • misterwolfe86

      Thanx! At first I wasn’t sure about Keri because of her age, but she’s definitely grown on me.

      I’m honestly quite terrible at capitalization. When I was writing papers for school I’d need someone to go through it with a red highlighter because I tend to capitalize everything that I think sounds important.


  • somebodysangel13

    I like Keri, let’s get some darker skin into the family. Always love genetic variety through the generations. And being a maid, she should have the Makes No Messes trait, which will be handy if she passes it onto any children. I so have to marry in a maid one of these days…

    Liked by 2 people

    • misterwolfe86

      Yea, Keri was pretty cool. Aside from Ezekiel, I don’t know if there are that many Sims with darker skintones in the neighbourhood. Most of the Legacy Sims tend to be right in the middle of the Light/Dark spectrum. It’s hard to tell because they’re pale, but all of the third and fourth generation are on the Brown skintone setting, not the Beige or Pink skintone. As for Hidden Skills, many of them have been passed on.

      Liked by 1 person

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