Chapter 14: Da Virgil Code

I know it’s not very rational to keep hopping from location to location, but I sent the Wolfe family to a third location: Champs Les Sims, France!

As you might remember, the founder Alexander was originally from Champs Les Sims so I’m sure the Wolfe family will fit right in.  (uh, but they don’t have any living relatives in the town.)


Vacation 4 – Day 1:

Virgil needs to investigate mysterious noises in the La Gallerie d’Art.  I absolutely LOVE The Da Vinci Code BTW, so from now on this is called the Louvre and I’m looking behind every painting for keys. 😛  Virgil spent the day completing the Legendary Museum Catacombs.

The beautiful French countryside.

The beautiful French countryside.

Tristan needs to go to the Forgotten Burial Mound and look for a personal belonging that Jean Luc Beaumont lost the last time he was there.  It’s like a lucky rabbit’s foot or something.  (Wait, do Sims even know about rabbits?)

I think the Celtic Ruins are probably supposed to represent Stonehenge.

I think the Celtic Ruins are probably supposed to represent Stonehenge.

Keri is sent to Gaston Dutiel at the Champs Les Sims Nectary to help him find some Chermiola Blan Grapes (even though they are growing right in his backyard), and help him make some nectar.  The last time I played Sims I kept making terrible-tasting Garlic nectar, so I’m hoping to do better this time.  Meanwhile, Cascadia needs to find some metal and help Gaston build a nectar machine.

France has some beautiful mountain scenery too!

France has some beautiful mountain scenery too!

Day 2:

After reporting back to Edith Morel, it turns out I misunderstood the quest.  Virgil was only supposed to visit the Egyptian, he wasn’t supposed to complete the tomb in the basement. A lot of running back and forth on this one.  *sigh*

“I wonder if he knew his coffin would end up as a tourist attraction?”

“I wonder if he knew his coffin would end up as a tourist attraction?”

So Virgil goes back to the Louvre for the Egyptian wing, back to Edith, back to the Chinese wing, back to Edith, and then he’s allowed to go into the tomb.  Oh, and he finds the dead corpse of a dead curator (Jacques Saunière?!), whom he buries in the graveyard.  What a mission!  At least he got Level 1 Visa.

“Huh, I wonder where it is?”

“Huh, I wonder where it is?”

Tristan finds Jean Luc’s lost baseball and returns it for a Level 1 Visa.  I still haven’t spent any of the Ancient Coins yet, I gotta figure out which items give the most bang for your buck.

Jean Luc Picard: Age 20.

Jean Luc Picard: Age 20.

Tristan’s next quest is given from Lea Dutiel, amateur historian.  When somebody says they are an “amateur” at something, I wonder how good they have to get before they can say they are “okay” or “decent” at it.  Tristan needs to research Jean Necteaux and the origins of wine nectar by interviewing one of the locals.

Cascadia is still helping Gaston build his nectar machine, so she has to hunt down Claudine Girard and beg for a Nectowhiz Computer Chip.  (I believe Claudine is the one sleeping in Tristan’s tent.) Cascadia’s next quest is to convince random Sims to visit Edith’s relic store so it will be more popular.

Some townies wander in and hijack Tristan’s tent.

Some townies wander in and hijack Tristan’s tent.

Gaston is being very fussy about the quality of his nectar, so Keri spends all day crushing fruits, fermenting, and drinking wine.  I wasn’t sure but I think she was getting a little bit tipsy!

“I hope the nectar doesn’t taste like feet.”

“I hope the nectar doesn’t taste like feet.”

Day 3:

I sent Cascadia to steal all the books from the hotel, but there was only one.  She was so upset she started a small fire with her Pyrokinetic powers.  (Wait, have I mentioned Cascadia can burn things with her mind?) Fortunately she got to meet the dreamy Frenchman Pascal Morel.

A fire has burst out in the hotel lobby!

A fire has burst out in the hotel lobby!

Cascadia’s first kiss!

Cascadia’s first kiss!

Unfortunately, the fireplace caught on fire again, and again, so it wasn’t the most romantic scene.  Cascadia also needs to help Lea investigate a shed in her backyard, but that’s for another trip.

Oooh, Tristan needs to break and enter into Admiral Landgraab’s mansion!  The whole house is surrounded by well-maintained traps, but he’s gotta get into the Chateau Landrgaab library and find the Admiral’s secret nectar papers.



After spending all day making nectar, Keri manages to make enough bottles to satisfy Gaston, so what is her reward?  More nectar! But of course, Mademoiselle!  Also Level 1 Visa.  Then she gets the same quest Cascadia had before about convincing Sims to visit Edith’s store.

Fishing on the River Seine.

Fishing on the River Seine.

Virgil managed to catch a pet frog for Margot Petit, and give enough frogs for a fancy dinner party.  The host also wanted Virgil to bring him some steak, but you can’t catch that.

And yeah, I think that’s about it for this trip.

Legacy Score: 12. (Gen: 2 + LTW: 2 + Portraits: 2 + House: 2 + LTR: 4)

Theme song of the week: “Firestarter” by The Prodigy

That’s the Power of Love!

That’s the Power of Love!

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3 responses to “Chapter 14: Da Virgil Code

  • Heather

    This: Jean Luc Picard: Age 20. = Win!

    Also, Sims know about Freeze Bunnies? So maybe rabbits? Fun in France! And hey, this was the WA installation, you HAVE to keep travelling all over!


    • misterwolfe86

      Yep, I think I’m up to vacation 9 or 10 now. I also realized one of Twallan’s mods lets me travel to other neighbourhoods like Roaring Heights and Bridgeport so I might try one of those later. (It wouldn’t be a true adventure unless the game spawns an adventure board though.) I didn’t know that about the Bunnies’ symbol, but now I’ll be on the lookout for them.


  • Kate Loewe

    Looks like all the family is having a blast exploring the French countryside. Tristan should pay more attention in the Château du Langraab unless he wants to turn into french fries 😀

    Prodigy ❤


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