Generation 2: Legacy Children

Now that they’re Young Adults with their personalities set, I can write about the legacy children.  I’m putting the biography information for all 3 children all in one post, including their traits, lifetime wishes, etc.  So, here are the World Adventurers:


Tristan Wolfe

Tristan Wolfe, the second Generation.

Tristan Wolfe, the second Generation.

Tristan is the first-born child of Alexander and Roxanne.  He is the non-identical twin of Virgil.  He is currently working in the Journalism career and having an affair with Tanner Lancaster.


Immune to Fire trait Evil trait Light Sleeper trait Adventurous trait Trait_Loves_the_Outdoors Schmoozer trait

Immune to Fire: Fire cannot kill a dragon, neither can it harm Tristan.  He’s basically a superhero.  He inherited this trait from his mother, Roxanne.

Evil: Alas, all Sims born into the Wolfe family are evil by nature.  They take pleasure from other’s pain.  Some Sims just want to watch the world burn.  That is why they have the red eyes, non?

Light Sleeper: What’s that creaking noise?  Who’s walking around out there?  Sims with this trait have acute hearing and can get woken up very easily.

Adventurous: There are dank mausoleums to explore, dangerous traps to disarm, and priceless treasures to be discovered.  Adventure awaits!

Loves the Outdoors: Who wants to be cooped up inside?  This Sim loves to be outside with the fresh air and the chirping birds!

Schmoozer: Armed with flattery and a silver tongue, Sims of this persuasion are great at smooth-talking others.

Lifetime Wish:

Great Explorer lifetime wish

Great Explorer: Tristan knows there are untold mysteries around the world, just waiting to be discovered by a Great Explorer.  To reach his goal, Tristan needs to fully explore at least 6 tombs in China, Egypt, and France.


Shawarma French music The colour Blue Scorpio zodiac sign

Favourites: Tristan’s favourite dish is Shawarma, he liked French music, his favourite colour is Blue, and he’s a Scorpio.

Name Meaning:

Tristan is a Celtic name which means “the noisy one” or “the sad one”.  There is a Tristan in King Arthur’s legend.  But I actually named him after Tristan Xenobia from Ogre Battle (an old game from the 16-bit era) because I thought it sounded noble.


 Virgil Wolfe

Virgil Wolfe, the second Generation.

Virgil Wolfe, the second Generation.

Virgil is the second-generation Torch-Wielder. He is the second-born child of Alexander and Roxanne.  He is the non-identical twin of Tristan.  He is currently working in the Criminal – Thief career.  He is married to Keri Rocha and their children are Niobe and Serefina.


Pyromaniac trait Evil trait Disciplined trait Clumsy trait Loner trait Bookworm trait Burglar trait

Pyromaniac: Crackling flames, raging infernos, the blazing heat.  Sometimes he thinks he could burn this whole world down.  This Sim is able to create fires with his mind!  He inherited this trait from his mother, Roxanne.

Evil: (Same as before.)

Disciplined: Wax on, wax off.  Sims who possess a focused mind are better at mastering the ancient art of Sim Fu.

Clumsy: Oh, Virgil!  Dropping this, spilling that, you have such butter-fingers!

Loner: Not everyone is a social butterflies.  Some Sims prefer to be by themselves in solitude, away from the craziness of the outside world.

Bookworm: A passionate learner and devout reader.  Sims with this trait always have their nose stuck in the latest literacy masterpiece.

Burglar: Sneaky sneaky, you’ll never hear this Sim creeping up on you!  He earned this trait from the Criminal – Thief career.

Lifetime Wish:

Martial Arts Master lifetime wish

Martial Arts Master: Virgil wants to become the ultimate fighting champion, the mixed Martial Arts Master.  There are 2 requirements for this wish: firstly, Virgil needs to become an expert at the fighting style known as Sim Fu.  Secondly, Virgil needs to challenge and defeat other martial artists to earn the rank of Grand Master.


Vegetarian Dim-Sum Chinese music The colour Spice Brown Scorpio zodiac sign

Favourites: Virgil’s favourite dish is Vegetarian Dim Sum, he enjoys Chinese music, his favourite colour is Spice Brown, and he’s a Scorpio.

Name Meaning:

Virgil is a Latin name that means “flourishing” or “staff carrier”.  I named him after the famous poet Virgil because I thought it sounded intelligent.


Cascadia Wolfe

Cascadia Wolfe, the second Generation.

Cascadia Wolfe, the second Generation.

Cascadia is the third child of Alexander and Roxanne.  She is currently working in the Culinary career and is dating Pascal Morel.


Pyromaniac trait Evil trait Neurotic trait Perfectionist trait Easily Impressed trait Adventurous trait

Pyromaniac: (Same as before.)

Evil: (Same as before.)

Neurotic: Did I lock the door?  Did I turn off the stove?  Are they staring at me?  This Sim likes to worry about minor problems and unlikely situations.  They are also quite keen on getting to the bottom of conspiracy theories.

Perfectionist: Sims with this trait are methodical, because some things have to be just so.  It takes longer to get things done, but it ends up being so much better in the end!

Easily Impressed: You did that all yourself?  That’s amazing!  This trait makes Sims astonished by almost everything other people do.

Adventurous: (Same as before.)

Lifetime Wish:

Bottomless Nectar Cellar lifetime wsih

Bottomless Nectar Cellar: Cascadia wants to be known throughout the neighbourhood for having the best collection of nectar.  To achieve this goal, her cellar needs to be filled with at least 50 bottles of wine nectar that are worth at least §10,000 in total.


Spaghetti Pop music The colour Green Aquarius zodiac sign

Favourites: Cascadia’s favourite dish is Spaghetti, she prefers Pop music, her favourite colour is Green, and she’s an Aquarius.

Name Meaning:

Cascadia is a Greek name that means “cascade” or “waterfall”.  I don’t think there is anybody famous with this name, but I saw it on a list of uncommon names and liked it.


*Author’s Note: Argh!!!  I had this wonderful post ready yesterday and then I pasted over it.  I’ve done my best to rewrite it from memory, but it’s not as good as the first one.  C’est la vie!

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