Chapter 16: Mummy-Murderer

Hey all!  If you look up above I’ve included a Family Tree section (with appropriate links) and a Points section (with charts and everything).  I’ll probably update each one only once a generation, which reminds me that I do need to update the Mods and Rules sections as well.  Hmm..

Anywho, the Wolfe family return to Egypt!

Wow, how awesome is this photo!?

Wow, how awesome is this photo!?

Vacation 5 – Day 1:

Virgil’s still upset about his mother dying.

Virgil’s still upset about his mother dying.

Virgil gets an easy quest searching for the lost treasure of King Hoojib in the Market tomb, and finds some great nectar along the way.

Cascadia gets the weird quests about photographing random inanimate tomb objects.  She also gets the one about bribing someone but the Mummitomium never spawns.

Cascadia wearing a fancy headdress.

Cascadia wearing a fancy headdress.

Last but not least, Keri goes to the Copper Quarry to collect copper.

Day 2:

The Al Simhara Historical Society wants Keri to find the Chilldean Insanity Relic.  Afterwards, she goes and explores the James Vaughn Command Center.

It looks like this.

It looks like this.

After wandering around in the Great Sphinx tomb for a while, Tristan discovers the Soulpeace Chambers.

Tristan takes a dip in the tomb.

Tristan takes a dip in the tomb.

Virgil visits the Pyramid of the Burning Sands, but I don’t quite remember why.  Cascadia was running around looking for Egyptian Scarabs.

Day 3:

Distracted by treasure, the young adventurer fails to see the approaching mummy.

Distracted by treasure, the young adventurer fails to see the approaching mummy.

On his travels, Virgil met a Mummy!  His name was King Raymundo Rodiekhkare, but after the fight he turned into a lump of ash.  Does this mean he killed him?  Is Virgil a Sim-murderer?  Anyways, he finished the Tomb of the Rock.

"Attack hug!"

“Attack hug!”

Keri was asked to infiltrate the Legendary Crminal Headquarters and drop off the bribe in a chest.  Just as an afterthought, they wanted her to hack the MorcuCorp Mainframe as well for whatever reason.

“How YOU doin’, lamp?”

“How YOU doin’, lamp?”

Tristan ran through the tombs that Virgil and Keri had already completed, so now he’s fully explored 6 tombs in Egypt.  That’s one third of his lifetime wish accomplished!

Chilling out in an ancient dining room.

Chilling out in an ancient dining room.

Cascadia found Sultan Sam the Magical Gnome of Egypt.  I love these guys, I hope I find the other 2!  And that’s it for this vacation!


Legacy Score: 18.  (Gen: 3 + LTW: 2 + Portraits: 4 + House: 4 + LTR: 5)

Theme song of the week: “Sahara” by Nightwish


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6 responses to “Chapter 16: Mummy-Murderer

  • gryffindork7

    That gnome is so cool! I’ve been spending so much time in Al Simhara lately, but I have yet to find one. I have crossed paths with King Raymundo, though. He’s… rounder in your game. 😛

    And ugh I love Nightwish.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Heather

    Muhahaha: “How YOU doin’, lamp?”
    I’m envious of your Egypt gnome! But I really like the gnomes in this game.

    Liked by 1 person

    • misterwolfe86

      Yeah, the gnomes are really cool, I like how they pop up in random places. I saw a TS2 machinma a few years ago where one of the characters started talking to his gnome, it was called “The Strangerhood”.


  • somebodysangel13

    I love the Egyptian gnome! All these adventure blogs, almost makes me want to buy WA. But I know I’ll adventure once or twice, then never again, since there’s so much stuff to do at home. So maybe if EA have a sale…

    And I won’t quote it, since, Heather did, but Keri’s flirting with the lamp made me lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • misterwolfe86

      I’d say I enjoyed World Adventures more than Ambitions and Late Night because I ran into less glitches and there’s lots of cool scenery. But after 10 Vacations I’ve pretty much worn out the EP.


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