Vote for the Ambitionist!

Hello all!  I’ve been very busy this week in non-Simmy things:

1: Graduated:

I got my College diploma yesterday.  It was this whole thing, with the gown, and a big crowd, and lots of shaking hands and photographs.  The keynote speaker was a musician and he gave a good speech.  I felt really good and the professors gave me a lot of supportive comments.  The family took me out to a steakhouse for dinner.  I’m now certified to work with older adults, except..

2: Dream job:

I had an interview last week for my ideal job where I was doing my field placement.  I know all the staff, the clients, their family, it would be wonderful place to work.  But the lady who interviewed me hasn’t returned any of my calls. 😦  So..

3: Lame job:

Out of desperation, I’ve taken the dreaded Summer Job.  It’s not the cool Amusement Park job, or the greasy Burger Flipper job, or the Ice Cream Peddler job.  It’s more like the Sweatlodge Warehouse job.

You know how sometimes the government makes children write a test to make sure the children are able to do math, speak English and/or speak French?  .. Or wait, is this a universal system or just a Canadian thing..?  Anyways, the Ontario government gives out these tests when kids are ~8, 11, and 14. As you can imagine, there are THOUSANDS of tests that all need to be marked.

…. But I’m not doing that.  Weeks before the professors get anywhere near these tests, there is the sorting process.  This is my job, I’m like a Test Sorter.  I’ve done this job for 4 years and not to bite the dog that feeds me, but it’s boring.  Very very boring.  It’s like a soul-crushing boredom.  It’s also really hard because there’s a lot of physical work and I’m not great at that.  So yeah, there’s that.

4: Hold your nose and vote:

What is a provincial election?  If I remember my gradeschool lessons (which I don’t), Ontario is divided into 100 districts and each district chooses a representative to represent them.  Ppl typically vote for the party they like because the more seats a party has, the more control they have.  Unfortunately, the 3 parties have done nothing but sling mud and act like prats for the last …. forever, so I don’t fancy any of them.  I think I heard that only 7% of the population votes, and I sympathize with their apathy.

The 3 party leaders are: The one nobody trusts.  The one with all the scandals.  And the one who has made absolutely no impact. (There’s other parties but they’re unpopular and hardly anybody votes for them.)

Oh crap, I gotta go vote in the Provincial Election today!

Oh crap, I gotta go vote in the Provincial Election today!


Anywho, Sim-time!

The Poll:

Here is my problem: when I started the challenge I thought all heirs should look the same: red-hair, red-eyes, and male.  But maybe that’s not a great strategy, because it might get boring after a while to see the same old pattern over and over.  Also, the odds of getting all 3 traits is 1:8, and consistently getting them over the entire challenge is like… 1: 68719476736.  .. or something.  I could also use the mirror to dye hair.

So, the 3 Legacy children to choose from are:

Niobe Wolfe, first child.  Serefina Wolfe, second child.  Prometheus Wolfe, third child.

Niobe Wolfe ———— Serefina Wolfe ———— Prometheus Wolfe

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Hello! I'm 31, Canadian, proud recipient of two College diplomas and 1 certificate. I'm working as a PSW by night, writing a Sims 3 Legacy Challenge blog by day. View all posts by misterwolfe86

3 responses to “Vote for the Ambitionist!

  • somebodysangel13

    I would have voted for Serafina, too. Though I’d like to keep the red hair in the family, I also like to see how genetics carry through generations; you’d be amazed how many generations certain things can skip but still be in there. I had a couple of sims who got eye colours from great-great-great-grandparents!

    Liked by 2 people

    • misterwolfe86

      I read a post by J. M. Pescado explaining the genetics of TS2 and TS3. Basically he said they used to have a lot more with recessive/dominant genes, I kindof wish they’d kept more of that in the game. Also if you change a Sim’s hair-colour it becomes genetic, which is weird.

      Liked by 1 person

  • Kate Loewe

    I love Sims genetics, too! It’s really interesting to see a specific gene repeat with interruptions in the family tree. I would have voted for Serefina as well. On my opinion, a change of gender among the heirs makes for a little more interesting legacy 🙂


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