Chapter 18: The Correct Term is “Little Person”

Hello erstwhile readers!  I’m sorry for the delay in posting, this job is really exhausting on my poor ol’ bones… Literally.  This weird bump-thingy is growing out of my wrist.  But I have a few days off, so I’ll catch up.

Also, don’t forget to vote for the torch-wielder, because it says only 2 people have voted.  (And I might’ve been 1 of them.)

Virgil fishing in France.

Virgil fishing in France.

Vacation 6 – Day 1:

I sent the Wolfe family to France, because I’m afraid Tristan won’t be able to complete his lifetime achievement award if he doesn’t visit all the tombs.  (Not the worst thing in the world, but points are points.)

Virgil needs to ask some guy called Zacharie Goulan (seriously..?) on a date for Collette, so I start a fire at the hotel to summon Zacharie from the ether.

Virgil teleports to the impossible island.

Virgil teleports to the impossible island.

Tristan’s relationship to Tanner died, because apparently I didn’t understand that he was supposed to fix it.  Oh well!  Tristan gets Edith to translate the Admiral’s papers using the legendary Vaughan Cipher.

“Who is that guy?”

“Who is that guy?”

Keri needs to ask some guy called Jules Fournier (who Wikipedia assures me was a French-Canadian writer) on a date for Collette.  Yep, same Collette as before.  Girl gets around!

The floating head child.

The floating head child.

Day 2:

Virgil found some cool rare grapes on the impossible island.  He’s kindof trapped there, and since he doesn’t know how to move the island he has to teleport off again.

"We have to go back, Keri!"

“We have to go back, Keri!”

Cascadia explores Lea’s haunted basement, which is infested by a fussy ghost who wants pomegranates planted around his grave… around its grave..?

Keri’s tasked with finding the missing Anastasia Necteaux, who was kidnapped (and probably murdered) by Admiral Landgraab.  It turns out that the famous James Vaughan tried to rescue her, but didn’t.  What a jerk!

Day 3:

"I'm guilty of being a dwarf!"

“I’m guilty of being a dwarf!”

Glitch time: Virgil found a “little person” living in France.  I think the game tried to give an adult set of clothes to a child, so now her limbs are all gangly and out of proportion.  So not technically a “little person”, but actually a short tall person. (…?)  It got me thinking, why are there no “little people” in the Sims universe?

Screenshot-545  Screenshot-540

Tristan and Keri teamed up to explore the Admiral’s Estate.  This tomb is completely booby-trapped BTW.

Cascadia spends some time flirting with her boyfriend, Pascal.

Cascadia spends some time flirting with her boyfriend, Pascal.

Lastly, Cascadia needs to bury her ghost’s corpse near his lover.  Ghosts are very picky about random things, it would seem.  Back home we go!

Legacy Score: 23. (Gen: 3 + LTW: 2 + Portraits: 5 + House: 4 + LTR: 9)

Theme song of the week: “La Mer” by Charles Trenet


The Poll:

Niobe Wolfe, first child.  Serefina Wolfe, second child.  Prometheus Wolfe, third child.

Niobe Wolfe ———— Serefina Wolfe ———— Prometheus Wolfe

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