Chapter 20: The Wielder of the Axe

Happy belated Canada Day to you all!  I meant to post last weekend but my cousins flew in from Texas and we spent most of the day outside.  It was nice, I hadn’t seen them in over a year.  Anywho, let’s see what the Wolfes do.. done… have did this week.

China vacation.

China vacation.

Vacation 7 – Day 1:

Pretty much the whole family goes on vacation, and the twin (girls) get to go out for the first time, bringing the total up to 6 of a possible 8 Sims.  (Joe stays home to care for the wee Prometheus.)

Time for a scary laugh from Niobe.

Time for a scary laugh from Niobe.

From my notes, it looks like Keri, Cascadia, Serefina, and Niobe keep rolling the same quests over again: deliver some metal, explore that cave, find the unspawning lapis lazuli, etc.  I even tried the NRaaS respawn feature to see if anything new came up, but no.  So it’s not that I’m ignoring them this post, it’s just that they didn’t get anything very exciting. 😦

“If I stand like this does it make me look fierce?”

“If I stand like this does it make me look fierce?”

However, Tristan got a new quest: Liang Yat Sen runs a gang called the Clan of the Resolute Fist and he wants to figure out why his newest pledge has chickened out.  Tristan goes to find Bo Min, who says he’s training much better without the rest of the gang getting in the way.  He’s now harder, better, faster, stronger.  Not to mention Bo’s really big into Melodic Power Techno, which could make things complicated because the CotRF gang are all about Reformed-Jazz Shoegazing.  As you do.

Virgil gets sparring with some of the locals and gets up to Tournament Rank #2.  I think there’s a total of 5 ranks, but it’s his LTW so whatta you gonna do?



Day 2:

Liang isn’t pleased that Bo said no so he sends Tristan back to talk to him again. Bo changes his mind and decides he wants to learn about the Clan’s secret society, and now he’s back in the gang.  Does this make Tristan an accessory to organized crime?  Also I feel like they could’ve resolved this over the telephone in about 5 minutes.

Dan Dan Pei, the oldest child in China.

Dan Dan Pei, the oldest child in China.

Hooray, the enigmatic CONFOUNDED BOULDER quest appears!!!  I’ve been trying to get this one since Vacation 1 so I can unlock that darn Pangu’s Axe.  Huzzah, and such!  Bao Louie wants Tristan to convince the locals that he is worthy of possessing the mystical artifact that is able to break rocks in one swing.  Not to mention the trans-perambulation of pseudo-cosmic antimatter.

How about one from Virgil?

How about one from Virgil?

I also realized that Virgil lost his car somewhere.  I think this is the second car I’ve lost to The EAxis Automobile Repossession Squad.

Day 3:

*sigh* "He's doing that sinister Mr. Burns laugh AGAIN."

*sigh* “He’s doing that sinister Mr. Burns laugh AGAIN.”

Virgil needs to head up to the Temple of Heaven and find the Monk’s Artifact for Zhan Zhi-Su, then he needs to construct a keystone.  It involves baking, so I’m sure Virgil creates a very tasty key-lime keystone.

“Oh Casc, tell me you didn't set off the trap..?”

“Oh Casc, tell me you didn’t set off the trap..?”

Tristan learns that Pangu’s Axe was forged by the evil sorcerer Dong Huo to destroy rocks, and it’s hidden up in the Temple of Heaven.  It takes a while but with Keri and Cascadia’s help, they find it and claim it for the family.  No more “this rock is too big for you to move” nonsense!  I am super-duper happy about this.

“There can be only one!”

“There can be only one!”

Legacy Score: 25. (Gen: 3 + LTW: 3 + Portraits: 6 + House: 4 + LTR: 9)

Theme song of the week: “Princes of the Universe” by Queen

Floating head bicycle girl.

Floating head bicycle girl.

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