Chapter 22: A Distant Cousin

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I’ve done something weird to my right shoulder on Tuesday.  I think it’s because I got a tetanus shot but my mum thinks it’s from work.  It’s not paralyzed, but it’s in a lot of pain when I move it.  Also I updated the Mods list and divided up the Rules page into expansions.

China vacation

China vacation

Vacation 8 – Day 1:

I am so confused about which Adventures have been completed and which tombs Tristan needs to explore. So I made an Excel chart (which is what I usually do to sort out things). It has lots of colours! And thick border lines! *nerds out*

Wait, how is Pascal from France on vacation in China?

Wait, how is Pascal from France on vacation in China?

Now that Tristan has the Axe of Pangu, he needs to explore the Hot Springs and find some mysterious trinket for Bao.

Virgil lost his magical key so he needs to bake another one.  And I’m sure it’s delicious!  He also beats up some of the locals in the name of Martial Arts.



Keri gets a new quest which involves deciphering a curious note.  Apparently Dong Huo stole a valueless worthless priceless heirloom from Ziyi Yuan and it’s up to Keri to retrieve it.

um, how to describe Serefina, Niobe and Cascadia’s vacation: Fetch, return, rinse, repeat.



Day 2:

Tristan scratched off 3 more tombs off his “to-mb-do list”, and Lee Kim-Yao was so happy about the broken boulder that he gave Tristan §4,000.  Lee also finishes that Meditation Statue and sends Tristan on a Pilgrim’s Walk about China.

“Oh hell.”

“Oh hell.”

Serefina’s decided it’s time to take up Martial Arts.  Strong, brave, able to break pieces of wood, this could potentially be very useful in a future career… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

 Serefina learning Martial Arts just like her father.

Serefina learning Martial Arts just like her father.

Virgil lost ANOTHER car.  Seriously, this is like the third one!  TEARS!  He also sparred with many, many Sim-Fu masters.  That’s like all he really did this entire trip.

Glittery Virgil, plus Dan Dan Pei, the oldest teen in China.

Glittery Virgil, plus Dan Dan Pei, the oldest teen in China.

Keri’s note was written in the ancient code of Dong Huo, so she gets in his treasure trove and finds the missing artifact.

Cascadia found a relic with a piece missing, but collects it from Rui Xi Xio.  I also noted that there are 3 different Sims all named “Lu” living in China.  I’m sure the random name generator could come up with enough names that it doesn’t have to start repeating already.

Cascadia’s winning the “Make the Scariest Face” contest.

Cascadia’s winning the “Make the Scariest Face” contest.

Day 3:

Tristan uses Thunderbolt!

Tristan uses Thunderbolt!

Apparently Tristan is referred to in the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the Force the Dragon Cave.  For some reason James Vaughan tried to fix the Dragon Cave sometime during the last century but then he didn’t, so Tristan has to brew a memory potion.  This helps jog the memory of Liang Wang-Yat Sen , who remembers that Sin Pah kept a journal on all of this, and now Tristan has to go find a nectar-merchant in France to get the Dragon Cave keystone.  *rereads this last paragraph*  … This is very convoluted.

The game spawns a random Sim called “Ze Lei Shin Yi-Wolfe“.  I kid you not.

They kindof look related, right?

They kindof look related, right?

I think Story Progression did it just to perplex me.  Not only does Mr. Ze have 5 names (how ridiculous!*), but apparently he’s a long-lost relative of the Wolfe family.

*Says the guy with 6 names.

I think he kindof looks like Tristan, but maybe not.  I had to do some imaginating, but here’s what I came up with:

Alexander actually had a never-before-mentioned younger brother named Herb, who stayed in Sim-ope with their parents Marjorie and Klaus.  Continuing in their free-spirited lifestyle, he eventually made his way to Shang Simla where he met his wife, Meiling Yi.  Together they formed the Yi-Wolfe household, and raised a single son, who they named Ze Lei Shin.  This makes Ze an uncle first-cousin once removed to Serefina Niobe and Prometheus, a first cousin to Virgil and Tristan, and also explains why he’s got the same hair-colour as Tristan.

(Let’s just ignore the fact that Tristan got his blonde locks from his mother’s side of the family instead of the Wolfe side, okay?)

Flying backwards summersault kick.

Flying backwards summersault kick.

So Virgil got his Sparring Tournament Rank #4.  Just one more to go!  Now let us bravely flee this land of tranquil forests and return to the realm of sand and sun.


Legacy Score: 29. (Gen: 3 + LTW: 4 + Portraits: 6 + House: 5 + LTR: 11)

Theme song of the week: “Long Lost Cousin” by Jim Pembroke

"What did you sit on?"

“What did you sit on?”


Tune in next week when somebody loses an arm!  Literally!

PS: Hopefully it’s not me.

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