Chapter 23: The Monarch is Crowned

The search for the Generation 3 Heir is over!  Each of the candidates ran a wonderful race, but sadly there can be only one.  Winning by a landslide is …. *drumroll* …. Serefina Wolfe!

 Generation 3 Heir poll.  Serena Wolfe.

I will try to update the banner either this week or the next week.  Wow, I took 71 pictures this week.  I’ve tried to narrow it down to only the most heart-warming or funniest shots.  There’s a lot going on this week including unexpected deaths, a surprise engagement, and one maiming.  So let’s get to it!

Week 14 – Day 98

Some clumsy dock-worker knocked over a skid of puzzles with a pump-truck, and they want Virgil to put them all back together.  I adore jiggsaw puzzles, so I find myself completely jealous of Virgil right now..

Prometheus grew up into a teenager.

Prometheus grew up into a teenager.

Cascadia earned her last promotion to Five-Star Chef!  And with it the coveted MinusOne Kelvin Refrigerator!  Now food will stay fresh forever, which is pretty good because there are some really old veggies which have been in there for a LONG time.  Tristan also invested in the Area 51 building.

Week 15 – Day 99:

Virgil has 2 days left, Serefina has have 5 days left, and Prometheus has 13 days left.

Joe using a vacuum cleaner on the garden.

Joe using a vacuum cleaner on the garden.

The school is cutting back on their full-time Logic Staff, so Keri has to teach a course about it at the school.

“MOM!!!  I’m trying to invent right now!  SAWD!!”

“MOM!!! I’m trying to invent right now! SAWD!!”

Prometheus registers himself as a Self-Employed Inventor.  He got up to level 6 which made me really excited to start detonating things, but apparently teenagers are too young to blow random things up.  *Grumble grumble*

“Somebody help this poor woman! She’s going into labour right in front of my bookstore!”

“Somebody help this poor woman! She’s going into labour right in front of my bookstore!”

Also Joe aged up to elder.  Nothing noteworthy happened at the party except this:

“Yum yum yum!”

“Yum yum yum!”

Day 100:

Virgil noted one of his neighbours TVs was broken so he teleported in to fix it.

He was not amused.

He was not amused.

The infamous Magnus Landgraab tried to perform a hostile takeover on a small island nation located in the Sim-lapagos islands, but Keri used her secret-agent powers to foil his dastardly plans.  Tristan finished his Best-Selling article and got §16,000!  Then he started writing “Did the Butler Actually Do It?”

Prometheus hanging out with his sisters.  The Legacy House photobombed the picture.

Prometheus hanging out with his sisters. The Legacy House photobombed the picture.

“Man, some day I’m going to build a robot to be my friend! Then I won’t need either of you to hang out with me!” says Prometheus. Serefina doesn’t hear him, and Niobe pretends not to hear him. “Who’s talking? Oh I don’t know, some kid who lives in my house. I think my dad knows him or something,” Niobe says over the phone.

Oh, and since it’s day 100 I threw the “100 Days of Wolfe” party.  It was pretty epic, there was catered food and trays of nectar lying all over the place, and several birthday cakes. … Because apparently birthday cake is the only desert they sell in the grocery store.  I like having a Medical Doctor living on the lot, because he brings home a book from work that says which number day it is.

Tristan doesn’t like to be poked.

Tristan doesn’t like to be poked.

Marilyn Monroe talking to herself.

Marilyn Monroe talking to herself.

Prometheus snuck away from the party to do some inventing on the ScrapTronic Workbench.

Unfortunately, it exploded on him.

Unfortunately, it exploded on him.

The huge fire engulfed Prometheus, causing him great pain.  He stopped, dropped, and rolled to put out the blaze.  Unfortunately, his right arm was burned off completely.  Here’s a simulation:

Serefina and Keri panic as Prometheus is on fire.

Serefina and Keri panic as Prometheus is on fire.

Day 101 (lol):

"Like this, only less scary."

“Like this, only less scary.”

Fortunately, this is a video game and we have the technology; we can rebuild him!  Yaaa!!  Using only his left hand, drinking lots of coffee, and working hard through the night, Prometheus was able to construct a fully-functional prosthetic arm and attach it to his shoulder before school the next day.  It’s shiny, it’s got gears and everything! It might even be stronger than his old arm.

Prometheus gets a robot arm.

Prometheus gets a robot arm.

Joe performs another Neighbourhood Free Clinic in the park, and he loses job performance again because of all the extra sims who show up.  I don’t know what’s more ridiculous: the fact that EAxis never thought to fix this in one of their updates, or my continued optimism that somehow treating 5 of 5 patients will negate the remaining 15.

I had the “cool” idea of having the twins, Virgil and Tristan, each giving eachother matching tattoos.  Little did I know that Tattoo is actually a hidden skill, and Sims need to practice before getting good.  So this happened:

Screenshot-724 Screenshot-723

Terrible.  Just terrible. ugh, just look at it!  Dammit Tristan! Also Virgil needs to upgrade a stereo for Terry Diwan-Gilbert.  Oh, this isn’t Tanner’s ex-wife but another Terry.

Pascal and Cascadia continue their long-distance relationship.

Pascal and Cascadia continue their long-distance relationship.

Day 102:

According to somebody’s Wish menu, the legacy lot has broken the §2,000,000 marker.  Frankly, this makes no sense to me because the Net Worth is still a good chunk away from §500,000.  I wonder if it’s counting all the money earned and ignoring all the money spent..? Keri stole another pair of cars, and Joe finished his hospital debt mission to earn §3,500.

Family photo!

Family photo!

At the age of 93, Keri retired from Police Work and started her new career as an Architect.  No seriously, I had something for this:  with so many Sims around town complaining about not being able to live in the same house as their wife or husband, Keri would renovate and add more beds to each house!  Then put a crib in a cheaper house so that Cascadia and Pascal can have a baby together.

“No more Yetis!”  “Down with snow-apes!”

“No more Yetis!” “Down with snow-apes!”

But then the Grim Reaper came along and is all, “No way shortie, you’re coming with me!”

“Keri Wolfe, Loved By All”.

“Keri Wolfe, Loved By All”.

8 out of 12 sims agree, Keri dying is sad.

8 out of 12 sims agree, Keri dying is sad.

It made the rest of the birthday party a downer, and it was already going to be pretty sad watching Tristan and Virgil become elders:

Tristan Wolfe as an elder. Virgil Wolfe as an elder.

Day 103:

Virgil is understandably heart-broken.  His wife is dead, his son has lost an arm, he’s older now, and his brother graffitied all over his body with indelible ink.  Also Terry died so he can’t upgrade her stereo anymore.  At least I went back and fixed Virgil’s tattoos.

Since it seemed unlikely to happen otherwise, Cascadia asked Pascal Morel to marry her!

“Guess what’s in the box?”  “A toilet?”

“Guess what’s in the box?” “A toilet?”

Silas Sparks-Diwan wants Tristan to write a Hit Article for him.  Does Tristan have nothing better to do than write amazing things for random people?  He also bought stock in the Lucky Llamas Stadium.

Tristan and Tanner reunited.

Tristan and Tanner reunited.

Day 104:

Virgil needs to teach a class at the Silver Swallows Day Spa about easing stress and emptying one’s mind for §2000.  I don’t know if this is because he knows how to meditate or because he’s still in mourning.

Niobe and Serefina age up to adults:

Niobe Wolfe as an adult. Serefina Wolfe as an adult.

Niobe rolled the Mean Spirited trait (m’eh), and her LTW is Paranormal Profiteer.  She joined the Paranormal career as a Tarot Card Reader, which I’m hoping will be cool and Sci-Fi-ish.  She also got a fancy Banshee Banisher (which looks similar to the Garden-Vacuum).

Serefina rolled the Snob trait (hmm?), and her LTW is Firefighter Super Hero. She joined the Fire Fighter career as a Watergirl, which I’m hoping will be both fun and dangerous and nothing like that Adam Sandler movie. I’m also regretting having her jog as a teenager because her Athletic skill is pretty high and it could’ve been used to boost her career.  Oh, now that Serefina has come of age we can officially crown her the monarch of the Wolfe family.

“So, we don’t have to return this car to the city or something?”

“So, we don’t have to return this car to the city or something?”

I’m trying to find a good match for all the Ambitionists, but it’s not easy. err, Serefina is dating Brady, but it’s not set in stone and I’m keeping her options open.

So for the girls: Niobe’s old stalker Elijah is still a teen, and also dating someone.  Scott McDermott and Pierre Vasquez-Claremont are both single but are teens and too young.  Rocky Shaw is the right age but he’s dating someone.  (Sad, because Rocky Shaw is a cool name.)  For Prometheus: Joe’s daughter Sofia Ross is now an adult and also dating someone.  There is also Dara Dent, but she became a family enemy a while back for some obscure reason.

“Eww, why does my hand smell like onion?”

“Eww, why does my hand smell like onion?”

Cascadia’s employer wants her to go to China, learn the Stir-Fry recipe, and bring in a serving.  Yeah, that’s totally reasonable. *eyeroll*

Tanner’s ex-wife Terry (not to be confused with dead Terry) got married to Chip Lancaster-Tanner.  I guess Stewart must have died in the past few days.

Ooh, Tanner died.

Ooh, Tanner died.

Tanner Lancaster, Tristan’s long-term… boyfriend significant other love-partner (?) passed away. I guess Tristan and Tanner aren’t going to be moving in together anymore.  That’s sad, I though they would end up adopting a little girl from Vietnam.  Joe performed a triple alempodiderectomy, which is much easier than it looks.

Day 105:

Serefina bought stock in the Lakeside Retreat.  This is an upgradeable venue, so it lets me build on it to make it better and earn more profits.  I don’t quite know how to make it worth more, but I’ll figure that out later. Tristan started writing a masterpiece, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

Virgil and Keri have one last kiss.

Virgil and Keri have one last kiss.

Hey, let’s go to France!


Community death count: 93 or so.*

Legacy Score: 30. (Gen: 3 + LTW: 4 + Portraits: 6 + House: 5 + LTR: 12)

Theme song of the week: “Signal” by Of the Monarchs

*Somehow 22 Sims died this week, which is a horrible record to set.

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One response to “Chapter 23: The Monarch is Crowned

  • Kate Loewe

    I had no idea Sims could get a robotic arm! Is that an in-game feature or some mod?

    It’s always so sad when Sims die. I’m playing without mods, so I’m completely oblivious to the number of deaths in my town. Twenty-two dead Sims per week looks a LOT. Are there any of the original families still living in Lucky Palms? 😮


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