Chapter 24: Tuatha’s Garden… of Hell

Hello all!  This is the Civic Holiday long weekend, so I’ve been trying to catch up on everyone’s blogs.  Work is winding now; we were supposed to be finished on Friday but they asked me to come in next week.  My brain is going to be so grateful once this is over!  Imagine scanning barcode after barcode, 8 hours straight, that’s nearly 1,600 books a day.  O_o

Also, I keep meaning to mention this: This blog’s got over 500 views! Actually, now it’s over 600! So thank you to everybody who’s enjoying the story!

Ridiculous Photogenic Guy shot.

Ridiculous Photogenic Guy shot.

Vacation 9 – Day 1:

Tristan remembering his lost love.

Tristan remembering his lost love.

Yep, they’re in France again. Tristan is still working on the curse of the Dragon Cave from China, and he learns from the nectar merchant that James Vaughan (him again!) got in a fight with the big bad, Admiral Landgraab, when tried to rescue Anastasia Beaverhausen. Long story short, find the keystone in the Chateau.

Cascadia getting struck by lightning.

Cascadia getting struck by lightning.

Before marrying Pascal Morel, Cascadia gets to meet some of her future in-laws.  Apparently papa Gérard has passed on, but Edith is still alive and married to someone named Beau Saint James (who I believe is a woman).  Pascal also has a teenage sister named Celina.  Anywho, I sent Cascadia to Tuatha’s Garden which is apparently one of the toughest dungeons in the game.  There’s also this guide which I found most enlightening… especially since none of the pictures load.

Serefina makes a new friend.

Serefina makes a new friend.

Niobe’s on a quest to find that French Gnome in the Mausoleum.  Also as a side-effect of joining the Ghost-Hunting team, she’s also got the super-power of being able to Appease Ghosts, which Google says isn’t really that useful.  I guess if I’m ever bored with legacy ghosts I can use it.

Prometheus joking with some lady.

Prometheus joking with some lady.

Normally I make my Sims jog everywhere to work on their Athletic skill, but for Prometheus I’ve decided to let him fill out a bit instead.  I’m imagining him as an Inventor, and they don’t necessarily have the most active lifestyle.

Day 2:

Serefina met a French fireman, Gustave Petit.  They have matching Zodiac signs and he’s a Snob.  I’m not a great judge of handsomeness, but she gets the floaty hearts thing which makes me think they’re compatible.  It has me considering if she should drop Brady Davies and chose Gustave as her spouse.

Serefina meets a fellow fireman.

Serefina meets a fellow fireman.

Glitch Time: I saved here, and when I reloaded I had a lot of problems with the game crashing.  I’m still not 100% sure what the problem was.  I think it was because the NPC’s firetruck disappeared, or because somebody was excavating, or because an extra Scooter appeared in someone’s inventory, or something the script error called a “bogus item”.  😕 It was very tiresome.  I ended up deleting the cache files, resetting 2 of the family, and the NPC.

FYI: It is a TERRIBLE idea to delete the cache files on vacation. Why? Because when they went home all of the lots in the neighbourhood were unnamed.

Ew, how did Gustave's hair get so long..?

Ew, how did Gustave’s hair get so long..?

Tristan finished exploring the Landgraab Chateau, which is now 6 out of 6 French tombs!  There’s only one country left for his LTW: China.

“Now what?”

“Now what?”

Now that Virgil’s passed the torch onto Serefina and reached Erikson’s eighth stage of psychological development, it’s time for some well-earned rest. So he teleported to his island again for some nice relaxing relaxation. I totally forgot to show off his new tattoos last time. He’s got a broken heart on his chest for Keri, a skull because it’s bad-ass, and a Wolf for the family name:

Screenshot-797 Screenshot-798 Screenshot-799

Niobe got to meet one of the French ghosts, Gertrude Lescot, who died from drowning.  Random fact, Gertrude doesn’t have any traits.

Glitch Time again: Cascadia’s still in Tuatha’s Garden, and there are several routing issues.  There’s 2 hallways that are just too skinny for a Sim to walk through, Virgil wasn’t able to teleport in there, but you need to step on a switch in order to move on.

Day 3:

I ended up editing Tuatha’s Garden so that Cascadia could finish it. Nothing cheaty that would make the dungeon easier. I basically had to reconstruct the two hallways so that they were wide enough to walk through, and then painted them to match. Very annoying.  She did find a lot of rare fruits on the way to the island though.

“Taste’s like Lime Kool-Aid!”

“Taste’s like Lime Kool-Aid!”

Most of the family were just doing random adventure quests, so I had them hang out instead.  Prometheus and Tristan, Serefina and Niobe are all friends.

Prometheus and Tristan hanging out.

Prometheus and Tristan hanging out.

"Have you ever seen a bird? Their arms are all like this!"

“Have you ever seen a bird? Their arms are all like this!”

However, Niobe and Prometheus are borderline-enemies now.

“I like trees.”

“I like trees.”

*Slap slap slap*

*Slap slap slap*

Glitch Time again again: Niobe actually found the French Gnome in the last 10 minutes of the French Adventure.  It was really lucky!  However due to some game glitchery (because I deleted the cache on vacation), I had to reload and lost it.  uh, so I had the gnome for like 5 minutes but now it’s gone. 😦

He looked like a little Napoleon.

He looked like a little Napoleon.


Legacy Score: 32. (Gen: 3 + LTW: 4 + Portraits: 6 + House: 5 + LTR: 14)

Theme song of the week: “Gethsemane” by Nightwish

Oh, that’s not good..

Oh, that’s not good..

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3 responses to “Chapter 24: Tuatha’s Garden… of Hell

  • somebodysangel13

    Oh no, glitchy game is not good! And here I was thinking that you were doing really well with all these trips and no glitches – so many other blogs I’ve read have lots of problems travelling, but the Wolfes were doing well.

    Can’t wait to see who you pick as Serafina’s spouse.

    Liked by 2 people

    • misterwolfe86

      Oh yeah, that was a complete nightmare. There’s a reason the game says not to save during a Fire/Emergency/Death/Aging. Even now when I reload the game at least 1 Sim will drop all their actions, and everyone gets booted out of whichever rabbbithole they’re in.


  • Kate Loewe

    I’m sorry about your troubles with the game. Hopefully you have managed to solve the issues by now. WA EP works just fine for me knocks on wood. One thing I learned is to never overwrite the previous save game, but always using the ‘Save As’ option. I know, nearly half of my external HDD is filled with TS3 saves, but if something becomes corrupt I can always load the previous save without losing too much… Sorry to bother if you’re doing that already 😉


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