Chapter 25: Souriez-Moi, Milord

Hello all.  My dad has been in the hospital this past week, for several unrelated but serious problems. It’s been very stressful worrying about him.  In some ways he is fortunate because of all the tests they were able to catch these problems early on, but now that he’s home he’s a lot happier.  I’m hoping he’ll take this as an early warning sign and start seriously thinking about retirement, or at least cutting back on work.

Anywhoo, let’s see check in on the Wolfe family did this week:

Week 15 – Day 105:

Should I explain the Ambitions careers?  It might be confusing otherwise.  Progress in each career depends on 3 factors.  In Serefina’s case, she has to build Athletic/Handiness skill, socialize with co-workers, and respond to emergencies.  So I sent her to hang out at the firestation on the weekend to meet some of her new colleagues: Harmony Ivy, Rufus Cooley, and Korey Jenkins.

Oh no, another competitor for Serefina’s heart!

Oh no, another competitor for Serefina’s heart!

Through exercise, she got promoted up to Soot Stripper, which sounds dirtier than it is.  Oh, and she has to keep fixing the fire alarm/fire truck or else she can’t go on missions.

Uh oh, floating hearts thingy!  That’s not good..

Uh oh, floating hearts thingy!  That’s not good..

For Niobe, she has to work on Logic skill, trap spirits, and do paranormal investigations.  Just by playing chess she gets promoted to Ectoplasm Cleaner.

Week 16 – Day 106:

Virgil’s 77 and Serefina has 19 days left.

It’s Cascadia’s big wedding day to Pascal.  I bought new chairs because I heard that Sims will use them during a ceremony.  Prometheus wanted to ensure the wedding was exciting, so he detonated some trash in the backyard.

Nothing says "wedding day" like the smell of burning garbage.

Nothing says “wedding day” like the smell of burning garbage.

For some insane reason, the game tried to give Cascadia 32 days off for getting married.  Why on earth would she need 5 weeks for a honeymoon?

“Hu hu!  I do!”

“Hu hu!  I do!”

Oh, so cute! I don't know why I'm shipping so much for them.

Oh, so cute! I don’t know why I’m shipping so much for them.

So what’s the story on Pascel Morel?  He comes with a Green Thumb, Workaholic, Unlucky, Light Sleeper, and Virtuoso.  His LTW was finished right away because he had the Nectar Cellar. Just like Cascadia! Oh, so sweet, they have matching LTWs!  I have no idea what to do with him so I put him in the Gardener career.

At first I was planning on them having a kid who would grow up in the legacy house (a cousin for the Ambitionists), but Spare-Spouses and Spare-Children can’t actually contribute legacy points. So scratch that, they’re moving out! .. Eventually.

This is about the time that I realize that there are 8 Sims living on the lot.  Again. Not 4, not 5, but 8.

I've made a huge mistake.

Virgil’s given a rather dangerous mission: he needs to sneak into City Hall and steal the Golden Llama from the mayor’s desk, avoiding guard dogs and laser spies.  This job pays out §8,000 which is pretty awesome.  Also I’ve been thinking of having Virgil retire but he’s earning §1,000 an hour at work, plus whatever artwork he brings home.

Oh, and Joe’s terrible ex-wife Stephanie Loera-Steel died.  Myahahaha! (She will not be missed.)

Day 107:

Wow, Gardener career is easy!  I sold like 25 bags of Money Tree and Pascal got promoted right away. Now he’s a Seed Sewer (level 7). I also thought Pascal would be able to revive my insane garden of barren plants, but apparently he can only revive dead plants. *sigh*

Squee!! Cascel or Pascadia?

Squee!! Cascel or Pascadia?

(Disregarding promotions), Today is the first day of Serefina’s and Niobe’s new careers.  The Ambitions jobs are better than the rabbit-holes because you get to see what’s going on, but they’re worse because there seem to be a lot of unresolved glitches.

For instance, Sere’s first firefighting mission broke immediately and she didn’t get any work all day.  Despite that, Sere gets promoted up to Fire Instructor. Also Niobe got to hunt some ghosts so now she’s a Spooky Noise Silencer.

Tristan apparently has been going to work shoeless, which is inexplicable.

Tristan apparently has been going to work shoeless, which is inexplicable.

Tristan’s journalism career has hit a rough patch. I hate the Lost-Friend moodlets he gets every time he writes a bad story on someone, so he retires.  It gives him a chance to continue writing that epic masterpiece of his. Man, this thing takes forever!

Prometheus is still working on his inventions.

Prometheus is still working on his inventions.

Day 108:

As I mentioned last time, I lost all of the neighbourhood addresses because I deleted the cache during a vacation.  I forgot to mention that it also reset some of the neighbours faces, hair, and skintones. I know Brie Ross was definitely affected, and also Zachery Ross.  I’m not 100% sure if things are back to normal or still wonky.

Zachery Ross, 2.0.

Zachery Ross, 2.0.

Anyways, it seems that Niobe and Zachery are hitting it off rather well, despite his unexpected face transplant and change of skintone.  It’s weird because normally Niobe hates everyone!

Autobots, let’s transform and roll out!

Autobots, let’s transform and roll out!

Serefina got her very first (or second) firefighting quest.  Man is the firetruck slow!!  I watched a concerned townie nearly outrun the unwieldy behemoth that is the city’s emergency response vehicle.  For her efforts she got the Firefighter of the Year award (it’s like an axe).

Serefina's promoted to Hose Handler. *titter*

Serefina’s promoted to Hose Handler. *titter*

Pascal also got a Hero Trophy for Gardening, which looks like a shield. You know, because selling bags of money requires a lot of heroism.  Also Joe’s got another grandchild, Seneca King-Tanner.  His family tree is huge, BTW.  They’re already like in their fifth generation.

Day 109:

Serefina gets promoted up to Firewoman.

Serefina gets promoted up to Firewoman.

I bought the Sunwest Graveyard and spent some time building on it, but then the game crashed.  Arrrg! And why does it need 2 Masoleums anywho?

Keri's a house-ghost.

Keri’s a house-ghost.

Have I mentioned that Keri’s ghost has been living in the house for several days?  Normally ghosts are gone in the morning, but she has been wandering around, sleeping in beds and playing with the Gnubb set.  I wouldn’t mind so much but she keeps making food!  The fridge is overflowing with leftovers but she won’t stop cooking hotdogs! Stop it Keri, nobody even likes hot dogs!

Beware of haunted appliances.

Beware of haunted appliances.

Speaking of ghosts, Niobe earned the Spooky Trophy.  Not that a punk-rock anarchist like Niobe would even care what The Man or The Establishment has to say about her.  She plays by her own rules! Unfortunately, her crush Zachery is now dating Jena Vasquez-Claremont.  That sneaky face-swapping manwhore!

You light one little stick of dynamite, and everything explodes!

You light one little stick of dynamite, and everything explodes!

Prometheus went to the scrapyard and detonated everything.  The explosion was a lot bigger than I expected, I think he nearly killed some of the townies.

Cascadia helping with the gardening.

Cascadia helping with the gardening.

Joe finishes his Cheese quest so now he can plant burgers and steaks.  Good for him!

Day 110:

“Yes!! Somebody's home is burning!”

“Yes!! Somebody’s home is burning!”

Serefina gets promoted up to Fire Sergeant.  Also Pascal gets promoted up to Progeny of the Harvest. Is that the right word, maybe it’s supposed to be Prodigy instead of Progeny.

After work Niobe gets promoted up to Séance Holder (level 5) and wins the Spirit Medal.  She has spirit, yes she does!  She also has no problem stealing Zachery back, and tells him to dump Jena.

I sent Tristan to the match-maker, but nobody gets a score better than 0.  Is Tristan the last gay guy in town?

“We gotta stand perfectly still.”

“We gotta stand perfectly still.”

Joe wants to have another child out-of-wedlock, and Carey is illegible, so he starts dating Rosalyn Lancaster-Tanner.

Day 111:

Abracadabra!, the magical laundry gnome.

Abracadabra!, the magical laundry gnome.

Tristan found a Magical Laundry Gnome.  To me it looks kindof like the Pedobear:

The Pedobear.

This darned alarm is eternally broken.

This darned alarm is eternally broken.

I am finding it impossible to keep the alarms at the firestation in good maintenance.  As soon as it’s repaired it breaks again, then I miss out on quests.  So I sent Tristan to try and help Serefina keep things working.  Also Sere gets promoted to Fire Captain (level 7).

“Take that, the moon!”

“Take that, the moon!”

Speaking of glitches, Niobe can no longer do the Poltergeist missions.  At first the haunted objects kept resetting her, but now the game doesn’t even generate the poltergeists.  Ugh, I am not enjoying this career as much as I thought I would.

Joe and Rosalyn get lucky inside that random wooden sarcophagus that Niobe carved, and I’m pretty sure I heard bells a ringing.

Day 112:

Keri likes to watch, apparently.

Keri likes to watch, apparently.

Prometheus gets his very first kiss with the infamous Dara Dent.  The attraction system says he doesn’t like her, but they look so cute together so what the hell!

Prometheus mugging for the camera.

Prometheus mugging for the camera.

I sent everybody over to the Amateur Olympics, and 4 people won.  That’s §8000 for almost no work.  I just can’t help but marvel at so much free money!

Let’s send the family back to China and see if Virgil and Tristan can finish their LTW.


Community death count: 106 or so

Legacy Score: 38. (Gen: 3 + LTW: 4 + Portraits: 9 + House: 7 + LTR: 15)

Theme song of the week: “Milord” by Vagabond Opera

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2 responses to “Chapter 25: Souriez-Moi, Milord

  • somebodysangel13

    You’re good with getting lots of money – I never think about sending my sims to the Amateur Olympics or the other activities open to everyone. $8k for little work sounds like a great thing!

    8 sims in the household is a bit of work, that’s true. Though does Cascadia have any points to be wrung out? I’d probably kick her out, and Joe – he’s not related to the family, so can’t be bringing in any points…

    Liked by 1 person

    • misterwolfe86

      It’s so crazy how much money the Olympics and Eating Contest give away, plus free moodlets. And if your Sim has Opportunistic as well, you get $2000 instead of $1000.

      Agreed, 8 Sims is way too much, but I get so attached to them. :S Even after finishing her LTW, Cascadia was still in charge of Cooking, creating Portraits, and she’d still count for Lifetime Reward points. I probably could’ve gotten rid of Joe at any time because he wasn’t bringing in any Legacy Points, but as a Doctor he was bringing in so much money.


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