Chapter 26: Finish Him!

Last trip to China!  Can I say that?  I suppose I can.  I know there’s still lots of treasure I didn’t get and tombs I never visited, but I’m getting kindof bored with the World Adventures.  Without aging, it’s also doubling the number of posts I write without really advancing the legacy’s timeline.  So I’m going to take a break from them for a bit.

The Final Showdown

The Final Showdown

Vacation 10 – Day 1:

Tristan’s SO close to finishing his LTW, he’s only got to explore 3 Chinese tombs yet.  My problem is figuring out which ones he’s done and getting the right quest to unlock new tombs.  Fortunately he gets a new one so he’s off to explore the Tomb of the First Emperor for somebody’s grandfather.

Only two people were Kung-Fu fighting.

Only two people were Kung-Fu fighting.

I think Virgil’s getting close too, he’s at level 4 of the Martial Arts tournament.  I had the brilliant idea of inviting everyone he knew over to one of the townie’s house so everyone’d be in one place.  Odds are Virgil already knows the people he has to fight so it was a great time saver!

Serefina working on her sparring.

Serefina working on her sparring.

Serefina’s got a chance to spend some time working on her martial arts.  More importantly, she spotted another hunky member of the floaty-hearts club named Bo Min, but he’s already married. So he’s disqualified.

Wait, why is Dan Dan Pei a woman now?

Wait, why is Dan Dan Pei a woman now?

Niobe is spending every available moment exploring the Masoleum to try and find some Gnomes, but she always comes back empty-handed.  I think the building’s broken. 😦

Day 2:

His kicks are a little bit frightening.

His kicks are a little bit frightening.

Huzzah, huzzah!  Virgil has completed his LTW!  After 20 tournament wins (14 losses), he is the Grand Master Champion!  What a mission, because he started back in Chapter 8.  Now he can spend the remainder of his life with his family and fishing.  Oh, and Virgil has to defeat Dong Huo.

“Hey, where’s the house?”

“Hey, where’s the house?”

Glitch time: I bought a house.  Well, I bought an empty lot.  I did it for easy wish points, and it only cost §1,000.  The glitch is the game wouldn’t let me enter build/buy mode!  So… yeah.  Enjoy your expensive patch of grass!

Prometheus and his holiday fling.

Prometheus and his holiday fling.

Prometheus meets the irresistible Yu Xian Hua-Louie and they make out, as teenagers are so prone to do. Even though Dara Dent is far away in another country, Prometheus somehow winds up earning the naughty reputation.  Bad boy!

"Bebe is cheating on someone with somebody else."

“Bebe is cheating on someone with somebody else.”

Cascadia finished her LTW a long time ago, so she’s free to do whatever.  She spends her time hiking through the forest and finding gems.  Oh, and she gets the random wish to tell Wang about Bebe’s “other relationship”.  I say random because Wang isn’t connected to Bebe at all, so why would he even care?

Oh, and cousin Ze Lei Shin Yi-Wolfe is the one dating Bebe Hua.  So if they get married she’ll be Bebe Hua-Yi-Wolfe..?

Day 3:

Oh REAL mature, Serefina!

Oh REAL mature, Serefina!

Serefina gets floaty hearts for so many guys I’m losing track!  She even thinks the elderly special merchant is attractive too, because she got this wish:

Serefina wants to kiss Lee for the first time.

I’ve sent Virgil and Cascadia to help Tristan finish the Temple of the Dragon tomb.  He had only a few hours before the end of the trip and I really wanted to get his LTW done just in case… well, you never know how long elderly Sims live. Unfortunately, Tristan met up with a mummy, got the floaty-hearts thing, then he got his ass kicked.  How rude!

You do not want to mess with Virgil.

You do not want to mess with Virgil.

I was lucky because they found the Scourge of the Three Kingdoms himself: Dong Huo! I was trying to get him to fight Virgil but he kept chasing after Tristan and Cascadia. I had to make them run to the far corners of the room and have Virgil stand in the middle waiting, it was so ridiculous. Eventually the evil was vanquished, the world is now safer, etc.

“Yippee-ki-yay, melon farmer!”

“Yippee-ki-yay, melon farmer!”

Huzzah again!  Tristan finishes off his LTW too; now he’s the Great Explorer that he’s always wanted to be.  I gave him this LTW back in Chapter 10, but it feels like he’s been working on it as long as Virgil.

Tristan Wolfe just became a Great Explorer.

Bye bye China! As I said I’m taking a vacation from vacations (I can’t believe I just wrote that..).  Tune into the next post because we’ll be losing two members of the legacy house, so that’s kindof sad.


Legacy Score: 41. (Gen: 3 + LTW: 6 + Portraits: 9 + House: 7 + LTR: 16)

Theme song of the week: “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor


Also, did you notice the updated banner at the top of the page?

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