Generation 3: The Ambitionists

Here are the profiles for the Generation 3 children, aka the Ambitionists:


Niobe Wolfe

Niobe Wolfe, the third Generation

Niobe Wolfe, the third Generation

Niobe is the first-born child of Virgil and Keri.  She is the non-identical twin of Serefina.  She is currently working in the Ghost Hunter career and dating Zachery Ross.  She has several facial piercings.


Pyromaniac trait Makes No Messes trait Evil trait Eccentric trait Hot-Headed trait Unflirty trait Mean-Spirited Trait

Pyromaniac: Crackling flames, raging infernos, the blazing heat.  Sometimes she thinks she could burn this whole world down.  This Sim is able to create fires with her mind!  She inherited this trait from her father, Virgil.

Makes No Messes: No need for tidy-up-time with Sims who are naturally avoid creating both filth and clutter.  She inherited this trait from her mother, Keri.

Evil: Alas, all Sims born into the Wolfe family are evil by nature.  They take pleasure from other’s pain.  Some Sims just want to watch the world burn.  That is why they have the red eyes, non?

Eccentric: Great scott!  Sims with this trait are great at inventing and building things.  Even though they’re sometimes seen as an oddball.

Hot-Headed: You do not want to get on their bad side.  Seeing red, temper boiling over, these Sims are always looking for trouble!

Unflirty: Cold feet, wet blanket, frigid, these are some of the attributes of meeker Sims.  They can still find love, but it’s harder to do so.

Mean-Spirited: Malicious at the core, Sims with this trait genuinely enjoy being nasty to others, making new enemies, and picking fights with others.

Lifetime Wish:

Paranormal Profiteer Lifetime Wish

Paranormal Profiteer: Who ya gonna call?  Niobe!  She wants to reach the top of the Ghost Hunter profession.  She’ll accomplish this by fighting revenants, dispelling specters, and helping loved ones ease from this life into the great beyond.


Vegetarian Fish and Chips Chinese music The colour Purple Aquarius zodiac sign

Favourites: Niobe’s favourite dish is Vegetarian Fish and Chips*, she likes Chinese music, her favourite colour is Purple, and she’s an Aquarius.

*Fish is not Vegetarian, it has a face!

Name Meaning:

Niobe is a Greek name which means “fern”.  In mythology, Niobe was an arrogant queen whose children were slain to punish her, and her grief turned her to stone.  This is kindof fitting because Niobe spends a lot of time sculpting. However I actually chose it because I thought there was a famous Niobe who was responsible for the dead.


Serefina Wolfe

Serefina Wolfe, the third Generation

Serefina Wolfe, the third Generation

Serefina is the third-generation Torch-Wielder.  She is the second-born child of Virgil and Keri.  She is the non-identical twin of Niobe.  She is currently working in the Firefighter career and is dating Brady Davies.


Pyromaniac trait Makes No Messes trait Evil trait Light Sleeper trait Unlucky trait Dramatic trait Snob Trait

Pyromaniac: (Same as before.)

Makes No Messes: (Same as before.)

Evil: (Same as before.)

Light Sleeper: What’s that creaking noise?  Who’s walking around out there?  Sims with this trait have acute hearing and can get woken up very easily.

Unlucky: Some Sims just seem to get all the luck, but Serefina isn’t one of them.  It seems like everything she tries goes horribly wrong.

Dramatic: Life is but a stage, and we are all merely players for the crowd.  Serefina always finds the drama in day-to-day living.

Snob: Posh?  Narcissistic?  Elitist?  Nonsense!  Just because one enjoys the finer things in life and is better than everyone else doesn’t mean that they’re stuck-up!

Lifetime Wish:

Firefighter Super Hero Lifetime Wish

Firefighter Super Hero: With sirens wailing, already to brave the flames, danger and smoke await!  Serefina wants to save the lives of 30 Sims during her career as a firefighter.


Cheeseteak Egyptian music The colour Yellow Aquarius zodiac sign

Favourites: Serefina’s favourite dish is Cheesesteak, she likes Egyptian music, her favourite colour is Yellow, and she’s an Aquarius.

Name Meaning:

Serefina is a Hebrew name that means “burning fire” or “fiery ones”.  In Christian mythology the seraphs/seraphim are the winged angels that protect God.  I chose this name because of the fire-imagery and I thought she was going to become a fire-fighter.


Prometheus Wolfe

Prometheus Wolfe, the third Generation

Prometheus Wolfe, the third Generation

Prometheus is the third child of Virgil and Keri.  He is currently working in the self-employed Inventor career and is dating Dara Dent.  He lost his arm in an inventing accident.


Pyromaniac trait Burglar trait Makes No Messes trait Can Apprehend Burglar Evil trait Perceptive trait Family Oriented trait Friendly trait Slob trait

Pyromaniac: (Same as before.)

Burglar: Sneaky sneaky, you’ll never hear this Sim creeping up on you! He inherited this trait from his father, Virgil.

Makes No Messes: (Same as before.)

Can Apprehend Burglar: Freeze punk!  You picked the wrong house to rob!  He inherited this trait from his mother, Keri.

Evil: (Same as before.)

Perceptive: Attentive and alert, Sims with this trait will often notice things that others do not.

Family-Oriented: Family get-togethers, taking care of children, Sims with this trait like being surrounded by kin and relatives alike.

Friendly: Nice, sweet, a great pal.  This trait makes Sims more likely to do well in social situations.

Slob: Messy sims tend to leave a puddles, dishes, and dirt in their wake.  It’s not that they enjoy being dirty, but it just isn’t worth it to clean up.

Lifetime Wish:

Monster Maker Lifetime Wish

Monster Maker: It’s alive!  ALIVE!!  Prometheus is fascinated by the idea of creating new life and summoning the undead.  His lifetime goal is to create 3 monsters, either through technology or the occult.


Frog's Legs Pop music The colour Lilac Virgo zodiac sign

Favourites: Prometheus’ favourite dish is Frogs Legs, he likes Pop music, his favourite colour is Lilac, and he’s a Virgo.

Name Meaning:

Prometheus is Greek and means “forethought”.  In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to mankind.  As punishment for defying Zeus, he was tethered to a rock for all eternity where an eagle eats his liver daily.  I chose this name because it represents a quest for knowledge and I also knew it was a sci-fi title.  (Unfortunately, I have now seen the movie and did not like it.)

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3 responses to “Generation 3: The Ambitionists

  • somebodysangel13

    Lol, so Prometheus can apprehend himself? Always makes me laugh when that happens. I love legacies, the kids get so many hidden traits.

    Liked by 1 person

    • misterwolfe86

      Yep, it’s always interesting to see which Hidden Skills are passed on to which kids. Prometheus is so far my best score because he has 4 Hidden Skills on top of the 5 Normal Skills. I haven’t gotten any burglars yet because there’s always somebody awake, which keeps them away. 😦


  • fluffymao

    Woo! Monster Maker! I’ve only done the opportunity once, so it’ll be interesting to see how others accomplish it.

    This has been a great read so far! I’m really enjoying all the crazy personalities of the Wolfes! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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