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Chapter 29: What’s a Bower?

This is very peculiar weather in my part of Canada.  Normally by now the leaves would be either brown or fallen and it would be chilly, if not blustery.  However, it’s quite nice out.  It’s not sweltering or anything, but it’s warm for September.  Very weird..


Week 19 – Day 127:

Serefina has 0 days left and the new twins have 6 days left.

Serefina’s pregnant again!

Serefina’s pregnant again!

That’s right, there’s going to be at least 3 Late Nighters.  I’d like to have 4 but I’m keeping Niobe around for statues and Prometheus around until he can make non-pukey hygienators.  Also I gotta remember about finishing their LTWs.  I guess I can always get rid of Kajaptah, she’s pretty slow.

Foosball party!

Foosball party!

I sent some of the adults to the Aquarius nightclub for Serefina and Niobe’s birthday.  The bouncer wouldn’t let Brady in and when they found him inside they kicked him out.  I do not like this club.  The elevators are a hassle, and the two areas are divided badly.

The babysitter sucks.

The babysitter sucks.

Time warp: Prometheus helped a famous detective stop a criminal from burning down London. As you do.

Day 128:

Since she’s now the God-King of Firefighters, Serefina gets to work from home.  I actually prefer this because it seems the NPCs actually repair equipment when you’re not at the Firestation.

The All-Spark!

The All-Spark!

Prometheus has finally gotten the Master Invention opportunity!  It’s seriously, about time.  I had most of the materials needed to build a self-sustaining and compact energy source.  Except, where do I find a heart-cut Pink Diamond?

“(8)I live for the applause, applause, applause.. (8)”

“(8)I live for the applause, applause, applause.. (8)”

Niobe earned her Chiselmaster reputation.  Probably if she wasn’t working as Ghostbuster she would’ve gotten this a long time ago.

The new and improved Sandy Place dance club!

The new and improved Sandy Place dance club!

I’ve been renovating a lot of the community lots to make them earn more moolah.  For me, it’s very hard to increase the value without just plunking down a bunch of random paintings or statues.

Day 129:

Case #8: The Nasty Rumour

Case #8: The Nasty Rumour:  Spreading gossip.  What is this world coming to..?  Leticia has been whispering around town that Brandi is a llama-brained gnome herder.  That’s a half-truth.  Won’t do.  I talked her down off her soapbox, so this sleepy burb can rest a bit easier now.

Brady was promoted up to Caped Crusader (which totally matches his Bio) and got himself a fingerprint dusting kit.  Again, I have no idea how to use it.

Lewis Pascal Wolfe.  Rene Pascal Wolfe.

As you can see, Cascadia’s children have aged up to Toddlers now.  I get them mixed up but I think Rene has the Wolfe red-hair and Lewis is the brunette.

Prometheus was promoted to Hosebeast.  I think this is hilarious because years ago I went to Band Camp* and my friend used it to describe this girl he fancied hated teased incessantly.  He used it so often that (for me at least) the word is now synonymous with that poor plump flautist.

*Yes yes yes, I’ve heard all the jokes about Band Camp!

Day 130:

Case #9: Bye Bye Birdie

Case #9: Bye Bye Birdie: Errant flamingos.  What is this world coming to..?  Jeramie’s prized bird flew the coop, some aviculturist he is.  I hit up the seediest bars for any fowl leads.  Snooping around the foggy harbour, I finally located our feathered friend.  Why did nobody tell me it was plastic?

Kajaptah got promoted up to Agricultural Mastermind.  Gardening is honestly one of the easiest careers to master, you just need 4 or 5 Money trees.  Oh, and now she can plant everything except the illusive Omni Plants.

uh, you're not actually going to eat that are you?

uh, you’re not actually going to eat that are you?

Glitch time: The very first time I tried to use the Transfiguration table it created 40 pieces of Iron and then stopped working.  I will need to be more careful in the future.  Somehow?

What else happened: Pascal turned into an Elder, Rene turned into a Child, and somehow his twin brother is still a Toddler.  Weird.  Also Ginny Shaw (Ezekiel’s daughter) passed away. 😦

Day 131:

Yep, even Niobe does the baby dance.

Yep, even Niobe does the baby dance.

Serefina gave birth to Belladonna.  She’s got the Evil and Brave traits.

I don't know what's worse: the yellow gloves or the neon baby.

I don’t know what’s worse: the yellow gloves or the neon baby.

All my investing is starting to pay off, because I cracked the §100,000 mark in earnings.  Also I tweaked the Immigration settings to see if I could convince Celebrities and/or Vampires to move to town.

Well, that’s interesting.

Well, that’s interesting.

Kajaptah delivered some onions to the restaurant for their world-famous Tearful Onion Surprise Steak sauce.  Speaking of deliveries, she took Brandi to the hospital and got the It’s A Baby! moodlet.  Weee!

Time warp: Kajapah went to an anti-gravity holographic rock concert.  Sounds futuristic and stuff.

"You fool! Get out of the pool!!"

“You fool! Get out of the pool!!”

Fun Fact: Griselda is ugliest Sim name ever.

Day 132:

Case #10: The Lovelorn Heart:

Case #10: The Lovelorn Heart: A pining mayor.  What is this world coming to..?  Isidro needs companionship, that’s a given.  I guess the missus just isn’t enough.  Seems Javon is in the same kettle of fish and they’re both looking to spawn.  I set them up, sure.  Aren’t they cousins?  What sordid lives do they live, mating with animal delights in luxury’s bower.

Fighting fire with water.

Fighting fire with water.

Serefina got the Firefighter’s Medal of Aegis for rescuing 10 Sims.  I like this name, Aegis, I must remember to use it later.

Well, Prometheus has built 40 Big Inventions.  I guess he only has 60 more to go before he can start making ones that don’t make people violently ill? *sigh*

The Warehouse is working on some Trojan-Horse project, and they need Niobe to deliver 6 wooden sculptures.

Day 133:

Birthday party.  Birthday party.

I threw a party for the childrens at the Lovely Lake Park and Playground. Korey got some random party-guest pregnant.  Yikes!  See, Niobe convinced him to try for a baby and it actually worked.  I thought it was like TS2 where he’d get slapped for hitting on a stranger, I didn’t expect him to knock up a stranger during a toddler’s birthday party!

Anywho, Hyperion rolled the Unlucky trait, and I gave Deo the Star-Quality trait.

Hyperion Wolfe as a Child.  Deo Wolfe as a Child.

Still no Celebrity sightings, and no undead Bloodsuckers either.  Next week I am going to make sure it works!  I want to see some fame-shaming, darnit!

Oh, next post, Heir Poll!

… Probably.


Community death count: 150 or so

Legacy Score: 46. (Gen: 4 + LTW: 6 + Portraits: 10 + House: 7 + LTR: 19)

Theme song of the week: “Pretty Flamingo” by Manfred Mann

Chapter 28: Nightfall

Hello all!  I’m feeling a bit more chipper than I was last week.  I went to this amazing concert last week with 2 bands I really like (Xandria and Sonata Arctica).  Unfortunately, I got sick on the way home even though I only drank water and Diet Coke.  Strobe lights, they can make a person get sick right?


Week 18 – Day 120:

Virgil’s 91 and Serefina has 5 days left.

Oh my goodness, Serefina’s baby bump.

Oh my goodness, Serefina’s baby bump.

After consummating their marriage, Serefina and Brady have a little one on the way.  As per usual, this means it’s time to install a new expansion: this time, Late Night!

Thrust into the spotlight.

Thrust into the spotlight.

This expansion comes with A LOT of community buildings.  I had trouble choosing, but I ended up adding 7 Dance Clubs, 4 Apartment Complexes, and the Acting career rabbithole.  I also tore down the Gymnasium because it doesn’t work, and the Lucky Palms Casino because I forgot it existed.

Fancy new feature: I rented out the dance club Waylon’s Haunt for Brady’s birthday.  It says it’s a Dive Bar but it’s actually pretty nice.

One last hug between brothers.

One last hug between brothers.

Unfortunately, Virgil passed away.  Oh, the second heir has passed on!  Oooh, simulated-life goes on though.  Ghost-Keri also disappeared, I guess she was just waiting for Virgil.

“Virgil was a great thief.”

“Virgil was a great thief.”

Prometheus went back in time and killed a mastodon, which accidentally created the Morse family in modern-day Lucky Palms.  I’m okay with that, but somehow it also made Dara Dent cheat on Prometheus.  Very uncool!  Also Niobe got promoted up to Rare Medium (8).

Day 121:

Case #4: The Cyberspace Double-Cross.

Case #4: The Cyberspace Double-Cross: Crime on the net.  What is this world coming to..?  I had to deal with it today.  The client, Piere Something-or-Other, knew Cletus Who-Cares was promoted suspiciously.  Stolen laptop documents.  Ol’ Cletus is a novice at hacking, dare I say a hack?  His password was “sloppy”, his firewall just a Bic lighter.  Pierre was seething after I told him, but what can you do?



Glitch time: Brady kidnapped somebody’s toddler!  For realz!! Apparently if you teleport when you’re holding them they end up on your lot.  Whoops!  (If you’re wondering why Brady suddenly has a moustache, I was trying to give him a Private Investigator disguise.)

Joe’s given the very best mission of all time: the Omni Plant mission!!!  Unfortunately I don’t enough quality Steak yet, but as soon as I do..

Brady’s trying to hear the new baby.

Brady’s trying to hear the new baby.

In other news, Jena (from last post) are Jeremy are engaged.  I’m hoping this means she’s staying away from Zachery for good nows.

Day 122:

Case #5: The Dirty Cleaner

Case #5: The Dirty Cleaner: Using the wrong toothbrush.  What is this world coming to..?  Poor little Jeri, wide-eyed little child, convinced someone has been backwashing her kit.  I don’t have many leads, so I bark up the first tree I spot.  A small bribe to loosen the gums.  But it was all a sham!  Nobody’s borrowing her bitty brush, and I’m the one left with egg all over my face.

"Can they see me?"

“Can they see me?”

Brady was promoted up to Small Claims Investigator (2) and got a magnifying glass.  I still can’t figure out how to use it though.

Sadly, Dr. Joe Matlapin-Hudson passed on.

Sadly, Dr. Joe Matlapin-Hudson passed on.

Sadly but truly, our resident doctor Joe died at the age of 95.  This means no Omni Plants, I lost the lot’s Gardener, and no more bastard childrens.  Also Jena, Terry (Virgil’s boss), and Edith (Pascal’s mother) all died.

Meanwhile, Prometheus was exploring a cave when he got chased by fishmen guards.

Day 123:

Yep, Serefina gave birth.  And as is the Wolfe fashion, she had twins!  The babies are called Hyperion (Evil and Athletic) and Deo (Evil and Insane).

Serefina going into labour.

Serefina going into labour.

Prometheus’ lifetime wish is to create 3 monsters, but I haven’t had any luck getting the Simbot-building opportunity yet.  In EAxis’ unquestionable wisdom, summoning a Mummy counts as creating a monster*, so Prometheus uses Virgil’s collection of broken canopic jars to do that.

*For whatever reason, they don’t count resurrecting a Ghost, siring a Vampire, or creating any of the other occult types. Why? Just because!

Niobe's handcrafted sarcophagus. Kajaptah Larimoropolese, the mummy.

Her name is Kajaptah Larimoropolese, and Prometheus thinks she’s hot despite being an ancient decrepit corpse wrapped in bandages.  He also got promoted up to Experienced Innovator (5).

Niobe’s asked to sneak 5 spirits into the Criminal Headquarters to scare them or something.

How unlucky the roof collapsed in the exact location this Sim was standing!

How unlucky the roof collapsed in the exact location this Sim was standing!

Serefina had to deal with an Earthquake at work.  It was quite scary, at first I thought a meteor had killed somebody.  Basically there were three different lots with fire emergencies, and she got to rescue 3 Sims.

In sadish news, Pascal’s father died, just 1 day after his wife.

Day 124:

Check out the unexplainable shadows in this shot.

Check out the unexplainable shadows in this shot.

Okay, so Mummy Sims are SLOW.  So very slow!!  Kajaptah wants to get into the Cooking career but I read that mummies catch on fire easily so I put her in the Gardening career.  After selling 1 day’s worth of moneytree she is promoted to level 7 immediately.  She’s okay for standing-still projects too like Mining or Time-Travel.

Case #6: The Literary Thief

Case #6: The Literary Thief:  Stealing from the library.  What is this world coming to..?  Christian Tony-Stark believes Pascal is behind it.  Dirty deeds done dirt cheap, I dive into his trash and warily peruse his incoming mail.  The receipt for “Library Hacking Software” is a dead giveaway.  And that my friends, is why you should always burn your garbage.

Now THAT is a great fake moustache!

Now THAT is a great fake moustache!

Tristan beat up a bouncer at a dance club, as you do.  I think it’s weird that Virgil died and Tristan is still alive, because Virgil was more Athletic and also a Martial Arts master, while Tristan eats junkfood and spent most of his life journalisming.

Cascadia's an elder now too.

Cascadia’s an elder now too.

Also Prometheus was nearly caught by the Keeper of Time at a cyberbar neopoetry slam.

Day 125:

Serefina desperately tries to put out the fire with orange Gatorade.

Serefina desperately tries to put out the fire with orange Gatorade.

Well, Serefina was promoted to Fire Chief and has reached the top of the career.  This means she gets her own personal Firetruck and Firealarm so that she can work from home.  Sadly, she’s nowhere near complete her LTW, but we’ll work on it.

How dramatic!

How dramatic!

Have I mentioned I’m sending Prometheus to the Consignment Store every day?  They have so much useful garbage there (Gems, Metals, Gnomes, Books), and he’s been slowly selling Virgil’s Deathfish collection, Cascadia’s failed bottles of nectar, and his own vomit-inducing hygienators.  All this means a lot of money, but he also earned an Impressive reputation for his sales.  Also the Military wants Prometheus to give them some hygienators for some anti-virus thing they’re doing.

Niobe’s gotten promoted up to Outstanding Occultist (9), which is just 1 step below her LTW.  Lucky her!

Whoops, Ginny Shaw threw a party and I forgot.  Oh well, Niobe, Tristan, Prometheus crashed it.  Also there’s a ghost haunting, so I got that to deal with too.

“Must… not… crush…. baby… …”

“Must… not… crush…. baby… …”

Kajaptah nearly got eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex in her time-travelling exploits.  Also, Edith Morel passed away.  Again, somehow.  The notifications don’t lie!

Day 126:

Serefina being knighted.  "Oooh, a gift!"

Yep, Serefina got awarded the Key to the City.  It’s very pretty.  Also that lady Sim named Allyson DiPaolo is possibly the mayor of Lucky Palms? err, maybe she’s The Keymaker?

“Tristan, World-Renowned Journalist”

“Tristan, World-Renowned Journalist”

Tristan got his very first invitation to a party.  It read something like this: “Dear Tristan, this is your best friend Silas Sparks-Diwan.  I’m sure you know who I am, since we are BFFs and everything.  Please attend my awesome swimming party on Sunday the 126th at 4:00pm.  Please RSVP AQAP TYVM.”  Unfortunately, Tristan was 96 and he passed away.  It was time.

On happier news, Hyperion and Deo are toddlers now.

On happier news, Hyperion and Deo are toddlers now.

Prometheus handed in the hygineators, also got to see some restricted military weapons.  Also Kajaptah found an underground Stonehenge.

So it’s been 7 days with Late Night installed, and there’s still no celebrities.  From my research, there’s no way for my Sims to become famous without meeting someone famous, so hopefully soon!


Community death count: 141 or so

Legacy Score: 45. (Gen: 4 + LTW: 6 + Portraits: 10 + House: 8 + LTR: 17)

Theme song of the week: “Nightfall” by Xandria

Generation 3: The Third Spouse!

I’m a bit wiped out from going to a concert yesterday, but this was saved in drafts and I can post without too much typing.


Brady Davies

Brady Davies, the third Spouse

Brady Davies, the third Spouse

Brady Davies spent his early years in an orphanage in the bustling metropolis of Simham city.  He was very young when his parents passed away so he has no memory of them, or any life before becoming a ward of the state.  Brady realized at a very young age that life is difficult and nobody else was going to care for him.  The lines between good and bad, right and wrong, became blurred as he developed a dark side.  Brady learnt how to pickpocket and take from the rich and give to himself.  He worked many odd-jobs before ending up in Lucky Palms as a babysitter for the Wolfe family.  After spending their teenage years dating, Serefina and Brady eventually married and plan to continue the Wolfe legacy together.

Now what is Brady’s connection to the wealthy Davis family, well-known for being illustrious philanthropists?  Broderick and Vivienne Davies, well-loved by all for their charitable nature and affluent business skills were tragically killed during a routine mugging in one of Simham’s darkened alleyways.  There is certainly nothing concrete that ties the Davies’ billions to poor, orphaned Brady.  Close friends and estranged family members often question, “What became of Broderick and Vivienne’s only son?  Where did he end up anyways?”  Lost in the welfare system, shifted from orphanage to orphanage, it would be difficult, nay impossible, to find a papertrail connecting Brady to anyone, let alone authenticate him as the rightful heir to an estate worth billions of simoleons.  When asked for comment, the executor who is currently in possession of the Davies’ vast fortune had “no comment”.  The family former butler Alfred has indeed been very fortunate in this regard.


Loner trait Can't Stand Art trait Family Oriented trait Kleptomaniac trait Charismatic trait

Loner: Not everyone is a social butterflies.  Some Sims prefer to be by themselves in solitude, away from the craziness of the outside world.

Can’t Stand Art: Is it a Monet?  Rembrandt?  Van Gogh?  It really doesn’t matter, because Sims with this trait simply hate anything that is artistic or decorative.  What a bummer!

Family-Oriented: Family get-togethers, taking care of children, Sims with this trait like being surrounded by kin and relatives alike.

Kleptomaniac: Sticky fingers, five-fingered discount, or maybe it just fell off the back of a truck.  Possession is nine-tenths of the law, and klepto-Sims often wind up “borrowing” other people’s property.

Charismatic: Brady practically exhumes Charisma, and he will need all of his skills to meet and persuade the locals to help him out!

Lifetime Wish:

Fashion Phenomenon Lifetime Wish

Fashion Phenomenon: Brady knows that black is the new thing.  He feels that silk Tafetta is going to be in next Spring.  He can just sense what people are wearing next season.  His lifetime goal is to reach level 10 of the Stylist Profession.

P.S. Pardon the pun, but this career really isn’t my style.  It takes me forever to use CAS and compared to the Private Investigator career this one looks kindof iffie.  So I can almost guarantee you that Brady is not going to be a fashionista or complete this LTW.


French Toast Soul Music The colour White Aries Zodiac sign

Favourites: Brady’s favourite dish is French Toast, he likes Soul music, he loves the colour White, and he’s an Aries.  I didn’t even know the Sims had Soul music!  (Further evidence that Sims have religion..?)

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