Generation 3: The Third Spouse!

I’m a bit wiped out from going to a concert yesterday, but this was saved in drafts and I can post without too much typing.


Brady Davies

Brady Davies, the third Spouse

Brady Davies, the third Spouse

Brady Davies spent his early years in an orphanage in the bustling metropolis of Simham city.  He was very young when his parents passed away so he has no memory of them, or any life before becoming a ward of the state.  Brady realized at a very young age that life is difficult and nobody else was going to care for him.  The lines between good and bad, right and wrong, became blurred as he developed a dark side.  Brady learnt how to pickpocket and take from the rich and give to himself.  He worked many odd-jobs before ending up in Lucky Palms as a babysitter for the Wolfe family.  After spending their teenage years dating, Serefina and Brady eventually married and plan to continue the Wolfe legacy together.

Now what is Brady’s connection to the wealthy Davis family, well-known for being illustrious philanthropists?  Broderick and Vivienne Davies, well-loved by all for their charitable nature and affluent business skills were tragically killed during a routine mugging in one of Simham’s darkened alleyways.  There is certainly nothing concrete that ties the Davies’ billions to poor, orphaned Brady.  Close friends and estranged family members often question, “What became of Broderick and Vivienne’s only son?  Where did he end up anyways?”  Lost in the welfare system, shifted from orphanage to orphanage, it would be difficult, nay impossible, to find a papertrail connecting Brady to anyone, let alone authenticate him as the rightful heir to an estate worth billions of simoleons.  When asked for comment, the executor who is currently in possession of the Davies’ vast fortune had “no comment”.  The family former butler Alfred has indeed been very fortunate in this regard.


Loner trait Can't Stand Art trait Family Oriented trait Kleptomaniac trait Charismatic trait

Loner: Not everyone is a social butterflies.  Some Sims prefer to be by themselves in solitude, away from the craziness of the outside world.

Can’t Stand Art: Is it a Monet?  Rembrandt?  Van Gogh?  It really doesn’t matter, because Sims with this trait simply hate anything that is artistic or decorative.  What a bummer!

Family-Oriented: Family get-togethers, taking care of children, Sims with this trait like being surrounded by kin and relatives alike.

Kleptomaniac: Sticky fingers, five-fingered discount, or maybe it just fell off the back of a truck.  Possession is nine-tenths of the law, and klepto-Sims often wind up “borrowing” other people’s property.

Charismatic: Brady practically exhumes Charisma, and he will need all of his skills to meet and persuade the locals to help him out!

Lifetime Wish:

Fashion Phenomenon Lifetime Wish

Fashion Phenomenon: Brady knows that black is the new thing.  He feels that silk Tafetta is going to be in next Spring.  He can just sense what people are wearing next season.  His lifetime goal is to reach level 10 of the Stylist Profession.

P.S. Pardon the pun, but this career really isn’t my style.  It takes me forever to use CAS and compared to the Private Investigator career this one looks kindof iffie.  So I can almost guarantee you that Brady is not going to be a fashionista or complete this LTW.


French Toast Soul Music The colour White Aries Zodiac sign

Favourites: Brady’s favourite dish is French Toast, he likes Soul music, he loves the colour White, and he’s an Aries.  I didn’t even know the Sims had Soul music!  (Further evidence that Sims have religion..?)

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