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Chapter 32: Twisted Firestarter

Oh right! I’m supposed to post once a month! I hope I’m not too rusty.

Week 22 – Day 148:

Serefina & Niobe have 2 days left before they’re Elders, Hyperion & Deo have 9 days until they’re YAs, and Belladonna has 2 days until she’s a teen.

It’s a Sunday!

Case #17: Tomatoes with a Pulse

Case 17: Tomatoes with a Pulse: Genetically Modified Organics.  What is this world coming to..?  Tiffany Dog-Gonnit wanted me to look into a shady grocer ripping off the rubes of this town.  I felt great but Dr. Sheri Dheri-Iheri told me I’d consumed dangerous HydroSimoxoNooper.  With cold hard facts this poison was flushed like last week’s casserole.

Prometheus cashed in his V-Card.

Prometheus cashed in his V-Card with Dara Dent; if you know what I mean.

Hyperion’s up to Fame Leacher (Level 1 Celebrity).

A very sleepy Tungsten went into the hot-tub and electrocuted himself.

A very sleepy Tungsten.  Tungsten electrocuting himself.

Day 149:

Prometheus did some repairs on Tungsten.  Were his eyes always RED? … Hmm, I’m sure he’ll be okay.

Prometheus repairing Tungsten.  Tungsten's eyes are Red.

Hyperion has chosen his LTW: Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous!  He must have §100,000 (done) & get up to level 5 Celebrity.

Niobe’s all like “What’s up!?”

Niobe’s all like “What’s up!?”

Prometheus is a Master Inventor!

Day 150:

“Terminate Grill-Cheese sandwich.”

“Terminate Grill-Cheese sandwich.”

Did Tungsten used to eat people-food..? Oh well, I’m sure it’s fine.

Case #18: His Number One Fan

Case 18: His Number One Fan: Self-stalkering.  What is this world coming to..?  Rock legend Chris Loe-Stee feared stalkers tracking his every move, but a guitar pick covered in spit with the same IP address proved otherwise.  To my chagrin local Doc Leslie Dent clued me in; with his split-personalities he’s a few prawns short of a galaxy.

Inspector Brady’s on the case!

Inspector Brady’s on the case!

Serefina has a building disaster at the Science Lab; a malfunctioning Simbot got loose and was terrorizing people.

Speaking of malfunctioning Simbots, Tungsten starts a huge fire at the Lucky Palms Sports Zone bar.  It looks like this:

“Let the flesh burn away. Ha, ha, ha.”

“Let the flesh burn away. Ha, ha, ha.”

Fire in the Sports Bar! Fire in the Sports Bar!

Fire in the Sports Bar! Fire in the Sports Bar!

Editor’s note: Kids, do NOT try this at home!  It is VERY unwise to start a fire on a community lot.  The fire seems to burn forever, you can’t call the fire department, the bar hours kicks everyone out, & elevators are just annoying. Also simbody could get hurt!

Day 151:

Somebody wrote an auto-biography for Serefina, and she needs to attend the book signing at the Solitary Novel.

Fire in the Sports Bar! Fire in the Sports Bar!

The Sports Bar fire continues to burn late into the afternoon.  Ironically, the fire department is asked to put out a small fire in someone’s house.

Serefina as an Elder.. Niobe as an elder.
Serefina and Niobe as Elders.

Belladonna as a Teen.

Belladonna as a Teen.

For twin marketing purposes, Niobe needs to record a radio spot for Llama Musk Perfume too.

Day 152: 

Case #19: The Purloined Purse

Case 19: The Purloined Purse.  A lost leather.  What is this world coming to..?  Christy Kool-Tie dropped her pocketbook by the dunes and tasked me to dig it up.  I dig.  Turns out Tiffany Di-Gi claimed it under the ancient law of Inuentoribus Custodientes.  I’d never smack a dame so I offer a crisp Simoleon for it.  At least I worked on my tan.

*Tiffany was also featured in Case 11 and Case 17.

The bar continues to burn.

Another small house fire; the Sports Bar continues to burn with no sign of stopping…

Hyperion’s got a thing for Ella-Irwin Bellamore.. too bad she’s dating someone called Garick.

Deo’s promoted up to Spa Package Seller (3), Hyperion’s promoted to Shopping Music DJ (3), & Brady’s promoted to Inspector of Iniquities (8).

Niobe needs to hollow out some statues for criminals to hide drugs inside.

Niobe needs to hollow out some statues for criminals to hide drugs inside.

Day 153: 

Prometheus pushed Tungsten back into the sauna and reprogrammed him again, for the better.  Prometheus also got promoted to Notable Figure (2) by accident.

Prometheus fixing Tungsten.

Prometheus fixing Tungsten.

Pascal Morel is dying.  Lewis got adopted by the Vasquez-Steels and Rene got adopted by the Vasquez-Claremonts.

Hyperion and Deo play well together!

Hyperion and Deo play well together!

Belladonna’s got a job as a Bookstore Clerk.

Day 154: 

Belladonna started learning the Liquor-Mixing skill.

Belladonna started learning the Liquor-Mixing skill.

Brady earned the Eagle-Eyed Eavesdropper Medallion.

Fire in the Sports Bar!

After the Sports Bar fire incident (which is still burning…), it is decided that Tungsten is too wild and unpredictable.  He moves out!

Tungsten leaves the Legacy lot.

Tungsten leaves the Legacy lot.

Next week: A new roommate joins the Legacy lot!

Community death count: 183 or so (Still waiting on the count from fire deaths.)

Legacy Score: 56. (Gen: 4 + LTW: 7 + Portraits: 10 + House: 14 + LTR: 21)

Theme song of the week: “Firestarter” by The Prodigy

“Robot-ninja; fast as lightning!”

“Robot-ninja; fast as lightning!”

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