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Chapter 33: Death From Above

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day. Now let’s get into it!

Editor’s note: As mentioned last chapter, the Dance Club inferno doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon, so I tore it down.  I’m not sure if any NPCs got killed or erased, hopefully not. At least nobody important!

Week 23 – Day 155:

Serefina & Niobe are 77, Hyperion & Deo have 1 day left until they’re YAs, and Belladonna has 10 days left until she’s YA.

Prometheus builds Iodine Glenda Wolfe.

Prometheus builds Iodine “Glenda” Wolfe.

This is pretty exciting; after summoning Kajaptah Larimoropolese, buying Tungsten, and building Iodine, Prometheus has completed his LTW Monster Maker! Also Brady’s lifetime wish is taking too long; so it’s changed to Super Popular now, which is an instant complete!

Case #20: A Tampered Election

Case 20: A Tampered Election.  Fake ballots.  What is this world coming to..?  Our illustrious mayor Isidro Claremont-Gilbert feels his recent landslide defeat goes against the popular vote. Turns out the dead have been voting for his opponent.  I slide back into the shadows, letting politics, democracy, and the media ensure justice is done.

*Isidro was also featured in Case 10.

**It’s basically that Simpsons’ episode “Sideshow Bob Roberts“.

Dara: Are you talking about sandwiches? Prometheus proposing marriage to Dara Dent.
Prometheus proposing marriage to his sweetie Dara Dent.

Day 156:

Case #21: Blackmail Most Foul

Case 21: Blackmail Most Foul. Extortion. What is this world coming to..? Gwendolyn Vasquez-Steel needs me to dig up the dirt on her ex-husband’s nephew Coy. I give his trash the ol’ one-two but find nothing dirty.  Gwenny looks like she might be unhinged so I back away & pray to User she’s not armed.

Iodine: What a remarkable and miraculous thing it is to be online!

“What a remarkable and miraculous thing it is to be online!”

I really like robot Sims, especially how they can fly about and make lots of weird noises when they walk.  But it’s weird because the family tree says Iodine is Prometheus’ daughter, but she can also flirt with him.  That’s EAxis for you!

Belladonna chose her LTW: Master of Mixology.

Belladonna chose her LTW: Master of Mixology.

Rene and Lewis (Cascadia’s children) are YA now. Belladonna is kindof in love with Angel, but he’s dating some girl called Diane.  Bummer. Also have I mentioned I kindof dislike Belladonna? This will be the only time she’s mentioned this chapter. 😈

 Day 157:

Case #22: Gnome Abuse

Case 22: Gnome Abuse.  Lawn decoration assault.  What is this world coming to..?  Tucker Duck-Gnat called me in tears, as someone has been knocking his gnome about.  It takes some dirty surveillance tactics to find the wrecked addidas of Leticia Vole-Carp.  The dame’s in need of anger therapy, that’s a certainty, but my work here is done.
*Leticia was also featured in Case 8.

Hyperion as a Young Adult. Deo as a Young Adult.
Hyperion and Deo age up to Young Adults.

Hyperion gets the Eco-Friendly trait and his LTW is Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous. Deo rolls Ambitious and his LTW is to be a Superstar Actor.

After some work in the lab, Iodine gets a human face.

After some work in the lab, Iodine gets a human face.

Tungsten and Shaun Shaw are dating.  Who knew he was a homosexual robot?  Zachery Ross an Elder too now.  Also Mayor Isidro died!  I guess you never really know when death will strike.

Day 158:

Deo joined the Film profession, which looks to be a simple level 10 career which also requires Celebrity Status.  It’s also fun because he’ll wear random costumes from work. It’s weird though, whenever I take a screenshot of him at work it looks completely wonky. Almost like it’s a completely different game.. Here, see for yourself:

Deo’s got a walk-on as 'Clumsy Student' in the highschool comedy "Traintracks".

Deo’s got a walk-on as ‘Clumsy Student’ in the highschool comedy “Traintracks”.

Hyperion joined the Arcitecture Designers inc. company, and gets his own portfolio to put pics in.  I’m kindof nervous about this career because it’s reportedly glitchy & I’m not the best with CAS, but I’m giving it a try.

Case #23: The Red Card

Case 23: The Red Card. A shady ump.  What is this world coming to..?  Disgruntled Tia Cox felt the referee made a shady judgment towards her sports’ prowess.  In my finest trench I set the meeting. The old sports arena, the colliseum of the gods, the olympians… Wait, what’s that thing in the sky?

“Brady wonders why it got so dark all of a sudden.” What does that mean?
Brady wonders why it got so dark all of a sudden. KA-BOOM!
KA-BOOM! Brady got hit by a rogue metorite.

Brady got hit by a rogue metorite. Oh no, the murderous purple Meteor!
Oh no, the murderous purple Meteor!

Brady turned into a reddish-coloured ghost Brady Davies - Beloved Private Investigator.
“Brady Davies – Beloved Private Investigator.”

Almost immediately Cyrus Diwan-Irwin asked Serefina on a date.  Too soon!

Day 159:

Still upset about their father’s unexpected death, Hyperion and Deo decided to form the band, “Disease Prize”. It’s a kindof punk rock duo that only plays upbeat songs.  It might also help with their goals of becoming famous.

Disease Prize, with Hyperion on guitar and Deo on piano.

“Disease Prize”, with Hyperion on guitar and Deo on piano.

Hyperion’s first architectural job is to build a Painting Study for Scot Morse. That shouldn’t be too hard, all he needs is an Easel, Desk and Chair, a Painting, and some Windows.

Deo is playing 'Zombie #4' in the thrilling horror "Day of the Dead Living".

Deo is playing ‘Zombie #4’ in the thrilling horror “Day of the Dead Living”.

Threw Prometheus a wedding party, but Dara Dent ran away.  But they got married eventually.

Prometheus and Dara getting married. Prometheus and Dara getting married.

Prometheus and Dara getting married.


(This is where I took a year-long break.. Sorry again.)

So apparently when I was cleaning up my game files I accidentally erased Niobe and Keri’s family portraits.  This gets fixed next chapter. For some reason I switched the resolution so all pictures will look different from now on. Also crazy-stuff like this happened:

Prometheus: Tungsten, you’ve lost your head!

“Tungsten, you’ve lost your head!”


I just can’t even..

Day 160:

Iodine: Please, what is the meaning of love? Tungsten: Cold metallic units of currency.

Iodine: “Please, share, what is the meaning of love?” Tungsten: “Cold metallic units of currency.”

Deo was promoted up to Best Boy (Film 2). By meeting a few Celebs he’s also risen up to Fame Leecher (Celebrity 1).

Deo has a bit part as 'Ensign Pilotte' in the Z-grade sci-fi "Exercising Gordon".

Deo has a bit part as ‘Ensign Pilotte’ in the Z-grade sci-fi “Exercising Gordon”.

Niobe got the Ice Personality achievement, so her ice sculptures will never melt!  That’s pretty cool because I like the ice medium of sculpting but hate how they were melting. Niobe also gets in a fight with the vampiress Demetria Diwan-Rader at Prometheus’ birthday party.

Prometheus is an Elder now.

Prometheus is an Elder now.

Day 161:

Since Deo and Hyperion both have the weekend off they spend time focused on their careers. Deo by befriending some of his colleagues and Hyperion by brushing up on his painting skill.

Niobe's awards ceremony.

Niobe’s awards ceremony.

Niobe’s awarded the Paranormal Medal & Paranormal Memento for her work in the Ghost Hunter career.  Also met the new mayor Elise Phelan.

A photo-realistic rendering of Iodine.

A photo-realistic rendering of Iodine.

Oh crud, Serefina’s not done her LTW yet!  Only saved 25 of 35 sofar.  I gotta get going on that!  And next week Iodine continues on her quest to be a real live artificial life.  Oh, and we’ll announce the winner of Generation 4 heir.


Community death count: 188 or so. Probably.

Legacy Score: 58. (Gen: 4 + LTW: 9 + Portraits: 8* + House: 13 + LTR: 24)

*It’s down 2 points because portraits got lost when cleaning saves.

Theme song of the week: “Black History Month” by Death From Above 1979

Brady sprunjing for information.

Brady sprunjing for information.

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