Chapter 34: More Human than Hu-Man

I should probably make it official; the Generation 4 Heir is Deo!  It’s good that he got the most votes, since I’ve kindof assumed he was the Heir anyways.

Generation 4 Heir poll.  Deo Wolfe.

The banner has been updated:

Generation 4 banner.

Editors’s note: Also I neglected to include some pictures of Deo’s movie career in the last post, so go back and check those out if so inclined.

Week 24 – Day 162:

Serefina & Niobe are 83, Hyperion & Deo have 17 day left until they’re Adults, and Belladonna has 5 days left until she’s YA.

Have I mentioned I’m a virtual hoarder?  A hoarder of virtual objects that is.  (I guess in real life too, but not as bad.)  It’s a problem, and it really slows down my computer, but I’ve been working on it.  After analyzing them I got rid of a bunch of the World Adventures relics.  In hindsight, I should’ve Transfigured these with Carter’s Display Case instead of selling them on consignment.

World Adventures' relics.

Somebody spread a rumour that Serefina was arrested!  Of all the nerve!  She lost 9 friends from this.  They also spread the same rumour about Belladonna, but she has no friends so nobody cares.

“ACK!! Are you trying to poison me, child!?”

“ACK!! Are you trying to poison me, child!?”

Dara Dent’s LTW is to be a Fashion Stylist, so she quit her Paramedic job & joined the Stylist profession.  Meanwhile Hyperion was promoted up to Pattern Spotter (lvl 2).

Iodine still hopes to be human someday.

Iodine still hopes to be human someday.

Iodine joined the Gardener career.  It’s so easy to climb, she sold 1 day’s worth of money tree bags and is already a Seed Sower (7).

Day 163:

Deo shines as 'Soldier with Gun' in summer thriller "Kangaroo Down".

Deo shines as ‘Soldier with Gun’ in summer thriller “Kangaroo Down”.

Prometheus has been working hard on making Iodine more realistic.  Sofar he’s come up with this:

“This syntho-realistic hair allows me to blend in better.”

“This syntho-realistic hair allows me to blend in better.”

First Hype needs to install a Painting Studio for Nadine Diwan-Gilbert to hold her “Shades of Gnome” collection.  Then Tia Cox wants him to make a Teenage Sanctuary for her whiny teen.  His review: “He did okay, thanx for trying”.

Dara Dent Wolfe giving a fashion makeover.

Dara Dent-Wolfe giving a fashion makeover.

My main problem with the Fashionista career is the load-times.  It’s easy enough to slap on some new clothes or makeup, but it takes ages for CAS to boot-up.  I’m already spending too much time on making nice styles for my own Sims, I don’t really want to be spending more time on it.

Deo: “Who is this strange pizza goddess?”

Deo: “Who is this strange pizza goddess?”

Day 164:

“Paint the windows fuschia?  How delightfully gauche!”

Hyperion: Paint the windows fuschia?  How delightfully gauche!

Hyperion needs to build a Child Room for Esmeralda Loera-Steel.  “He did a good job!”  His next task is to give an Exterior Makeover to Aaron Diwan-Irwin’s place. Also Deo was promoted up to Key Grip (3).

Deo's working it as a boom-mic operator.

Deo’s working it as a boom-mic operator.

The freakbeat ectopunk band “Screaming Llamas” are playing at the Imagine That! Theatre.  The dynamic duo “Disease Prize” went to watch the show, and also got to get up on stage and perform a bit.  Deo & Hyperion are up to Notable Figures (2) now.

Serefina is just 1 life saved short of completing her LTW.  So close!  Dara was promoted to Taffeta Trainee (2) and  Iodine’s up to Progeny of the Harvest (9).

Another rumour about Belladonna being arrested has spread.  Nobody continues to care.

“Ugh, it’s you..”

“Ugh, it’s you..”

Day 165:

Deo promoted to Personal Assistant (4).  Also Hyperion’s now a Placement Planner (3).

The architecture career is kindof broken.  Whenever I save the game and reload the current architect job disappears and progress is lost.  Also the school’s broken, none of the students seem to be able to get in anymore.

Editor’s note: On the plus side, the portraits that were broken last chapter are back thanks to advice from the wonderful MTS forum.

Prometheus putting the finishing touches on Iodine.

Prometheus putting the finishing touches on Iodine.

With some fabricant-flesh, mullutoid muscles, cellutron cellulite, a splash-resistant business-suit, and a kickass pair of duroplated high-heels, Prometheus finishes turning Iodine into a flesh-and-blood (ish) Sim.

Iodine: “I am alive.  The perfect Sim.”

Iodine: “I am alive.  The perfect Sim.”

Deo’s boss wants him to get more public exposure by gaining a celebrity level.  His agent also wants him to work out for 4 hours at the gym (because he doesn’t realize I bulldozed the Golden Simoleon Gymnasium a while back).

Day 166:

After the latest large house fire, Serefina saves Javon Diwan-Gilbert who is her 30th life saved!  She has completed her Firefighter Super Hero LTW.

Serefina’s charity recently saved the Llama Herding program at Brittlebush Academy, so she’s gotta deliver an oversized check to them. Niobe has a Paranormal Activity at the Bookstore, and I just realized what the name of the movie means!

Boo, buddies!

Boo, buddies!

Hyperion needs to befriend the vampire Alvin Diwan-Rader because networking is the key to staying famous, so he offers to remodel his house by putting in a new Powder Room.  Unfortunately, it’s marked as terrible because it’s “cluttered and incompetent”. 😦  Just because I put the toilet outside doesn’t mean it’s a bad job! 😛

“My ideas are so ground-breaking I put my fist right through the tablet!”

“My ideas are so ground-breaking I put my fist right through the tablet!”

After just a few days Iodine’s been promoted to Progeny of the Harvest (10).  It’s really that easy.  Dara Dent’s promoted up to Polka Dot Specialist (3) and Belladonna’s up to Book Club Moderator (3).

Iodine eating a piece of lead pipe. Iodine twisting her mechanical spine.
Iodine still has a few robotic quirks though..

Day 167:

Deo’s promoted up to Production Manager (5).  This LTW is going quite fast!  *Knock on wood.* Lewis Morel-Wolfe and Jeri Vasquez-Steel gave birth to a baby called Shane Morel-Wolfe!

I’ve been transfiguring like crazy, to try and get rid of my extra Gems and Metals.  I still haven’t managed to get one of those mythical §100,000 bottles of nectar, but I have added a few new Gems to my collection.

Party of four. Disease Prize playing the party.
Disease Prize playing for Belladonna’s party.

People are literally booing Belladonna at her own birthday. Also had a party failure because I forgot to age her up.  Double-failure because I threw it at the Banzai Lounge and none of the NPCs know how to use an elevator.  EAxis and their broken elevators..  Also for some reason Niobe and Dara are arch-enemies.

Belladonna aged up to a Young Adult.

Belladonna aged up to a Young Adult, and rolled the Frugal trait.  Wow, that’s, uh, great.

Iodine practicing her Nectar-making skills.

Iodine practicing her Nectar-making skills.

Day 168:

Deo properly met the pizza delivery person, Iris Hendricks.  I think I smell sparks!  (Or is it just grease?)

Deo: “I just love purple planet!” Iris: “This house is pretty nice..”

Deo: “I absolutely love talking about blue and purple planet!” Iris: “This house is pretty nice..”

Sere’s asked to do a cameo in the movie “Llamas Vs. Gnomes”. Hyperion’s promoted up to Feng Shui Fiend (4).  Since the “architect” portion of the architecture career is so problematic, he’s been focused on his Painting skills to advance.

Niobe delivered §2,100 worth of topiaries to Javon D-G and earned §9,348!  I’ve also been working hard on upgrading the Sunshine Art Gallery to make it churn out the highest profits.

“To class the place up, we've been dumping trucks full of art in here!”

“To class the place up, we’ve been dumping trucks full of art in here!”

Also Ze Lei Shin Yi-Wolfe died; he was like a Chinese cousin or something.  And that’s it for this week!  Next week some Sims will move away, but we’ll get a new one as well.

Community death count: 205 or so.

Legacy Score: 66. (Gen: 4 + LTW: 10 + Portraits: 12* + House: 16 + LTR: 24)

*The missing portraits have been restored.  Also 2 new portraits made.

Theme song of the week: “All is Full of Love” by Björk

Niobe just looks scary sometimes.

Niobe just looks scary sometimes.

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