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Generation 4: The Fourth Spouse!

I’m definitely starting to feel fatigue from our pre-moving.  Work is almost always an emotional roller-coaster, between the clients’ mood swings and some of my difficult co-workers.  I really need my Fridays-Sundays off to recuperate, but I can’t until the end of August because of packing & helping.  Oh well, what do you do?  Let’s talk about Miss Iris Hendricks!


Iris Hendricks

Iris Hendricks, the fourth Spouse

Iris Hendricks, the fourth Spouse

Iris Hendricks is a bit of an enigma.  Originally from the borough of Brooksims in New Yeurk City, she is accustomed to the glamour and flash of the big city.  Her father Yancy Sr. is a military man, veteran of such conflicts as the Great Llama Uprising and Vox Blox.  He once survived a brutal campaign by resorting to cannibalism, possibly contributing to his unhinged worldview.  Her mother Mrs. is a typical housewife, juggling her love of sports with the burden of raising 3 children.  Iris’ paternal grandmother is Mildred, but due to an icky time-paradox she has no grandfather.

Iris grew up with older brother Yancy Jr. and fraternal twin Philip, often joining them for games of basketball, break-dancing, and arcade classics like Synesthesia.  Her clumsiness often made her the target of Yancy Jr., who could be a competitive show-off, so she was much closer to the kinder Philip.  After highschool, Iris and Philip dropped out of Community College and found work together at a local pizzeria.  Their affinity for pizza and her natural talent for baking provided moderate success.  One unfortunate New Year’s Eve, Philip went on a delivery and never returned.  After a brief search, his parents decided he was gone and it would be a waste of tax-payer money to continue looking.

Distraught, Iris didn’t know what to do without her brother.  Not only were they twins, but he was her best friend.  She wasn’t sure if he was dead, or had been kidnapped, if he had run away, or maybe something supernatural had occurred.  Aliens..?  A cult..?  Shadowy government experiments..?  Much of Iris’ paranoia and conspiracy theories were ingrained from her father.  She often wears a wide-brimmed hat in order to hide her face from surveillance satellites.  Depressed, without knowing what else to do, she continued delivering pizzas, hoping one day to find her brother.

A decade passed.  Hearing of a strange town out in the desert where peculiar things happen, Iris decided to move to Lucky Palms where she met the handsome actor Deo Wolfe one night while delivering a spicy Mac & Cheese pizza.  After dating and a few failed marriage proposals later, she gave birth to an adorable baby girl and then got married.  She is about 7 years younger than Deo but is attracted to his ambition, joining him in the celebrity limelight and the field of acting.


Insane trait Unlucky trait Clumsy trait Natural Cook trait Charismatic trait Pizza Appreciator trait

Insane: Crazy?  No, not crazy, just a bit.. unhinged.  Sims with this condition like talking to themselves, telling others about the thought-police, speaking in tongues, and wearing random outfits.  They also make some neat paintings!

Unlucky: Some Sims just seem to get all the luck, but Iris isn’t one of them.  It seems like everything she tries goes horribly wrong.

Clumsy: Oh, Iris!  Dropping this, spilling that, you have such butter-fingers!

Natural Cook: Bam, let’s kick it up a notch!  Sims with this trait are much better at cooking, baking, frying, slicing, dicing, and making delicious-tasting food.  And they never burn the toast.

Charismatic: Iris practically exhumes Charisma, and she will need all of her skills to meet and persuade the locals to help her out!

Pizza Appreciator: Some Sims just love that ooey, gooey, yummy, delicious cheese-covered flatbread with the lovely tomato sauce.  Mmmmm, now I’m hungry.

Lifetime Wish:

Editor’s note: Well this is somewhat embarrassing.  I have pages and pages of meticulous notes detailing the daily activities of the Wolfe family, but somehow I neglected to note what Lifetime Wish Iris originally had.  Recreating her in CAS, the game suggests The Culinary Librarian, Super-Popular, Celebrated Five-Star Chef, Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, or Gold Digger.  So fudging the record a bit, I’m going to guess her original LTW was:

Gold Digger Lifetime Wish

Gold Digger: Now, I ain’t saying Iris is a gold digger.  Err, I guess I kindof am saying that.  Iris basically wants to be married to someone wealthy, and inherit all of his wealth after his death.  You know, like black widow Debbie Jellinsky.  Her lifetime goal is to see the ghost of her wealthy spouse.

P.S. This LTW doesn’t really matter because I’m going to change it in a few Sim-weeks anyways.


Pancakes Indie Music The colour Irish Green Aries Zodiac sign

Favourites: Iris’ favourite dish is Pancakes, she likes Indie music, she loves the colour Irish Green, and she’s an Aries.

Game of Thrones: S7 Prediction Gameshow

Hello all. Chapter 38 should be coming out soon-ish, within the next few weeks. But today I’m talking about my favourite show, Game of Thrones, because season 7 airs in just a few hours! There be spoilers ahead upto and including the season 6 season finale, so if you’re not caught up you shouldn’t read any further. You’ve been warned..

This post is dark and full of spoilers.

Oh, and please don’t post any spoilers for unaired episodes, because people don’t like that either.

Basically, I’ve written up a little checklist for family members to fill out before the new season comes out and I wanted to share it here too. It’s like a multiple-choice test, where you can choose 1 or more options, or write in your own prediction.

In the past we’ve had such wild predictions as:

  • Tyrion Lannister will join the circus and be in a dwarf show.
  • Cersei Lannister will become a nun.
  • Bran Stark will either turn into a giant tree or learn how to fly. Literally.
  • Lady Sansa and Jon have a thumbwar to decide who owns Winterfell.
  • Brienne & Pod buy and flip a cosy bed-and-breakfast.
  • Theon & Yara start a stand-up comedy routine called “The Nag and Weasel”.


So without further ado, the Game of Thrones: Season 7 Prediction Gameshow:

Main Characters:

Jon Snow will:

  • March south to attack Queen Cersei.
  • Get ready to defend against the White Walkers.
  • Enter a marriage alliance with Daenarys Targaryen.
  • Learn he’s Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark’s son; also King.
  • Other (Write it in)                                                                                        


Lady Sansa will:

  • Become jealous of Jon and try to take power from him.
  • Gracefully step aside and let Jon be in charge.
  • Build a beautiful snow-castle.
  • Other                                                                                                              


Arya Stark will:

  • Reunite with her cute little direwolf.
  • Keep crossing off names on her hitlist.
  • Decide to get rid of Sansa so she can be Queen of Winterfell.
  • Other                                                                                                              


Cersei and Jamie Lannister will:

  • Burn the whole city to the ground.
  • Cersei and Jaime are going to kill eachother.
  • Finally decide to tie the knot, get married, & go on a honeymoon.
  • Need to sit down with their financial consultant and declare bankruptcy.
  • Other                                                                                                              


Daenerys Targaryen will:

  • Attack King’s Landing directly with her dragons and boats.
  • Get side-tracked and have to fight some people in the ocean first.
  • Lose her boats and have to march for a little while.
  • Find a willing bachelor and enter a marriage alliance.
  • Other                                                                                                              


Littlefinger & Varys:

  • They’re still up to something.
  • Other                                                                                                              


Tyrion Lannister will:

  • Continue to support Daenerys as she invades the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Realize she’s starting going crazy and have second-thoughts.
  • Get to ride a dragon. (Weee!!!)
  • Other                                                                                                              


Bran Stark will:

  • Keep learning to warg & time-travel.
  • Tell everyone that Jon Snow is technically the next in line for the throne.
  • Accidentally destroy the wall so White Walkers can get through. (Oops!)
  • Have to fight Zombie-Hodor. (Zodor!)
  • Other                                                                                                              


Theon Greyjoy and Yara Greyjoy will:

  • Defeat their uncle Euron and become rulers of the Iron Islands.
  • Will get killed by their uncle before getting revenge.
  • Try and betray Daenerys and take control of her army.
  • Other                                                                                                              


Minor Characters (Fill in the blanks):

Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne will:


Mellisandre (the red witch) will:


Sandor (the Hound) will:


Samwell Tarly and Gilly will:


Jorah Mormont will:


Olenna Tyrell and Ellaria Sand will:


Davos and Tormund will:


Bronn will:


Greyworm & Missandei (the slave girl) will:


Daario Naharis will:



Any other Predictions?






*Editor’s note: If I know anything about formatting (ha!), you should be able to copy and paste this and print it out. Good luck, valar dohaeris.

Chapter 37: Rumour Has It..

Hi all.  Happy Canaday Day! I have been super-duper exhausted lately.  My grandfather had a fall a few weeks ago and they put a pin in his hip, so I’ve been worried about him.  😦  Selling the house, we also went through a few weeks of hell that is daily tours and Open Houses before getting a decent offer of purchase.  Now all that’s left is renovating the new place, decluttering this place, & moving out.

The Little Mermaid - Teaching young girls how to hoard shit since 1989.


Week 27 – Day 183: Sun

This Sunday was very hot and humid.  Serefina & Niobe are 104, Hyperion & Deo have 18 days left until they’re Elders, Iris has 1 days before she’s an Adult, and Europa has 1 days left till she’s a Toddler

The latest rumour is that Hyperion peed on himself in public.  Gross and untrue.  He lost 4 of his closest friends, including the very beautiful Kiki Ash.  He sued for slander & the rumours are gone!  (Unfortunately the friendships are still gone too.)  Also the last babysitter sucked and was fired, so the new one is named Aileen Mazza.

Like most famous people, Hyperion and Deo have taken up Yoga.

Like most famous people, Hyperion and Deo have taken up Yoga.

With Europa as the defacto Heir right now, and since they are engaged, Deo and Iris should really legitimize their relationship.  Since they both have the Insane trait, I was a little worried about the wedding.  But it seems to have gone off without a hitch*!
*Or is that with a hitch?

Deo and Iris getting married. Deo and Iris getting married.
Deo and Iris getting married.

Since it’s a celebrity marriage, Iris is elevated to B-List Celebrity status (3).

Day 184: Mon

Editor’s note: The game tried to give Iris & Deo 56 work days off for their honeymoon.  Crickey, that’s like 12 Sim-weeks!  I changed it to 1 Sim-day instead.

I'm... not entirely sure what this is. But Deo and Iris appear in the space odyssey "Turtles Don't Have Pretty Faces".

I’m… not entirely sure what this is. But Deo and Iris appear in the space odyssey “Turtles Don’t Have Pretty Faces”.

After the music-gnome’s attack, Deo organizes all the sheet music at the bookstore and is rewarded with a free song called “Summer Hayrides”.  I’ll probably never use it because I hate losing rare books after a Sim reads it.

Deo laughing at something menacingly.

Deo laughing at something menacingly.

Serefina has a building disaster at City Hall.  There was some huge mutant plant apparently trying to devour everyone; just another normal day in Lucky Palms.

Serefina fighting a mean green mother from outer space.

Serefina fighting a mean green mother from outer space.

Iris’ Agent tells her to eat at the Blooming Cactus Bistro to earn some much-needed Celebs. Double-birthday time, and that hat with the flower is just adorable!

Iris as an Adult. Europa as a Toddler.
Iris is an Adult now and Europa’s a Toddler.

Day 185: Tues

Deo taking Europa out for a stroll.

Deo taking Europa out for a stroll.

One of Deo’s MLCs is to spend $10,000 redecorating the house.  Money’s not a problem, it’s just hard finding enough things to buy without slowing down my computer!

Hyperion practicing for the big show.

Hyperion practicing for the big show.

You remember Disease Prize?  That band Deo and Hyperion formed in Week 23 that never practices and performed once?  They’re asked to play a late night show at Waylon’s Haunt between 12pm to 3am.  That shouldn’t be too hard to manage.

Iris got promoted up to Key Grip (3).

Iris got promoted up to Key Grip (3).

Iris is asked to film the State of the City address for the mayor.  The mayor’s probably gotta talk about why the giant man-eating Viridiplantae was set on fire when it was just filing for a parking permit. Also I put up a brand new white-picket fence to keep the paparazzi out.  Now they’ll stop spreading untrue rumours about the Wolfes!

Serefina is backyard skinny-dipping / passively baby-sitting.  “I raised 3 kids already; I’m not raising their kids too!”

Serefina is backyard skinny-dipping / passively baby-sitting.  “I raised 3 kids already; I’m not raising their kids too!”

Day 186: Wed

Deo as Squadron Leader Les Reck.

Deo as Squadron Leader Les Reck.

Deo and Hyperion’s Mid-Life Crises are over; Deo did 2 wishes & Hyperion did 3 wishes.  I don’t think that’s enough, their speech bubble say they still feel unsatisfied with life. 😦 But isn’t dissatisfaction with one’s accomplishments an integral part of the human experience?

Europa playing with Glowsponge.

Europa playing with Glowsponge.

Whoops!  Disease Prize missed their gig; I mixed up 12pm noon and 12am midnight!! They were supposed to perform in the middle of the day!  Donnell Patel is pretty upset because his bar is even more boring than ever! Well at least Hyperion and Kiki got a chance to patch things up.

Hyperion and Kiki share their first kiss.

Hyperion and Kiki share their first kiss.

Deo is asked to fill in for Carlos Feathers*, the acting coach at the school.
*I wonder if this is a reference to Carl Weathers on Arrested Development?

Deo's 'Dr. P.' in the slapstick comedy "Fizzy, Porpoise Physician" with Iris as 'Hallway Lady'.

Deo’s ‘Dr. P.’ in the slapstick comedy “Fizzy, Porpoise Physician” with Iris as ‘Hallway Lady’.

Rumours spread that Niobe was arrested for grand theft syrup.  So it seems the new fence doesn’t help after all..

Day 187: Thurs

Deo got promoted to Superstar Actor (10)!!  That’s his LTW complete!  For his hard-work he received a Simmy Award, a professional actor trailer, and earned a Legacy point.  Iris also got promoted to Personal Assistant (4).

Prometheus’ children Irma and Claude.

Prometheus’ children Irma and Claude.

Hyperion’s Agent tells him to promote the Blooming Cactus Bistro to 3 different Sims so he can earn a few Celebs.  “Hopefully the restaurant will improve its mediocre food now!”  Also Deo’s asked if he can cameo in the pretentious play.

Serefina having a pillow fight with her brother Prometheus.

Serefina having a pillow fight with her brother Prometheus.

Oh dear, our beloved Prometheus died at the age of 98!  He was one of my favourites!

Inventor, Father, Time-Travelling Cyborg. Inventor, Father, Time-Travelling Cyborg.
Inventor, Father, Time-Travelling Cyborg.

Reisa Millard, one of the snoopy snooping paparazzi, died on the home lot.  That’ll teach her a lesson about trying to make a living with fake news!

Weekly World News - Bat Child Found in Cave!

Day 188: Fri

Hyperion and Kiki make with the premarital woohoo.  I hope the tabloids don’t get a hold of this!

Hyperion and Kiki make with the premarital woohoo.  I hope the tabloids don’t get a hold of this!

I really like Hyperion and Kiki as a couple.  Their celebrity supercouple name could be “Hyperiki” or “Kikerion”.

Deo is 'Col. Medic Ferguson' with Iris as 'Distraught Business Woman' in the war-drama "Landmine Lovers".

Deo is ‘Col. Medic Ferguson’ with Iris as ‘Distraught Business Woman’ in the war-drama “Landmine Lovers”.

Poor Europa’s been neglected all day.  The babysitter Aileen spent most of the day in the hot-tub, so Europa’s exhausted and starving to death.  Have the babysitters always been this useless and I’ve never realized it?

Deo’s getting better at Yoga, Hyperion’s still working on the fundamentals.

Deo’s getting better at Yoga, Hyperion’s still working on the fundamentals.

Serefina had an earthquake emergency all across the city.  Now that she’s a centenarian, I wonder if she should retire or keep fighting natural disasters?

Serefina mourning at Brady’s grave.

Serefina mourning at Brady’s grave.

Day 189: Sat

Iris teaching Europa how to talk to the press.

Iris teaching Europa how to talk to the press.

Iris got around to filming her address for work.  Good on her!  Another rumour spreading about Niobe being arrested for a misdemeanor “reckless tickle-fight”.  She lost 8 friends, what the hell? Unfortunately, she lost her boyfriend too.

Zachery Ross, Niobe’s older boy-toy passed away.

Zachery Ross, Niobe’s older boy-toy passed away.

To try and increase Hyperion’s prestige, Serefina & Deo invite all their celebrity friends to the park as a lure for the paparazzi.  To generate interest in soft news, Serefina also does her “pass out” routine.

“Oh boy, what a scoop!  Celebrity and girlfriend standing in park.  This will make front-page headlines!”

“Oh boy, what a scoop!  Celebrity and girlfriend standing in park.  This will make front-page headlines!”

Editor’s note: I’m pretty sure Hyperion’s Celebrity points counter is broken.  He got his first celebrity level in Week 22, the second in Week 24, the third in Week 25, & now it’s hardly moved at all since then.  Every time he finishes an Opp the counter seems to ignore the new points.  I even tried resetting him a few times but it didn’t help.

You know, I don’t think I mentioned Belladonna once this post. 😛

And yep, I think that’s it for the week.  Tune in next time to see Hyperion die!  (Oops, uh, Spoiler Alert!)

Community death count: 259 or so.

Legacy Score: 78. (Gen: 5 + LTW: 11 + Portraits: 14 + House: 20 + LTR: 28)

Theme song of the week:  “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga


Wait, I don’t remember these last 2 pics..

Serefina giving the Grim Reaper an autograph. Niobe making out with the Grim Reaper.
Serefina giving the Grim Reaper an autograph, and Niobe making out (?) with the Grim Reaper.

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