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Vote for the Generationalist!

It’s that time again; readers get to choose who you think should be the next Torch-Wielder!  Which of the 3 Wolfe Teens will continue on the Legacy Challenge into the Generations expansion?  Just as a reminder, we have:

Hyperion Wolfe  Deo Wolfe  Belladonna Wolfe

Europa Wolfe ———— Gawain Wolfe ———— Roche Wolfe


But who are they really?

Europa Wolfe: Brown hair, light Gray eyes.  Her traits are Evil, Loner, Perfectionist, Nurturing, and Light Sleeper.

Gawain Wolfe: Brown hair, light Green eyes.  His traits are Evil, Clumsy, Technophobe, and Mooch.

Roche Obsidian Wolfe: Red hair, Red eyes.  His traits are Evil, Hates the Outdoors, Rebellious, and Ambitious.


And they’ll probably wind up with a random Base Game career and Lifetime Wish.

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