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My Poor Abandoned Blog..

My poor abandoned Sims 3 blog.. has it really been almost a year since I’ve posted?

I think I meant to take a few weeks off, and then I started playing Fallout 4, and one thing leads to another…

The lone survivor and Dogmeat walking in Fallout 4.

Some day I will complete you.  I mean, I’d like to.  But like that semi-abandoned Star Wars model in the closet, I never seem to find the time..

Life has been surprisingly difficult this year.  I tried to forgive the guy who bullied me at work, with mixed results.  I lost my temper multiple times with other co-workers.  Stress, worry, anxiety, it’s all been eating me up and making me sick.

Bearded man coding on tiny laptop.

I’ve actually spent a great deal of time this year studying.  Once a decade ago I thought I had what it takes to become a Web Developer.  So I’ve been relearning what I’ve forgotten, learning new things that have been created, & just giving my brain a workout.

The health care field has chewed me up.  I helped many people, but I can’t do it anymore.  Right now my plan is to hand in my 2-weeks notice, and enroll a 10-week coding boot-camp.  It will be challenging, but I will find a job afterwards.

Scrap piece of paper that says "Think Positive".

Sims 3: When life is sad and I’m lonely, I play the Sims.  But right now I have a good connection with family, and I barely have time for video games at all.

Some day I will complete you… just not right now.

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