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Chapter 2: Fires, Reposession, and Kissing, Oh My!

Do you like the new theme?  I think it’s a bit better.  I started putting together my Legacy Points sheet in Excel today, I’ll post that up later on.

Week 2 – Day 8:

Alexander has 14 days until he ages into an Adult.  Alex and Naomi’s cool friend Ezekiel moved into the Legacy Lot, bringing $2,500 with him.  He also came with his own Laptop and Guitar, which is really handy because they’re expensive.

Ezekiel is the latest roommate.

Ezekiel is the latest roommate.

He’s a Roadie in the Musical career stream.  (It says on the SimsWiki that he’s in the Journalism field, so I’m thinking StoryProgression switched him for some reason.)  Naomi started a fire, but met a Fireman, so that’s okay then.

Naomi started a fire.  Naomi meets a fireman.

Day 9:

One of the drawbacks of the Criminal career stream is getting arrested at work.  Poor Alex, landed immigrant, he hasn’t even had a chance to apply for his Sim-Nationian citizenship status yet and now he’s got a criminal record!  I guess Crime doesn’t pay… at least, it doesn’t when you’re not at work.

Alex was arrested!

Alex was arrested!

Day 10:

Alex got a promotion to Getaway Driver!  Ezekiel started a second fire repairing Pansy’s broken TV.  But they got to meet another fireman so it’s all good.  (Is it politically correct to say firewoman or fireperson?)  Naomi turned into an Elder.  It’s kindof sad, I didn’t even realize she was that much older than Alex.

Naomi had a crappy party.

Naomi had a crappy party.

Day 11:

Alexander has his first kiss with the firewomanperson, Roxanne Tang.  Could this be true love or something?

Alex and Roxanne kiss.  Alex and Roxanne kiss.

Naomi is now a senior citizen, so she retired from her Science job.  She’s gonna take up Painting and Gardening full-time.  Painting, because I remembered somebody needs to paint the Founder for a Legacy point.  Gardening, to save money on groceries.

Painting outdoors.

Painting outdoors.

So Ezekiel is in a weird love triangle.  He’s dating his boss Yolanda Shaw, who had a baby with Lennon Sosa, even though he’s married to Beulah Patterson.  Ooh, how tawdry!  Anyway, she (Yolanda) lives in a mansion with a Guitar-shaped pool.  And then he (Ezekiel) asked her to marry him!

Guitar Pool in Lucky Palms.  Ezekiel asks Yolanda to marry him.

Day 12:

The Repoman cometh!  He took away the porchlight, so I need to remember to stay on top of the bills.  Ezekiel aged up to Adult right after work.  And then he and Yolanda got bii-zaay!

Repoman steals the porchlight. Ezekiel and Yolanda become intimate.

Day 13:

Alex asked Roxanne to become his girlfriend!  Now they’re going steady.  Could it be love?

Alex asks Roxanne to be his girlfriend.  Muhahaha!

Ezekiel and Yolanda continue to share funtime, whenever the wee toddler Stewart isn’t around.  Naomi walked in on Alex in the bathroom.  I need to put in more toilets..

Day 14:

Alexander is given an important mission by his father.. err, Godfather.  “Do this for me, my son, and you will be greatly rewarded”.  After dropping the bribe off at City Hall, Alex is promoted to Bagman.  Halfway up the ladder of Crime!  Also he upgraded his Charisma to level 8.

Ezekiel finally repaired the broken TV.  A brand new TV is worth $500, but that’s how much she paid for repairs! Why?  Also Ezekiel got promoted to Talent Scout.  It has nothing to do with the fact that he is sleeping with the Roadie!

Theme song of the week:

“Fire Woman” by The Cult

Chapter 1: Happy Landings!

Lucky Palms.

Lucky Palms.

I had to do a bit of prep work before moving Alexander into Lucky Palms.

  • As I mentioned before, I’m going to install a new expansion for every generation.  Some (if not all) of the expansions come with new Community Lots, so I had to free up some space.   In Edit Town I designated all of the empty Residential lots as Small Parks, to prevent Sims from moving into them.
  • As well, I placed the Lucky Simoleon Casino on one of the empty 60×60 lots.  I didn’t even know Sims could gamble, so I’m excited to try it out!
  • I found the NRaas was giving me new messages about Townies every few seconds, so I tweaked these settings.
  • Lastly, Alex bought his 50×50 lot.  For some reason he had a crapload of cash leftover, so I had to use the cheat menu to reduce it to $1,300.

Alexander arrives! The Legacy Lot.

Week 1 – Day 1:

Alexander has 21 days before he ages up to an Adult.  He is exhausted from his flight, but eager to meet his new neighbours and get some roommates.  He meets Naomi Nita on a cool-looking houseboat, and uses her computer to apply for a job in the Criminal career.  She is his bestest friend!  The two have a sleepover and spend all night talking.

The colour red! Veggie burgers!

Day 2:

The Abandoned Warehouse.

The Abandoned Warehouse.

Alex gets wind of a police threat and is promoted to Cutpurse!  Naomi moves into the Legacy lot, bringing with her $5,000.  She’s a Fertilizer Analyst, which will help bring in money.  Unfortunately, neither of them have a house to sleep in, so they spend the night at the Gym.

Day 3:

Naomi remembers that she is good friends with Pansy Northrop, so Alex and Naomi sleep at their place.  They’ve got two beds and a fridge, there’s plenty to spare.  Too bad I didn’t choose the Mooch trait, because Alex is living on a dime!  Alex tries to get to know Pansy, but she’s not having any of it!

Alexander being a polite guest.

Alexander being a polite guest.

Day 4:

Alex and Naomi both have the day off.  Alex tries to get his Athletic skill up at the gym while Naomi is at the library studying Gardening.  I haven’t found any seeds or plants in the neighbourhood.

Day 5:

Alex met the charming Lola Lancaster.   I’m guessing she doesn’t own a crib for that baby!  Alex slept at her place but the baby kept waking him up.

Your baby is on the floor.

Your baby is on the floor.

Day 6:

Alex got to know Pansy’s roommate,  Ezekiel Reid.  He’s a wicked cool frood!

Day 7:

Last day of the week, Alex got another job promotion to Thug.  After reaching the $10,000 goal, I buy the bare necessities for the Legacy House.  (But I forgot to put in a solid foundation..)

Legacy lot, walls up. Legacy lot, walls down.

Theme song of the week:

“Life on the Nickel” by Foster The People

Generation 1: Meet the Founder!

                The Legacy Challenge has begun!  But before we visit our town in Simnation, perhaps we should introduce our intrepid founder?  Meet Alexander Wolfe:

Alexander Wolfe

Alexander Wolfe, the first Generation.

Born to Marjorie and Klaus, Alexander has just become a Young Adult and is looking to start his new life in the tropical paradise of Sunlit Tides the beautiful desert oasis of Lucky Palms.  Alex grew up with his parents across the Sim-Lantic ocean in the small rural villages and quaint towns of Sim-ope.  He was born in his mother’s native town of Champs Les Sims.

His father, Klaus, was a wandering spirit, afraid of putting down roots, and moving the family from town to town, country to country.  His mother, Marjorie, enjoyed mingling with the upper-echelons of society, attending formal events and parties.  His parents refused to settle down in any place for too long, so Alex had difficulty keeping friends or putting down roots.  He spent much of his youth mingling with the local flavour, but had not learned any of their trades or skills.

Eternally curious, Alexander spent his youth dreaming of a place where he could build a reputation for himself, a place where Sims would know the great name of house Wolfe.  And fear it!  Throughout his teenage years, he became quite convinced that the family needed to cross the great ocean and move to the great Simnation.  Sadly, his parents enjoyed their lifestyle and refused this idea.  Taking a small sum of money, Alex moved away, never to see them again.


Evil trait Genius trait Charismatic trait Lucky trait Vegetarian trait

Evil: Alas, all Sims born into the Wolfe family are evil by nature.  They take pleasure from other’s pain.  Some Sims just want to watch the world burn.  That is why they have the red eyes, non?

Genius: Alex is well-gifted in the intellectual pursuits.  An evil genius, is this perhaps too cliché?  He’s very bright and ready to start learning the Skills that will help him succeed.

Charismatic: Alex practically exhumes Charisma, and he will need all of his skills to meet and persuade the locals to help him out!

Lucky: Some Sims just seem to get all the luck, and Alex is one of them.  He’s gonna need it!

Vegetarian: After witnessing a horrible event at the Petting Zoo involving a llama attacking a lion, Alex has refused to eat meat or any product that comes from animals.

Lifetime Wish:

Emperor of Evil Lifetime Wish

The Emperor of Evil: Alexander wants Sims to cover before him, as you do.  His lifetime goal is to reach Level 10 of the Criminal career track.

(I was initially considering making him the first Mayor of Sunlit Tides Lucky Palms, but no.)


Veggie Burger Electronica music The colour Red Scorpio zodiac sign

Favourites: Alexander’s favourite dish is Veggie-Burgers, he loves Electronica music, he appreciates the colour Red, and he is a Scorpio.  I’m sure all of these details will play important roles in the story.

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