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My Poor Abandoned Blog..

My poor abandoned Sims 3 blog.. has it really been almost a year since I’ve posted?

I think I meant to take a few weeks off, and then I started playing Fallout 4, and one thing leads to another…

The lone survivor and Dogmeat walking in Fallout 4.

Some day I will complete you.  I mean, I’d like to.  But like that semi-abandoned Star Wars model in the closet, I never seem to find the time..

Life has been surprisingly difficult this year.  I tried to forgive the guy who bullied me at work, with mixed results.  I lost my temper multiple times with other co-workers.  Stress, worry, anxiety, it’s all been eating me up and making me sick.

Bearded man coding on tiny laptop.

I’ve actually spent a great deal of time this year studying.  Once a decade ago I thought I had what it takes to become a Web Developer.  So I’ve been relearning what I’ve forgotten, learning new things that have been created, & just giving my brain a workout.

The health care field has chewed me up.  I helped many people, but I can’t do it anymore.  Right now my plan is to hand in my 2-weeks notice, and enroll a 10-week coding boot-camp.  It will be challenging, but I will find a job afterwards.

Scrap piece of paper that says "Think Positive".

Sims 3: When life is sad and I’m lonely, I play the Sims.  But right now I have a good connection with family, and I barely have time for video games at all.

Some day I will complete you… just not right now.

Mister Wolfe’s Vacation

First order of business: Next month will for sure, most definitely, be a Sims post.  Probably.  I meant to have one this month but life’s been very hectic.  And much more interesting than usual (for me).

Secondly, I got a new computer!  My old laptop was overheating running anything too extreme.  Now I have an ASUS ROG GR8 II-T043Z mini-desktop and it’s really fast.  It should make playing TS3 and using Photoshop a snap!  I’m happy with the price and feel it’s a good purchase.  You can read more about it here.

My new computer.

My new computer.

Thirdly, the big boss decided the guy who was teasing and harassing me made “inappropriate and offensive” comments that don’t belong in the workplace.  But it wasn’t bad enough to be considered bullying.  (I feel bullied, but I guess that’s not important.)  So he will continue working closely with me, and with a vulnerable population, for some unknown reason. 😐

Fourthly, we moved!  What an ordeal.  I wasn’t too keen on moving into a condo-apartment-style building, but it’s actually working out.  The new place is so lovely, what a great view of the city!

The view from my bedroom. A view from the living room.
Two different views.

I took 6 days off work for a psuedo-vacation.  Not a relaxing vacation mind you, because I spent the first few days packing, cleaning, assembling furniture, and other random randomness.

It’s kindof a blur, but I jotted down a few thoughts to document the journey:

"By the power of caffeine, I will finish packing!"

Day 0: Beard level – Clean-shaven.

I was working the day before vacation.  My favourite client is in terrible shape.  Just two days ago his health was fine and now it’s taken a nose-dive.  I can’t really go into details but I feel he is not going to last very much longer.  Why would the wife leave him at our center for 8 hours, the man needs a hospital!

Day 1: Beard level – Coarse.

First day of vacation.  It started out poorly, with me crying. 😥 I’ve been thinking about it last night and I fear the client is dying. The day got better once I got my zen on by putting together finely crafted Swedish furniture.  Here are some random things:

-My father and I kindof messed up the drawers, they wouldn’t fit into the shelves.  An IKEA rep. told us to take some photos & she’d help in 48 hours. 😐  Fortunately my mother came in and pointed out the “extra” pieces we’d left out of the construction.  Now everything fits great!

-Sad IKEA man has broken the bed until Pencil IKEA man helps out.

-Dinner was bacon, chicken, steamed vegetables, french fries, taquitoes, and ice cream. Because of course it was.

-Why are the werewolves attacking that Targaryen vampire?

-No wait, Kate Beckinsale was for sure dead, they wrapped her up like a mummy.  They can’t just gloss over a resurrection by saying “She got better.”

Day 2: Beard level – Bristly.

-My bones are so sore today. China-Gel helps me to ease the pain.

-Sad Ikea man is not allowed to climb on the new furniture, or else he might get crushed.

-“Do not cut Ikea. Do not set Ikea on fire.” um, thanx for the tip?

-Time for a Dieselpunk Opera!

-Oops, somebody texted me 2 days ago & I just read the message now.  I better reply right away… as soon as I get home.

-Ikea Yoga: I call this one the Swedish Cobra. Also the Downward-Facing Fjord.

-“L1, L2, R1, R2.. R2..? Artoo..! R2!!!!!”

-That akward moment when me and Dad both realize I’ve scratched the new paint but neither of us wants to point it out.

-Ew, the garbage room smells like egg-soap.

-My sister mistook Dr. Strange for Dr. Who.

Day 3: Beard level – Fuzzy.

-The day starts out poorly.  I interrupt my sister’s fun beach story and she starts crying.

-Moving tomorrow.. I guess I could leave out the computer and TV until the movers get here right?

-Nap time.

-Some people got no respect, no respect!

-I ate your dipping sauce.  It was an accident, but I don’t regret it. 👿

-Oh my gosh, GAME OF THRONES FINALE!!  It was all like *ROWR!* and then he was all “let me explain” and she was like “let me remove that throat for you”, and then we got to see Kit Harrington’s ass.

Day 4: Beard level – Scruffy.

-Four hours of sleep.  I am so tired..

-What a horrible person.



-The more things change, the more they stay the same.

-“Can we get some boxes in here?”

-“Is that mover a man or a woman?”

-Mum warns them that her turtle is special and they better not break it.

-Everyone abandons dad at the new place to clean up the old place.  He’s forced to throw clothes everywhere so they can get their boxes back.

-Rogers vs Bell.

Rogers, Telus, and Bell are "Competitors".

Day 5: Beard level – Hairy.

-A sea of boxes.

-First step: shelves.

-“It’s so easy, to turn on the TV you just press three buttons instead of one!”

-The professional movers put every FRAGILE box upside down, and piled boxes on top.  Uh, that’s really dumb.

-“Don’t fall out the window, mum!”

-I got an email; the client I was worried about passed away. 😦  I worked with him a lot, so I feel grief.  But as my co-worker pointed out, he had pretty much no quality of life.  There was no joy in his life.  A mercy he can rest, a sadness he is gone.

Day 6: Beard level – Unkempt.

-An empty house.

-Good neighbours.

-That dog’s eating poop!

-I detest those tiny metal brackets.

-Too much stuff.

-“This thing gets really good suction!”  I have been forbidden from saying “That’s what she said”, so we’re just done with Phrasing.

-One elevator’s shut down for moving, one’s under maintenance, and one just has sticky floors.

-West Palm Beach.

-Sleeping on the roof.

-“It’s Mister Doctor.”

Day 9: Beard level – Clean-shaven again.

I went to the client’s funeral.  I felt I owed him that.  It wasn’t the catharsis I was hoping for, but it helped.

Moving, Bully, BSoD

Editor’s note: This was written last Thursday, but I haven’t been unable to post until today.

Sorry guys, I haven’t posted in a while or approved all the lovely new comments. Things have been in-SANE for me recently.  I’ve attributed it to 3 main reasons:

Factoid the first: We’re moving. I know people do it all the time & it shouldn’t be such a big deal, but for me and my family it really is. It’s been the family house for 30, 31 years now. A lot of emotional attachment, a lot of physical objects to dispose of, a lot of preparation work for the new place, a lot of boxes to pack. A lot of tape. It’s so exhausting.

This is kindof what our stacking area looks like.

This is kindof what our stacking area looks like.

Factoid the second: I was having a bully problem at work. Nothing physical, but he’s said some very disgusting things to myself, other workers, and even clients. I’ve documented 27 separate incidents of misconduct, including jokes, insults, teasing, sexual comments, unwanted touching, and homophobic slurs between January & the beginning of August. For example, once he told me that if I lived on my own I might slip in the shower, break my neck, start rotting, and nobody would find my body for months until the rent was due. I mean, what the hell man.. Why would anyone say that, ever?

A bully picking on another guy.

As you might guess, I was feeling very badly about myself & worried when I knew I’d be working closely with him. I reported him to my supervisor but felt very guilty afterwards. They’re doing an investigation, but for now he has fewer hours & we’re almost never working together. No decision yet if he is going to be fired or kept on.  Most of the things he said when nobody was around, but I’ve shared some of the non-vulgar comments with other staff and they’ve witnessed him bothering me before. *sigh*  Until the boss makes a decision I guess I don’t know how I feel about things.

Factoid the third: My laptop died. 😦 It was a combination of dust-buildup and old-age. Safe mode works so all my files, Sims, blog posts, and songs are safe on an external hard-drive. Since it was 5 years old I feel I got good use out of it, and it doesn’t seem worth the $160 cost for the repairman to replace the fan since he said “it may or may not work”.

The dreaded BSoD.

So I’ve been trying to figure out if my next computer is a replacement laptop ($800 to $1200 CN), an upgraded laptop ($1200 to $2000 CN), or a full-blown souped-up desktop ($2000 to $3000 CN). Right now my dad is pushing me towards an iMac, but I’m worried the MacOS won’t be able to run all the games I love. And it’s expensive.. but I never really spend money so it might be nice to splurge a bit, I’m just not sure yet.

A fancy sci-fi looking computer.

Editor’s note: Six days later, no new computer. 😦 I’m still trying to fathom what sort of hardware I need, going to try to book an appointment with an iGenius to talk about my PC needs. I’m using my mum’s old computer, so frustrating because it’s SO slow, even after I removed all the viruses, registry errors, defragged it a bunch.

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