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… Well, Eventually…

It’s taking me a bit of time to get my Legacy Challenge started.  There’s several reasons:

-Midterms.  After Friday I have my spring break week and will have a bit more time for fun and games, but right now it’s very stressful.  And afterwards it will be stressful too, printing resumes & doing interviews.

-Decisions.  I still can’t figure out which neighbourhood to play, which rules to use, and which mods to use (non-cheaty mods that fix things).  I’m still working on the rules and I’ll post something up once I figure it out.  Right now I’m planning a 13-generation legacy which installs a new expansion for every new generation.  This is problematic because I need to find a neighbourhood which I can customize to add buildings without starting on a skeleton.

The Witcher

The Witcher

-Witcher.  I started this game around Christmas time and I’m only on Chapter 4.  I know if I stop playing it now I never will beat it.  It seems like such a waste, so I feel obliged to finish it before starting something new.

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