The last time I played Sims 3, it took forever to load and save the game.  I’m not sure how many mods I had installed, but I want to make it run as quickly as possible.  So I’m trying to keep the mods and custom content to a minimum, just the bare necessities, to keep the game from going crazy.  Scratch that, mods are fun!  Here are my mods:


Base Game Mods:

Base Game

No Intro by Rick: To stop that darned video!

No Maxis Logo by Ella Charmed: Again, to make that logo go-go.

No or Fewer Memories by Velocitygrass: I do not need to remember every dish my Sims clean!

No Autonomous Sprinkler by BlackCat007: To stop every Sim in the neighbourhood from playing with the sprinkler.

Environment Lighting Tweaks by mahamudo: This prettifies the colours around town and makes the moon bigger.

MTS Official 2014 Calendar by heaven: A nice calendar with different pics for each month.

Child can Use Collection Helper Reward by Nona Mena: Children are the best candidates for collecting rocks, bugs, and seeds, so this mod lets them use the helper.

Tagged Plants by douglasveiga: Lets me see which plants are in the garden without clicking on each one.

Subtle Wrinkles for Both Genders by Arisuka: Gives elder Sims little tiny face creases.

Sims 2 Rave Goggles for Men & Women, Teen-Elder by Esmeralda: To give Sims some cool-looking goggles.

Fratres – Steampunk Victorian – Set103 by Ekinege: A pretty Steampunk dress for young women.

Top Vest Steampunk EM by Bukovka: A steampunk shirt-vest combo for elder men.

Top Steampunk Waistcoat by Bukovka: Another steampunk shirt-vest for younger men.

Iron – Prosthetic Arms and Robotic Skin Detail by Arisuka: Cool robot arms, anyone?

Labor Leaks by lesbisim: Until a Sim goes into labour, I don’t have any way of testing if this one works.

Farther Zooming Out in Live Mode by Shivar: Lets camera zoom all the way out of the house into the map with the mousewheel.

Longer Interaction Queue by AyaJulia: Upto 20 interactions queued up!

Soul-Full Afro, a KittyKlan Half-Braided Fro by Sleepy-Genius: This hair is crazy, I want to see a townie spawn it!

Cyborg Eye by Esmeralda: Just in case somebody needs a robot eye.

Metal Sims Skins by CmarNYC: I haven’t seen any townies spawn with this skintone yet.

Four Assorted Sci-Fi Eyes as Contacts by Esmeralda: Again, this is here in case I need robot eyes.

Glowing Eyes for Men and Women by Esmeralda: I don’t really know if anybody will need glowing eyes, but it’s installed for now.

Cyborg Visor with Recolourable Glow-In-The-Dark Lens by Esmeralda: In case I want a Sim with the LeVar Burton look.

Android by LuxySims3: Scary-as-hell Terminator-face-rip makeup.

Zoom-In CaS Camera by Shimrod101: Zoom-in really close in CAS

No Camera Fade on Sims by Shivar: When zooming in with camera, Sims do not fade away

Bella Eyes: Defaults and Contacts by Shadowwolfe5889: To change the default eyes

So Many Shiftables! And a Little More by Heaven: Adds more shiftiness to wall-hanging items.

Medieval Baby Blanket Default Replacements by The Merrye Makers: Changes colour of burrito-baby’s crunchy outer wrapping.

Layerable Piercing Set by Winry: Some cool facial piercings.

Ecto-1 by xdarkshadowx: The station wagon from the Ghostbusters movies. (NEW)

Mad Scientist Hair Unlocked by rmrm: Wacky hair for crazy science-Sims. (NEW)

Eat Outside Diners & ALL Restaurants by icarus_allsorts: Gives Sims the opportunity to eat outside on the patio. (NEW)

Choose & Cook With Any Ingredient by icarus_allsorts: Lets me choose which ingredients Sims use to prepare meals. (NEW)

Must Touch ~ Mustache Accessory by Anubis360: A funny fake moustache for undercover missions. (NEW)

Mask ‘Glasses, Mustache and Nose’ by Psycho: A fake nose-moustache-glasses combo, also good for going undercover. (NEW)

Facial Hair for Teens by tommytiger: Lets teenagers have facial hair.  Well, the male teens. (NEW)

Men’s “Fierce Flow” Hair by Fresh-Prince Creations: Gives male Sims a cool hairstyle. (NEW)

Slim Beard Based on Jim Raynor of Starcraft by Simmiller: Gives male Sims a sleek-looking beard. (NEW)

A Collector’s Dream by Lisen801: Two shelving units to put a bunch of items on. (NEW)

The “String” Shelf by Lisen801: Another shelf to put things on. (NEW)

Body Hair for Teens by tommytiger: Gives teens the ability to grow arm hair. Again, I’m assuming it’s for male teens. (NEW)

Reaction Remover Collection by vahi_master: (Base) (WA) (AMB) To remove queue-dropping reactions to supernatural Sims including Ghosts, Mummies, and Simbots. (NEW)


World Adventures Mods:

World Adventures

Excavation Site Hotfix by Buzzler: Sims will never get stuck and be unable to excavate a digspot.

Simbot Charging Station by DarkBlue: (WA) (AMB) Lets Simbots sleep in a metallic cylinder coffin. (NEW)

Nectar Glass Replacement by icarus_allsorts: (WA) (LN) Replaces those clunky rum glasses with sophisticated long-stemmed goblets. (NEW)


Ambitions Mods:


Ambitions “Impeccably Desked” with More Slots! by mikey: Provides 14 fun spots to clutter a desk.

Motorcycle Parking Spaces by CyberBob78: Skinny parking spaces for motorcyles.

EA Furniture Made “Sculptable” by Sims MX: Adds 10 new items for sculptors to discover while sculpting.

Run With The Wolf! Ambitions Tattoo Pack by Alliekit: To give out a wolf tattoo to some of the legacy members.

Super Hampers — Automatic Laundry Pick Up by Nona Mena: I was getting sick of picking up laundry all over the house.

Detonating Teens – Teen Sims can now Blow Stuff Up by Sgloomi: Lets teens blow things up. (NEW)

Time Machine Mods by Chaavik: Removes nasty surprises from time travelling such as unexpected children, career change, or loss of occult status. (Unfortunately, doesn’t stop creation of fresh families.) (NEW)

Alternate Simbot Heads + Body by wintermuteai1: Provides different Simbot heads including a Cyclops or Servo lens heads & new body. (NEW)

More Stuff in Consignment Store by Shivar: Increases the Consignment Store stock of items. (NEW)

Non-replacement Camera Lense Simbot Eyes by Shivar: Replaces creepy orange Simbot eyes with cool blue ones. (NEW)

Showbiz, Profession & Other Trophies for Displays & Pedestals by gesimz: (AMB) (LN) Lets you place career-related artifacts on display cases. (NEW)


Late Night Mods:

Late Night

More Music Jam Types by HystericalParoxysm: Gives jamming Sims more musical genres to choose from. (NEW)


NRaas Mods

These mods released by Twallan are like AwesomeMod, only customizable:

Animator: Helps me set the Sims in curious poses.

Dreamer: Makes sure unlocked Wishes get rewarded.

ErrorTrap: Helps prevent save file corruption.

GoHere: Lets Sims queue up multiple actions after a “Go Here” command.

HomeOpener: Lets me see inside a house to figure out if Sims are home.

MasterController: Does a lot of things that I don’t understand.  I might remove it later.

Mover: Lets me set how much money a Sim moving out takes with them. (NEW)

NoCD: Lets me run a game without the disc in the drive.

OnceRead: Sims will try and read new books instead of rereading old ones.

OverWatch: General maintenance tasks, removes cars or unsticks stuck Sims.

PortraitPanel: Allows for 24 portraits.  (Does this mean 24 Sims to control!??)

Register: Sims can be Tattoo Artists and still have a job.

Saver: Reminds me to save the game every now and then.

Story Progression: Fixes EAxis coding to make more sense.  I had to disable some pieces because it kept telling me every single time a Sim gained a skill or got a promotion.

Tempest: Alters weather systems. (Seasons only.)

Traveller: Allows travel to any world. (World Adventures only.)

WrittenWord: Any books my Sims write are available in the bookstore.


In Testing:

I’ve got about 10-15 mods that are still in testing, because I’m waiting for a specific event to see if they’re working yet. That or I haven’t checked them.

More Frequent Burglars in 5 Flavors by joninmobile: I still haven’t had any burglaries, but my Sims are never in bed so that might be my fault.

Children Interactions Fix by JimmyThePipe: To give children more interactions.

NPCs More Likely to Ask You to Move In by Shivar: I’ve never had a townie ask my Sims to move in with them.

Same Zodiac for Twins and Triplets by Cherry92: I haven’t had any twins or triplets since this was installed.

Robot Eyes by Luluke: I haven’t been able to find where these are.

Audition for Band Gigs by icarus_allsorts: Sims know have to audition before they’re allowed to play a venue. (NEW)

Vampire – Bloody Meals by Diriel: Vampires get messy after feeding. (NEW)

Route Fix v9 by Twoftmama: Reduces the time Sims spend clumped together because of routing. (NEW)

Autonomous Vampires by pcexpert: Vampires should perform their occult actions autonomously now. (NEW)


No Longer Installed:

“Stuff on the Fridge” by Cmomoney: Didn’t work, seems to have stopped functioning after a certain patch.

You Are Real — A Skin Normal Map Revision by buhudain: These skin maps looks really really cool, but it slowed down my game by a factor of 20 so I can’t use it. 😦 I recommend the barbie version if you have a good machine!

Steampunk Scooter by Wintermuteai1: This is so cool-looking but I can’t get it to work properly.

Garden Signs by Gosik: Signs need to be individually-placed, what a hassle.  The Tagged Plants by douglasveiga works much better.

Glasses Marks by Shivar: This was removing makeup and was a nuisance to add to individual outfits.

Chuck Norris Champion Magic Gnome by PorkyPine: A magical gnome version of Chuck Norris.  Unfortunately, whenever I tried to save it caused my game to crash.

Sims2Kid405 24/23/22 hour Mod for Venus by Sim2Kid405: Changes hours for Late Night venues.  Unfortunately it’s out of date and deleted all of the Service Sims, Bouncers, & Consignment Store workers.

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