These rules apply once Generations has been installed:

-Sims in this generation should find work in the Daycare career, or any career, or in a Self-Employed skill.

-Newborn Sims can choose one Expansion Trait, and their Lifetime Wish.

-The household may include Imaginary Friend(s) from receiving a mysterious package.

-Sims can send their children to boarding school if wanted.

Illegal Lifetime Rewards:

Sims can purchase any* of the Generations Lifetime Rewards except for:

-Inheritance: This purchase provides free money, so it’s no good.

-Clone Voucher: This coupon creates a genetic identical of the Sim.  Technically it’s allowed but the duplicate Sim can’t gain any points for the Legacy challenge.

-Motive Mobile: This object boosts all motives while driving, so it is not allowed.

-Age Freeze Potion: This object stops a Sim from aging, also against the rules.

-Young Again Potion: This object rewinds a Sim back to Young Adult, so it’s not allowed.

*Basically Sims can only purchase the Hover Bed and Super Nanny from this expansion.

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