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The Disastrous Sunlit Tides

The Legacy Lot in Sunlit Tides.

The Legacy Lot in Sunlit Tides.

So, I actually started my Legacy Challenge in Sunlit Tides, but I gave up and restarted in Lucky Palms.  I didn’t like Sunlit tides for two main reasons.  The biggest problem for me was the road system:

Sunlit Tides, terrible roads.

Sunlit Tides, terrible roads.

There’s this gigantic lake right in the centre of the town, so you gotta drive around it every single time you want to go anywhere.  Everything is so spread out it would be impossible to get anything done.  It just seemed like a terrible hassle, I can’t imagine what EAxis was thinking.

But I was really excited when I heard that the Criminal Hideout was inside a volcano shaped like a skull.  How cool is that!?

Where's Dr. Evil's secret volcano lair?

Where’s Dr. Evil’s secret volcano lair?

Here’s the problem: the rabbithole is at the top of a mountain, and the nearest road is at the bottom of the mountain.  So even if you get to work before 10am, it takes an hour of Sim-time to run up it and you’re marked as late for work.  Poor little Alex, with his heart set in the criminal career, would be wasting 2 hours a day climbing Mauna Loa and gets his pay docked for it!  Hardly a fair trade-off.

Iris Adams, a new friend.

Iris Adams, a new friend.

Even though Alexander met some friends, and the scenery was just so beautiful, the cons definitely outweighed the pros.  Next stop: Lucky Palms!

Generation 1: Meet the Founder!

                The Legacy Challenge has begun!  But before we visit our town in Simnation, perhaps we should introduce our intrepid founder?  Meet Alexander Wolfe:

Alexander Wolfe

Alexander Wolfe, the first Generation.

Born to Marjorie and Klaus, Alexander has just become a Young Adult and is looking to start his new life in the tropical paradise of Sunlit Tides the beautiful desert oasis of Lucky Palms.  Alex grew up with his parents across the Sim-Lantic ocean in the small rural villages and quaint towns of Sim-ope.  He was born in his mother’s native town of Champs Les Sims.

His father, Klaus, was a wandering spirit, afraid of putting down roots, and moving the family from town to town, country to country.  His mother, Marjorie, enjoyed mingling with the upper-echelons of society, attending formal events and parties.  His parents refused to settle down in any place for too long, so Alex had difficulty keeping friends or putting down roots.  He spent much of his youth mingling with the local flavour, but had not learned any of their trades or skills.

Eternally curious, Alexander spent his youth dreaming of a place where he could build a reputation for himself, a place where Sims would know the great name of house Wolfe.  And fear it!  Throughout his teenage years, he became quite convinced that the family needed to cross the great ocean and move to the great Simnation.  Sadly, his parents enjoyed their lifestyle and refused this idea.  Taking a small sum of money, Alex moved away, never to see them again.


Evil trait Genius trait Charismatic trait Lucky trait Vegetarian trait

Evil: Alas, all Sims born into the Wolfe family are evil by nature.  They take pleasure from other’s pain.  Some Sims just want to watch the world burn.  That is why they have the red eyes, non?

Genius: Alex is well-gifted in the intellectual pursuits.  An evil genius, is this perhaps too cliché?  He’s very bright and ready to start learning the Skills that will help him succeed.

Charismatic: Alex practically exhumes Charisma, and he will need all of his skills to meet and persuade the locals to help him out!

Lucky: Some Sims just seem to get all the luck, and Alex is one of them.  He’s gonna need it!

Vegetarian: After witnessing a horrible event at the Petting Zoo involving a llama attacking a lion, Alex has refused to eat meat or any product that comes from animals.

Lifetime Wish:

Emperor of Evil Lifetime Wish

The Emperor of Evil: Alexander wants Sims to cover before him, as you do.  His lifetime goal is to reach Level 10 of the Criminal career track.

(I was initially considering making him the first Mayor of Sunlit Tides Lucky Palms, but no.)


Veggie Burger Electronica music The colour Red Scorpio zodiac sign

Favourites: Alexander’s favourite dish is Veggie-Burgers, he loves Electronica music, he appreciates the colour Red, and he is a Scorpio.  I’m sure all of these details will play important roles in the story.

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