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Game of Thrones: S7 Prediction Gameshow

Hello all. Chapter 38 should be coming out soon-ish, within the next few weeks. But today I’m talking about my favourite show, Game of Thrones, because season 7 airs in just a few hours! There be spoilers ahead upto and including the season 6 season finale, so if you’re not caught up you shouldn’t read any further. You’ve been warned..

This post is dark and full of spoilers.

Oh, and please don’t post any spoilers for unaired episodes, because people don’t like that either.

Basically, I’ve written up a little checklist for family members to fill out before the new season comes out and I wanted to share it here too. It’s like a multiple-choice test, where you can choose 1 or more options, or write in your own prediction.

In the past we’ve had such wild predictions as:

  • Tyrion Lannister will join the circus and be in a dwarf show.
  • Cersei Lannister will become a nun.
  • Bran Stark will either turn into a giant tree or learn how to fly. Literally.
  • Lady Sansa and Jon have a thumbwar to decide who owns Winterfell.
  • Brienne & Pod buy and flip a cosy bed-and-breakfast.
  • Theon & Yara start a stand-up comedy routine called “The Nag and Weasel”.


So without further ado, the Game of Thrones: Season 7 Prediction Gameshow:

Main Characters:

Jon Snow will:

  • March south to attack Queen Cersei.
  • Get ready to defend against the White Walkers.
  • Enter a marriage alliance with Daenarys Targaryen.
  • Learn he’s Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark’s son; also King.
  • Other (Write it in)                                                                                        


Lady Sansa will:

  • Become jealous of Jon and try to take power from him.
  • Gracefully step aside and let Jon be in charge.
  • Build a beautiful snow-castle.
  • Other                                                                                                              


Arya Stark will:

  • Reunite with her cute little direwolf.
  • Keep crossing off names on her hitlist.
  • Decide to get rid of Sansa so she can be Queen of Winterfell.
  • Other                                                                                                              


Cersei and Jamie Lannister will:

  • Burn the whole city to the ground.
  • Cersei and Jaime are going to kill eachother.
  • Finally decide to tie the knot, get married, & go on a honeymoon.
  • Need to sit down with their financial consultant and declare bankruptcy.
  • Other                                                                                                              


Daenerys Targaryen will:

  • Attack King’s Landing directly with her dragons and boats.
  • Get side-tracked and have to fight some people in the ocean first.
  • Lose her boats and have to march for a little while.
  • Find a willing bachelor and enter a marriage alliance.
  • Other                                                                                                              


Littlefinger & Varys:

  • They’re still up to something.
  • Other                                                                                                              


Tyrion Lannister will:

  • Continue to support Daenerys as she invades the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Realize she’s starting going crazy and have second-thoughts.
  • Get to ride a dragon. (Weee!!!)
  • Other                                                                                                              


Bran Stark will:

  • Keep learning to warg & time-travel.
  • Tell everyone that Jon Snow is technically the next in line for the throne.
  • Accidentally destroy the wall so White Walkers can get through. (Oops!)
  • Have to fight Zombie-Hodor. (Zodor!)
  • Other                                                                                                              


Theon Greyjoy and Yara Greyjoy will:

  • Defeat their uncle Euron and become rulers of the Iron Islands.
  • Will get killed by their uncle before getting revenge.
  • Try and betray Daenerys and take control of her army.
  • Other                                                                                                              


Minor Characters (Fill in the blanks):

Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne will:


Mellisandre (the red witch) will:


Sandor (the Hound) will:


Samwell Tarly and Gilly will:


Jorah Mormont will:


Olenna Tyrell and Ellaria Sand will:


Davos and Tormund will:


Bronn will:


Greyworm & Missandei (the slave girl) will:


Daario Naharis will:



Any other Predictions?






*Editor’s note: If I know anything about formatting (ha!), you should be able to copy and paste this and print it out. Good luck, valar dohaeris.

Vote for the Ambitionist!

Hello all!  I’ve been very busy this week in non-Simmy things:

1: Graduated:

I got my College diploma yesterday.  It was this whole thing, with the gown, and a big crowd, and lots of shaking hands and photographs.  The keynote speaker was a musician and he gave a good speech.  I felt really good and the professors gave me a lot of supportive comments.  The family took me out to a steakhouse for dinner.  I’m now certified to work with older adults, except..

2: Dream job:

I had an interview last week for my ideal job where I was doing my field placement.  I know all the staff, the clients, their family, it would be wonderful place to work.  But the lady who interviewed me hasn’t returned any of my calls. 😦  So..

3: Lame job:

Out of desperation, I’ve taken the dreaded Summer Job.  It’s not the cool Amusement Park job, or the greasy Burger Flipper job, or the Ice Cream Peddler job.  It’s more like the Sweatlodge Warehouse job.

You know how sometimes the government makes children write a test to make sure the children are able to do math, speak English and/or speak French?  .. Or wait, is this a universal system or just a Canadian thing..?  Anyways, the Ontario government gives out these tests when kids are ~8, 11, and 14. As you can imagine, there are THOUSANDS of tests that all need to be marked.

…. But I’m not doing that.  Weeks before the professors get anywhere near these tests, there is the sorting process.  This is my job, I’m like a Test Sorter.  I’ve done this job for 4 years and not to bite the dog that feeds me, but it’s boring.  Very very boring.  It’s like a soul-crushing boredom.  It’s also really hard because there’s a lot of physical work and I’m not great at that.  So yeah, there’s that.

4: Hold your nose and vote:

What is a provincial election?  If I remember my gradeschool lessons (which I don’t), Ontario is divided into 100 districts and each district chooses a representative to represent them.  Ppl typically vote for the party they like because the more seats a party has, the more control they have.  Unfortunately, the 3 parties have done nothing but sling mud and act like prats for the last …. forever, so I don’t fancy any of them.  I think I heard that only 7% of the population votes, and I sympathize with their apathy.

The 3 party leaders are: The one nobody trusts.  The one with all the scandals.  And the one who has made absolutely no impact. (There’s other parties but they’re unpopular and hardly anybody votes for them.)

Oh crap, I gotta go vote in the Provincial Election today!

Oh crap, I gotta go vote in the Provincial Election today!


Anywho, Sim-time!

The Poll:

Here is my problem: when I started the challenge I thought all heirs should look the same: red-hair, red-eyes, and male.  But maybe that’s not a great strategy, because it might get boring after a while to see the same old pattern over and over.  Also, the odds of getting all 3 traits is 1:8, and consistently getting them over the entire challenge is like… 1: 68719476736.  .. or something.  I could also use the mirror to dye hair.

So, the 3 Legacy children to choose from are:

Niobe Wolfe, first child.  Serefina Wolfe, second child.  Prometheus Wolfe, third child.

Niobe Wolfe ———— Serefina Wolfe ———— Prometheus Wolfe

… Well, Eventually…

It’s taking me a bit of time to get my Legacy Challenge started.  There’s several reasons:

-Midterms.  After Friday I have my spring break week and will have a bit more time for fun and games, but right now it’s very stressful.  And afterwards it will be stressful too, printing resumes & doing interviews.

-Decisions.  I still can’t figure out which neighbourhood to play, which rules to use, and which mods to use (non-cheaty mods that fix things).  I’m still working on the rules and I’ll post something up once I figure it out.  Right now I’m planning a 13-generation legacy which installs a new expansion for every new generation.  This is problematic because I need to find a neighbourhood which I can customize to add buildings without starting on a skeleton.

The Witcher

The Witcher

-Witcher.  I started this game around Christmas time and I’m only on Chapter 4.  I know if I stop playing it now I never will beat it.  It seems like such a waste, so I feel obliged to finish it before starting something new.

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